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Customized Affiliate Template Section

The affiliate template section customization we offer is a way to add an unbranded section of templates to your webpage in your webpage style in order to display templatemonster's designs to your clients. You can sell the designs or offer as part of your other services and get the affiliate 20% commission since the template script we customize has the affiliate tracking code embedded and this ensures all the sales tracked to your registered affiliate account. The service is $204 which is a one-time payment ensuring the affiliate automated registration as soon as the service payment is made. The service includes customizing the template store index and search results pages (displaying featured templates and search results accordingly). The affiliate page content may be displayed in languages other than English available for the affiliate program (as well as the currency for the templates pricing).

Below are a few links to the affiliate stores we customized before - feel free to view and check the level of customization we offer:

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So if you don’t have time to go into any details about the template section settings like choosing colors, creating css codes for the thumbnails, etc., not technically savvy or simply would like to save yourself some headache, simply send your request to [email protected] or submit a ticket to the affiliate department and our manager will get back to you with all additional details. Please, your design request should include the details like below:

- the website URL where you would like to have the section added;

- the page URL (in case that’s not the home page);

- your affiliate ID (if you are already an affiliate)

If you also need the files uploaded on your hosting we can offer this to you as an additional $36 service. We will need details to access your hosting have an issue adding the custom section files to your website we can do it at a separate $36 pricing provided you send us the details to access your FTP (the manager will specify which exactly details are needed for this). We may ensure the provided details will be kept private and will be used for the files upload only). This service delivery timeline is about 3-4 days on payment.

Customized Affiliate Template Store

If you would like to set up a template store including additional pages (like like FAQ, Terms of Use and Contact US on or for instance) its cost makes $204 plus $12 for any additional page. All additional pages display default content available for affiliate stores.  In case you would like the template store to be based on a template from please, note that the template should be purchased before we start customizing as the template price is not included into the service $204 fee.

If you have any more questions or feel like you would like to get a template store in your website style - feel free to e-mail at [email protected] or submit a ticket to the affiliate department and our manager will get back to you within the next 24 hours to discuss more details.

Unique website design.

If you would like to order unique website design for selling templates please send your requests to [email protected] and our manager will get back to you with additional details and info on further arrangements. Your payment is not refundable. Delivery timeline is about 1 week for design and one week for development. Prior to development stage we will ask you to review the design and will start on the coding/programming part upon your approval only. You can order completely unique website design (not template based) with the same pages as listed above for $1200. The sample of a custom affiliate website for selling templates:

Web Design Request
Your name:
Last name:
Affiliate_ID (not required):
Design request:
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