ZeGuten, or CoBlocks – which wins? Best WordPress block plugins comparison

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What makes a good website? Surely, a mix of modern design, user-friendly interface, and multifunctional features. However, nowadays it can be hard to impress users with default packs of pages. It is when the WordPress block plugins come to assist you in building a sophisticated website. 

In this article, we are going to compare two plugins, which provide you with desirable collections of blocks for Gutenberg: CoBlocks and ZeGuten. Both plugins include a bunch of instruments to expand the functional possibilities of your editor. Let’s try to briefly compare two WordPress block plugins and figure out the main differences between them.

WordPress block plugins overview

ZeGuten is a block builder plugin, which can assist you in building any kind of website, from a car online store to a healthy lifestyle blog. Thanks to 14 blocks on-board, your website will look stunning and attractive. ZeGuten is also responsive, which can help you to make it look good on any device.

The plugin is compatible with the WordPress versions from 5.0, as well as with all modern browsers.

It requires no page builder and you don’t need a line of code to make your website eye-catching. Moreover, each block is already SEO optimized and completely hassle-free. In addition, ZeGuten contains a Section block, which comes as a container for other blocks.

zegutenCoBlocks is as well a WordPress block plugin, which represents a package of various extra blocks. The plugin is also compatible with the latest WordPress versions. CoBlocks allows you to build a neat page structure with the help of a responsive row and columns. Furthermore, the plugin is lightweight and speedy.  


Customize your website in a few clicks

The CoBlocks WordPress block plugin has a wide range of customization options. Although the plugin is more technically oriented, a bunch of custom controls for changing background and text color are available.

With ZeGuten you can set a color, gradient, image, or video background in a few clicks. Furthermore, you are also able to add a custom shape over an image or create an image overlay. You can also style up buttons and add a gradient for the Progress bar block.

Use various layouts to organize content

With the rapid growth of Gutenberg related themes, the need for good plugins also grows. Nowadays, WordPress block plugins need to contain multiple features, but the most fundamental is a diversity of layouts.  Let’s take a look at the layouts functionality of our two plugins.

To create a block with the CoBlocks plugin, you may use one of the 5 column layouts and choose among 5 row block layouts. You can regulate the size of the rows with a vertical dragging line or set their width in the Column Settings tab. 


As for ZeGuten, it has a global Section block, which can contain from 1 to 6 columns. You can put any other block inside the column, from an animated box to progress bars. Such an approach provides the developers with the opportunity to work with a clear and neat page structure and don’t worry about the responsiveness. 


In addition, the CoBlocks plugin has a few Gallery blocks, among which are:

  • carousel;
  • masonry;
  • offset;
  • collage; 
  • stacked.

coblocks-carouselAs for ZeGuten, it has an independent Carousel block, which appears as an animated slider and can contain any elements.


Arrange your blog posts  

A cozy and informative blog can help your website reach the top results in search engines and increase the trust of your visitors. Both of these plugins can help you in building the most attractive blog pages.

Let’s overview the CoBlocks post layouts. The plugin has two post blocks: a simple one and a carousel. You can also pick a stacked or horizontal position, choose gutter and thumbnail style. The external feed can also be included.

As for ZeGuten plugin, it has 5 stylish posts layouts: classic listing, modern grid, unusual chess, innovative masonry, and dynamic carousel. Moreover, the plugin also has a variety of options for query and ordering: by ID, date or title, descending or ascending.


You can also set an offset and showcase posts of a certain category. In addition, you can also set the number of items and columns, display post date or divider, showcase category, tag, excerpt, author, and comments. 

Check the typography properties

Both ZeGuten and CoBlocks have a bunch of similar typography options. Among them are the ability to pick the proper font family, set font weight, text transform, and font size. You can also set the line height and letter spacing values.


The CoBlocks plugin additionally provides the ability to enable no top spacing and no bottom spacing. Whereas, ZeGuten allows to set the font subset and style and the text decoration. In addition, with ZeGuten you can set a tag for your text element: div, span, paragraph, or one of the 6 heading kinds. 

What about the responsiveness

The CoBlocks plugin provides basic spacing options such a margin and padding settings.

However, ZeGuten can give you some more features, in case you need to adjust separated elements. Set gaps, margins, and paddings in pixels or percents for desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Vary font and icon size, the number of columns, and items to showcase on various devices.

What to choose?

ZeGuten plugin is regularly updated by the team of experienced developers. Each month ZeGuten releases at least one new block and the number of stylish blocks will only grow. What is more, the plugin has a reliable support team and a Facebook chat,  where you are free to ask any questions.

As CoBlocks is a free plugin, it gives the users basic support. However, the plugin author can give you answers to your questions, along with basic help or advice.

Both CoBlocks and ZeGuten are worth working with. You are completely able to use both on one website. Moreover, the mix of these WordPress block plugins can make your website a true king, because ZeGuten has a wide range of design options, while CoBlocks is more technically oriented.

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