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09.13.2019 2 comments

Over the last few months, I’ve been checking out lots of different communities that web designers can go to for advice. I’m not talking about design inspiration or purely technical advice, instead advice for running a great business.

There are loads of different communities all over the web including LinkedIn, Facebook and the good old traditional forum. But in the end, the only really active ones with great info ended up being all on Facebook.

Why should you join a Facebook Group?

Among other websites you can use for inspiration (Dribbble, Piktab etc.), you can always find a niche Facebook Group; one that gathers only the designer interested in a specific topic (logos, graphics, typography etc.). Joining the WordPress Facebook Groups will help you connect with other experts in your domain, make connections and friends. 

The eb Design Facebook communities are a great professional resource. This is because you can also find out about various events related to your domain (events that are small, with only a few people). Finding of trends and news it’s also one of the things you can benefit from.

Besides, it’s hard sometimes to really find an answer or advice on something you are struggling with. It’s also difficult to scrape the exact information you want, due to the vast pool of websites and links regarding design.

That is why I tried to collect some of the best Facebook Groups for design enthusiast. I split them into categories so that it’ll be easier for you to find what you need.


Private groups are definitely the best, as in the public ones, the content isn’t that specific. Even though a public group has rules, it can be hard to keep it organized. It can also be hard to avoid spam. I read about this on Quora somewhere, and I tested it out; it is so true.

So hurry up! Choose a group which relates to your domain and interests. You’ll then be sure that if the new Facebook Group feature rolls out, you’ll be able to see an invitation to a Facebook Subscription Group.

Let’s get into it. Here are the best Facebook groups for web designers:

Elementor Community



This is the Official Elementor Group for and by a Web Design community of Elementor Web Creators. Although this is tool specific, you can see there great tools and design inspiration. It’s a  great place to be if you either use Elementor or want to keep up-to-date with design trends.




Wptuts+ publishes the finest WordPress tutorials for lovers of the CMS, from beginners to advanced users. Their Facebook page is a great way to keep in touch with the latest tutorials from the WordPress community.

WPShout Group



This group is a friendly place to discuss WordPress, WPShout, and what you’re learning or struggling with. Ask any question to this Web Design community you’ve got about improving your WordPress skills.




This group is meant for anyone that uses WordPress, from complete beginners to advanced professionals. As long as you’re positive, willing to learn or will to help then you’re welcome. If you like hanging out with cool, geeky people who like WordPress then this is the place for you.  An important resource for this group is the WPLearningLab YouTube channel.

WP Guru



If you’re interested in some great podcasts on web design, even if you don’t use WordPress, then you’ll want to join the WP Guru group on Facebook. You’ll find great advice and a savvy community of professionals that like to chat and share ideas.

WPAll – WordPress Resources



WPAll Club – is a WordPress Resources online club. Featuring almost anything and everything about WordPress including themes, plugins, blogs, customization, support, coupons, deals, and much more.

WordPress Community By Darrel Wilson



This is the official WordPress Group created by Darrel Wilson created on July 10th 2019. His main current fanpage is this Facebook Group. This group is created to help others talk about all wordpress things related, give insights as well as special offers he receives from various companies.




This is an official page of It’s a must have for every WordPress user. You’ll find there all WordPress updates and tips. This group has a particularly fun vibe and a lovely family feel. Another of my top recommended groups.

WPBeginner – WordPress for Beginners



WPBeginner is the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners. Creator and admin is Syed Balkhi. He started WPBeginner in 2009 with a single goal: create WordPress tutorials that are easy to understand. And he made it. The guides that you can find there are really simple and useful. – WordPress For Non-techies



This is the original WordPress Group for non-techies WordPress users. Inside the group, you will receive help and advice along with exclusive discounts offers that need to be kept private.  This WordPress Facebook group was founded in 2014.

Web Design

ONE by TemplateMonster



The ONE an absolutely new subscription service and a real website development gigafactory.

Thousands of items gathered under a single name, ranging from WordPress and E-commerce themes, through HTML templates and all major CMS templates there. This community contains subscription details and useful information that covers all aspects of the ONE.




A group focused on teaching web developers the principles of design. Many developers get frustrated by their own web design skills as they started off as geeks who code. This group will help you up skill and is run by my close friend Piccia Neri.

The Web Designer Co



The Web Designer Co was created by designers for designers. It’s featuring regular freebies, checklists, resources and up-to-date news to keep you on top of the industry.




DigitalKube covers all the latest and updated information regarding SEO, blogging, technology, and make money online etc. DigitalKube is redefining everything we ‘people’ of this digital era look for. DigitalKube mainly focuses on spreading knowledge and entertaining global readers base as well., You will also find there all the breaking news related to many niches trending over the world wide web.

Tutorial Republic



Tutorial Republic is designed to help beginner programmers who want to learn web development technologies, or start a career in website development.

Web Development

Novi Builder Community



Novi Builder is a perfect match for both non-techies planning to launch their own websites, as well as coding experts delivering web products for their clients. So if you are a user of this tool, this group will be useful for you. It will provide you with some guides, tuts and updates.

Web Design and Development



This is one of the largest groups on Facebook for the Web design and development community. Is is a great group to belong to if you’re looking for a large community of professionals who like to exchange ideas and help each other out.

WordPress Developer & Web Designer



This group is a friendly place to meet other graphic designers, get feedback on your work, and offer constructive criticism to others. This is a fantastic group to join. The entry requirements are pretty strict, though. You have to answer a few questions to prove you’re a designer, but once you’re in, the value just keeps on coming.

The aim of this group is to share ideas, tips, artwork, projects, etc. Be prepared for plenty of inspiration and opportunities to help other designers.

Code My UI



This Facebook group is for tech geeks. You can use all handpicked code snippets from this community in your web projects. Feel free to copy paste code samples. Get ready to be inspired by the beautiful web design.

The UX Review



In this group you will find the articles, interviews and tips to help you become the best UX designer you can be.

UX World



Focused exclusively on experience design, UX Magazine’s Facebook page is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to produce ever-better UX designs. It’s not all tutorials and listicles, though. The magazine publishes a ton of more thoughtful content such as articles on the anthropology of chatbots and webinars on the benefits of prototyping.

Coding Infinite



The people behind the Coding Infinite serve a very active community of web developers with up to the minute news and announcements. They are also very responsive to the community.

Matt Doyle – Web Developer



Matt Doyle is web developer with over 20 years’ experience. So he is ready to answer your question and help with creating a website for you.

Coder Coder



This Facebook group is full of practical tips for beginner web developers.




In this Facebook community you will find free web tutorials, codes, templates, tools, and other web creation stuff.

How-To Tutorials


Host: Anthony Godinho

You will find a variety of reviews and how-to tutorials on this Facebook page. The video tutorials there will cover topics on Firefox, Windows 10, Google Chrome, PowerPoint 2016, Microsoft Office 365, Explaindio Video Creator, Youzign, Canva, AIR MILES Rewards Program, and various other products and services. You will also find free online resources which have been tried and tested.

DEV Community



This is a place for programmers to share their ideas and help each other grow. All developers are welcome to submit stories, tutorials, questions, or anything worth discussing on

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing – Worldwide



This Facebook group is a place for your ads, posters and announcements. Also you can post your website and Facebook page for free 24/7 there.

TemplateMonster Affiliate Community



TemplateMonster affiliate program allows to earn 30% per each unique sale & 10% per returning client. Feel free to share your ideas, questions, suggestions about TemplateMonster Affiliate Program there. TemplaeMonster’s Affiliate team will also help you with promotion or other issues.

Affiliate Marketing Digest – CPA, CPL, PPC



It’s a group which aims to provide you with everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Digital Advertising, Making Money Online, monetizing. You’ll find there news, case studies, analytics, reviews.

Affiliate Valley: Affiliate Marketing insights



Affiliate Valley will show you the best affiliate insights since 2019. Here you can find the case studies and affiliate marketing success stories, guides on how to kickstart your digital business.

Digital Marketing

E-marketing Hacks



E-Marketing Hacks is a community designed to offer marketers the best E-Marketing hacks, resources, tools, news, insights, affiliate and tips.




GrowTraffic are an SEO and content agency based in Lancashire and Yorkshire. They promise to help you grow your profile and increase your revenue online, in whichever way is best for you.

Thats Journal



This is a place full of articles on Pro blogging, affiliate marketing, blog resources, WordPress plugins, and more.


Master Blogging



Here in this group, bloggers help each other to master the art of blogging. You’ll find there many tips, articles, resources about how to improve your skills and perform better.

Boost Your Blog



Boost Your Blog is a private community designed to help bloggers engage and promote one another’s work through shared interest and opportunity. It is a place to ask questions, connect with others, and grow your blog.

Neil Patel



Who doesn’t know Nail Patel? The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. And if you want to learn more about entrepreneurship and marketing, follow his Facebook page.




In this Facebook page you will read smart, practical and action-oriented blogging advice.

Blogging Republic



Like them to read lightening fast news and updates from the tech world. Also they post about the latest smartphone and other gadget reviews from industry experts, influencer blogs and much more.




This group was created with the positive intent to provide information and complete digital marketing services.



Host: is a premium source of making money online with smart passive income ideas. A community for Bloggers will help you learn proven methods to grow your blog.




This group was created to teach you how to build and grow an online blog from beginning. An online blog for all aspiring bloggers and business owners who understand how blogging world makes a difference in today’s age. The vision of shemeansblogging is to teach creatives and thoughtful bloggers about the fundamentals, and modern strategies.

How to behave in a Facebook Group

Each Facebook Group has its own rules. Most of the time, they are clearly written in the About section. You don’t have to join the group to see them. In this way, you’ll be able to decide quickly if you want to be a part of that Facebook community or not. But don’t be scared! These rules are not uncommon or hard to *obey*.

If the group doesn’t have its rules clearly stated, then you should have in mind these next ones. They are also good examples to make an idea about what Facebook Group rules are about:

  • don’t be rude, offensive or have other similar attitudes.
  • don’t promote yourself/your company – again, people gather in a Facebook Group community because they know its a “safe”. 
  • don’t spam – being active in a Facebook Group is clearly something not that easy to do. 
  • answer questions publicly – this is a rule that is applied to admins, too.

That being said, this is not an exhaustive list. There are bound to be plenty more fantastic Facebook groups and pages that we’ve yet to discover.

If you’d like to share a group you think is utterly fantastic, please share it in the comments below. Like and follow all of these pages and groups, and you’ll be inundated with design news, tutorials, and examples every time you open Facebook. But even if you follow just a few, you’ll find tons of inspiration, and information to help you excel at your craft.


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