Ultimate Digital Marketplaces Comparison: TemplateMonster, CreativeMarket or ThemeForest?

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As you can see, the digital progress presents us lots of opportunities. Nowadays, owning a worthy website makes your business popular and comfortable. With it, you get new possibilities to develop it. There is no secret that website building is not a hard process today. That is why every young company or startup can get it without a hitch. To say more, online promotion is not the only way you can use to improve the financial situation. Finally, being a part of the modern online audience, you can earn money as a vendor. Technically, in 2018, it is as easy as pie. You can do it without having any experience. Luckily, the procedure is easy-to-understand. As soon as such partnership became popular, there are more and more marketplaces appearing. Thus, it is hard to choose even if you know what the leading ones are. To help you, we prepared this ultimate digital marketplaces comparison: TemplateMonster, CreativeMarket or ThemeForest?


Beforehand, TemplateMonster is an experienced digital product provides. The company was born in early 00-s. Therefore, nowadays the gallery of TM contains lots of templates, plugins, assets, bundles, etc. There is a wonderful variety of goods thanks to the fact that the company works with all the well-known platforms. Among them, you will meet WordPress themes, Shopify, MotoCMS, Magento, VirtueMart, PrestaShop templates, and more. Also, there are separate sections for eCommerce products. In the whole, TemplateMonster’s gallery contains almost 30, 000 premium templates. Plus, there are many free themes. Seeing that, you have good chances to rich the company’s requirements.

How to build your own website? 

How to become a vendor of TemplateMonster?

First things first, to become a vendor of TemplateMonster, you need to create a personal account. There is a noticeable ‘Become a vendor’ icon you will see on the left menu. After the registration, you can upload an item. To do it, use a simple .zip file. Talking about requirements of TemplateMonster, there is nothing complicated. Still, we recommend you to check them to make sure that everything is OK.

As expected, you will need to provide product information. The field in question appeares when you start uploading the file. To make sure that your item will make a proper showcase, fill in all these fields. Once again, there is nothing unusual. Working with the fields, you have to provide such basic details as name, description, and the type of the product.

Next, there will be the second field. Here you should write the recommended tools, the features, and the keywords.

Then you need to provide support information.


At the end of the upload process, you have to work on your product graphics. Without a doubt, it is an important step. Actually, the first impression of your prospects depends on it! Thus, ‘Main image’ field is for the picture a visitor sees when opening the page. Next, there will be the place for slider and presentation images.


And your final step relates to quality review. Logically, there are 2 options. If something went wrong, you get the email that says that the item requires additional modification. On the other hand, it can say that the product is ready to be introduced on the marketplace. Although the process is pretty simple, don’t be lazy. Check the rules twice to stick to them.

When will you get the results? Usually, TM’s quality review takes 5 days maximum. It depends on the product type. For example, a web font needs only a few hours to be checked. The same thing is with the images and their packages. Still, in case you want to sell something bigger, be ready to wait for at least 1 business day.

At last, there is no limit on number product uploads. Working with TemplateMonster, your seller’s cut is 40-70%. Here is a vital moment: you will be able to sell your items somewhere else as well. Needless to say, in this case, your income will not be as big as if you sell on TemplateMonster only. Still, it is a good thing to try if you already work on other marketplaces.


The next well-known modern digital marketplace is ThemeForest. Inside the gallery, you will see more than 40, 000 templates, multiple plugins, and assets. Basically, the portfolio contains HTML and WordPress templates. Same to other famous platforms, ThemeForest works with different creators. Keep in mind that these products do not have the same quality. For example, there are lots of templates that consist of a standard list of functions.

How to become a vendor of ThemeForest?

Fortunately, it is easy to become a vendor of ThemeForest. You will not be rejected as often as it can be with CreativeMarket. Still, to get success, you should view out tones of supporting posts. These articles will show you all the criteria your approval depends on. Honestly speaking, the number of ThemeForest’s requirements is beyond belief. However, some users still crappy and resell the items.

Step-by-step guide

Firstly, you should go through registration. Write your name and email.

Secondly, open author settings and go to dashboard. Hitting the dashboard redirects you to the next page. Here you can upload a new item.

Thirdly, use ‘Upload my first item’ button to showcase the product.

Fourthly, you need to select a category for the product. Don’t forget that there is only 1 product allowed for review at a time. Now you can see the most impressing difference between TF and TM. Talking about TemplateMonster, you are able to upload as many products as you want at a time. These items will be reviewed one by one, so you will not see a delay.

Fifthly, click ‘next’ to perform another step. As always, it is time to fill in your product info. There will be the next sections: name, description, support, files, category, attributes, tags, price, and personal message to the company.


When you are done, there will be some information for creators. It looks boring but you need to read all of it. There are so many aspects that may influence the approval of your product.


Another thing to be mentioned is that ThemeForest’s and TemplateMonster’s upload step are not the same. As you may know, choosing TM, you can start with uploading the archive. There is no need to use everything rapidly. You can add images later. When it comes to ThemeForest, you should upload all the files at once.


Actually, a terribly long approval process of ThemeForest is as famous as the company by itself. It can last more than a month. To say more, if you offered 3 or 5 products, it will take TF nearly 4 weeks to send you the reject. Still, it will be only for the first item, so all the rest will continue pending.

To end with, the seller’s cut is 45+%.


At the outset, the company was born in 2012. These days CreativeMarket offers you tones of ready-to-use design assets from almost 27, 000 independent creators. Among these products, you can literally find everything and anything. The gallery includes fonts, graphics, templates, themes, addons, photographs, and much more. Also, there are some free items to use. Seeing this rich variety, you may want to become a vendor of CreativeMarket.

How to become a vendor of CreativeMarket?

Unlike other popular marketplaces, CreativeMarket does not provide a fast registration process. To make a long story short, a user is not able to sell their goods at the platform if he/she wasn’t approved as a seller. So, what’s wrong with this point? Well, although the steps are quite easy, not every participation gets success. According to the statistics, there are more users who were rejected. Still, if you are sure that luck is on your side, try working at CreativeMarket.

Talking about rejection, there are 2 common mistakes users make. Firstly, their English is poor that looks unprofessional, so CreativeMarket doesn’t invite such creators. Secondly, user’s products have a low quality that is not enough to become a vendor of CreativeMarket.


Let’s imagine that you got the invitation from CreativeMarket. Once you are through this, the platform upgrades your user profile to a real store. Then, you will notice that some menu items were added. In this case, you will be able to add new products. To continue working, you will need to fill in 8 fields. They are product name, category and subcategory, product images, (5 or more) description, price, properties and features, and 20 or fewer keywords. Your changes will be saved as a draft. If you are done, change the status t ‘Live’. With it, the item goes to the storefront.


As all the beginners do, you can’t wait when the first sale appears. In fact, being included in the handpicked section, you will see the first sales immediately. However, if you are not lucky enough, you can wait for months or even years.

Finally, when it comes to CreativeMarket, the seller’s cut is 70%. Also, you can get banned in case of violating copyright policy.

In Summary

To sum everything up, you can see that today’s web space provides limitless ways to earn money. In this post, we showed you only top 3 digital marketplaces. As you can see, they are completely different but the results are the same. You sell digital products and get good money. How to choose between these companies? Think everything over. What are your personal needs? What is your quality level? How long are you ready to wait?

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