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Building and publishing a blog is not a one day process. It takes a long time to build a high-quality website that is user-friendly. While you are building your website, you do not want your future visitors to see your website under construction, so how can you announce your website without letting your visitors see a product that is not yet finished. There is a solution; a coming soon page is a great way to announce the launching of your new website or blog. 

You may wonder how do coming soon pages work, well we are here to explain. The name is self-explanatory, coming soon page is a special kind of web page layout that gives people a sneak-peak of what is happening, while at the same time it is hiding the construction work that goes on behind the scene. 

A website is an essential aspect of your business, it is your most valuable marketing tool, and you do not want to make mistakes there. You want your website to be perfect from the start in order not to waste your time and valuable views. 

There are many benefits of having a coming soon page; one of them is a pre-subscription option. That way, you can invite visitors; send them e-mails that provide the latest information, discounts and other gifts. SEO should also be taken into consideration. Google is stringent when it comes to website indexing, if you want to be listed by the largest search engine, you need to have a credible website with relevant keywords and quality design even before you launch it. 

Coming soon pages can also help you to build a reputation. Visitors who see a website with a lot of elements missing (that can happen easily while you’re working on the design, redirections, and coding features) will never come back. Coming soon page is there to hide everything you do not want to be seen. The last thing coming soon page will help you with is announcing the launch date; you may even include a countdown clock that can build up the excitement about the launch. 

If you think that creating a coming soon page takes a lot of time, effort, and complicated software, then you could not be more wrong. WordPress offers a plugin for a coming soon page because WordPress is aware of the importance of a coming soon page and how it impacts your future business. 

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Coming soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin

Coming soon & Maintenance Mode is a plugin that is user-friendly, ready to use right away, and it saves valuable time and energy. This plugin offers a lot of features that will help you to make your coming soon look professional. 


Free Images

The first feature that is worth discussing is a free images feature that offers thousands of images, and we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. It allows you to find an appropriate picture for your coming soon page that is both professional-looking, and it gives a little insight about what will be offered on your web site or what is the main topic of your blog. 



Besides pictures, this plugin also offers various themes, and probably anyone can find something that works for them. Designs of those themes which are offered are artistic, minimalistic and modern. You can find themes that fit your business, or you can use an abstract theme that your visitors may find exciting and innovative. 

SEO Setup

Besides great design options, this plugin also offers a first-class SEO setup; that will build your traffic. The main focus of your coming soon page should be on your clients. 

Email Subscriptions

This plugin allows you to send and collect e-mail subscriptions and give a head start to your overall business. You do not want public to forget about your website or about your blog; if you are just starting in that internet world you want your name to be heard, coming soon page is the best way to keep your visitors interested so that they decide to come back at a certain point, even before things are completely done. 

This plugin is there for you every step of the way, with its easy to use features, various themes and picture option, this plugin gives you all you asked for and even more. You may wonder, is there anything more that this plugin can offer, well you may be surprised, but there is more. 

Social Media Connections

We are all becoming more and more aware of the importance and influence social media has on every aspect of our lives. They influence our daily life self-image and ultimately our business. Being present and popular on social media is a road to success. 

Consequently, you want your coming soon page to be announced on your social media account and you certainly want your social media icons to be present on your coming soon page. By displaying those icons and connecting your blog or website with social media, you will be able to reach more people and even expand your audience. 

Wrapping Up

The whole point of a coming soon page is to stay relevant and to be present even though your blog or website is going through changes. It is essential to keep your presence on the internet at all times because things change so fast here, one day you may be a big deal and if you are not careful, you can be forgotten in just a few months, sometimes even weeks. 

It is your priority to keep your website or blog open, relevant and user-friendly. If you are changing something or starting from the bottom, then coming soon page is an investment that will undoubtedly pay off. 

You do not have to do everything alone or even hire expensive professional help, WordPress is here to help you with a Coming Soon plugin, this plugin is there to help you, it is here to hide things you do not want to be seen, and finally, it is here to build up the excitement about your new or improved website or a blog.          

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