How Do They Fix and Maintain? WordPress Maintenance Providers

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Each website owner should take care of his or her website. Like any other thing that is expected to serve for years and years. Unfortunately, your online-project can break down. Many dangers that often lie in wait. These include an ordinary process of getting out-of-date, attacking by hackers, and damaging the cause by malware. For this reason, it would be the wrong decision to pay no attention to the latest updates. In addition to this, it is not right to neglect your security. If you are short of time, there are many WordPress maintenance providers that you can take advantage of. Today, we are going to speak about three popular variants and try to explain its most important details.

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The Most Important Tasks of WordPress Maintenance Services

Before doing anything else, it would be nice to get familiar with an ultimate list of general tasks performed by WordPress maintenance services.

Daily Tasks Weekly Tasks Monthly Tasks Yearly Tasks
makes sure your website is ready to resist hackers; installs the most anticipated updates; deletes plugins that you no longer need; reviews your WordPress installation.
allows avoiding down-time; is ready to detect different kinds of malware; examines the loading time of your website;
allows getting a back-up version of your online-project. checks your traffic and rankings; detects the broken links;
checks comments and moderates them; monitor search engine;
takes complete control over the performance of your website. can clean up your debates;
deactivates the unnecessary users on the website.

Study in WordPress Maintenance Services: Looking with Attention

WP Buffs

WP Buffs holds out promises to repair every single damage connected with your WordPress website. Their expert team is ready to provide you with excellent website performance and security. In addition to this, they offer opportune updates and backups on a regular basis.

To start using WP buffs, there is no need to take some difficult steps. The only thing you need to do is to choose from a monthly or yearly collaboration. Then, you need to click on “Get Started”. Below, you can take a look at their plans.

As you can see, the cheapest price for WordPress services from WP Buffs costs $69 per month. You are free to choose the most appropriate payment method. To be completely honest, this variant does not have everything to make your online-project work perfectly. In terms of the expensive plan ($197), it is most suitable for the owners of eCommerce online-stores and big businesses. Other people, who have nothing to do with some commercial goals, can find this variant too costly.

WP Buffs

If you visit their website, you can get some additional information. It is possible to look through comments and read various related posts. Now, let us focus on those services guaranteed by WP Buffs:

  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • 24/7 edits;
  • professional security;
  • advanced support;
  • updates on a weekly basis;
  • speed optimization;
  • reports on the website performance.

You can also take advantage of WordPress Emergency Service, Gutenberg support, and post-crisis communication.

WP Curve

WP Curve is ready to take care of the typical WordPress maintenance services. These include different updates, website optimization, security, and many others. There are multiple packs to choose from. As an example, you can opt for a basic plan that costs $79,99 per month. In our opinion, it is the most suitable variant. It also increases your website conversion and traffic, speeds your online-project up, and protects from hackers.


The biggest advantage of WP Curve is the minimum time they need to accomplish a task. The team promises to make everything ready in 30 minutes. All tasks that require more time is not included in their maintenance services. To start working with them, you need to send your request via email. It will take them approximately eight hours answer you. Now, let us speak more about the tasks included in the plan for $79,99.

1. Increases the loading time of your website;

2. Protects from hackers and their attacks;

3. Grow the traffic of your business and promotes its brand;

4. Reduce bounce rate;

5. And many-many others.

6. There are also some extra off-jobs. For each of them, you need to pay $20.

WordPress Maintenance Services by TemplateMonster

wordpress maintenance by templatemonster

Maintenance services by TemplateMonster are capable of fixing different problems connected with your WordPress. It is crafted to provide you with a maximum user-comfort. For this reason, the team does everything to keep your online-project updated, secure, and well-optimized. Furthermore, various beginners can benefit from this variant. It has a unique set of services connected with theme installation, content customization, and hosting.


There are many categories of people who will find these maintenance services advantageous. These are all users who are interested in:

  • keeping their WordPress website fast and secure;
  • saving their time;
  • gaining some beneficial discounts for customization options;
  • forgetting about all the difficulties connected with managing their online-projects;
  • having all the necessary support;
  • having a professional back-up of their WooCommerce website.

In general, there are two pricing plans to choose from. Below, you can find out more about them and understand which one fits better for your needs.

What should you do to subscribe to the chosen plan? Just click on “Choose the Plan” and made a purchase. Then, you will get a request letter for your website credentials. After this, the workflow of your WordPress website maintenance plan will be launched. Get ready to relax. The skilled team will do everything instead of you.

How To Earn With WordPress Maintenance Promotion? 

The Greatest of Them All: WP Buffs vs WP Curve vs Maintenance by TemplateMonster

If you cannot decide which one is the best for your needs, take a glance at the key services offered by each of these WordPress services.

Maintenance Infographic

A Few Words in Conclusion

It is always important to provide your WordPress website with the latest updates and improvements. However, not each of use has enough time doing this. To keep pace, it is possible to choose your ideal maintenance services that we have spoken about.

Together with them, it is possible to concentrate on more valuable tasks. The team of experts will take care of the up-to-date changes and do everything to protect your online-project. The only thing you need to do now is to choose your perfect services. We hope that it will be an easy task thanks to this post.

Thanks for reading!

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  • An interesting set of choices above, we had memorable experiences with all of them.

    And if you’re looking for WooCommerce-specific support, you should give the guys at ProWoos a try.

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