50 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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These days, many affiliates have a big challenge. We truly understand that all the questions of high priority should be solved immediately. How to get more traffic to my website? Today, we will try to answer your question. Get ready to drive more traffic to your affiliate website together with these 50 tips

If you ask any successful online business owners about their aspirations, you’ll certainly hear the same answer: customers. The more traffic you manage to attract to your website – the more successful and profitable it will be in the long run.

There are multiple resources on how to generate traffic available out there. Likewise, there are myriads of articles that provide information on the effective SEO promotion, must-have factors that affect traffic growth, outreach strategies and other issues, which are crucial for establishing successful web presence. In this article, we have grouped and highlighted the most effective ways to drive traffic to your online project.

Why Don’t You Get Enough Traffic to Your Website?

Most web design experts will agree on the fact that content is what really matters when it comes to traffic generation. According to recent research, around 91% of content does not get any traffic from Google at all. The reasons for that are numerous and you have to be aware of them prior to working out your website development strategy. Have a look at the most widespread factors that affect traffic growth now.

Bad Content

Quality of content optimization has direct impact upon the efficacy of traffic generation. Make sure to adjust the required settings, optimize texts and images for better indexing in the search engines. If you wish your website to rank high and get leading positions in the search engine results, you have to publish only unique content. No duplications and plagiarism are allowed. That’s a kind of a “golden” rule for each and every website owner. The choice of the right keywords is another aspect that affects traffic engagement rate. To drive user attention, make sure to select the keywords related to your website specialization and major user requirements. Fortunately, the web abounds in keyword tools that help you define the most frequent keywords provided in the search engine queries.

Absence of Backlinks

When it comes to traffic engagement, backlinks are definitely important. As of today, around 60% of websites don’t have links from referring domains. As a result, they end up with little or no traffic at all. However, you should realize that backinks should not be published for the sake of quick search engine promotion only. They should be natural and informative to appeal to website visitors.

Underestimation of Social Communication

If you aim at effective website development and traffic growth, there is no better way to increase the customer base than participating in niche forums, social network groups and web communities. It’s no secret that most users browse forums looking for the topics they are interested in. This is where you can meet them and redirect to your website. Mind that not all the forums allow link posting, but there are also those that let you leave signatures under the posts or just provide your website/brand name to invite users. Communication in social networks may also contribute to traffic growth. This is because you will target those users, who are interested in your products/services, browsing social networks and joining online niche communities.

These are the most widespread reasons that prevent you from getting enough website traffic. It definitely makes sense to check, whether these aspects are applicable for your project. If so, it’s not late to fix that.

affiliate website

Top 50 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2019

You need to realize that getting massive traffic to your website won’t happen overnight, no matter how much effort and time you invest into the process here and now. This is the result of regular and consistent work on your project. What you need is a good promotion strategy and awareness of those nuances that have powerful impact upon the success of your project. It’s high time to enlist these things now. Let’s get started!

#1 SEO-Optimization Matters

Good SEO optimization is one of the key factors of effective website promotion and traffic generation. When launching a website, you should find out more about the basics of search engine optimization – this aspect should not be left unnoticed. Obviously, the higher positions your project has in the search engine results – the more people will visit it and the higher the traffic will be. When it comes to SEO optimization, mind the following issues:


1) Internal SEO optimization (On-Page SEO), which implies proper filling out of meta tags for all website pages (titles, descriptions, keywords), image optimization (assigning alt tags for photos available at the website), setting website favicon to boost its online presentation and brand recognition, fixing website bugs, improving page load speed, optimizing URL structure etc. All these actions are geared towards the improvement of user browsing experience.

2) External SEO Optimization (Off-Page SEO), which implies link building (quality and credibility of sources chosen for this goal are crucial), guest posting, social interactions (social media sharing), submitting your website to niche directories that have high domain authority parameters, using  keywords in submitted articles etc.

#2 What’s There Behind the Content?

It’s no secret that “Content is the King”. This widespread notion highlights the importance of choosing the right content to be published at the website. However, the fact is that many website owners and bloggers just underestimate this factor and don’t take it seriously, looking for other solutions to boost their website traffic.

Meanwhile, the amount of traffic you’ll get to the website has direct correlation to the quality of content published. If you think that content is about article posting only, you are mistaken. Content implies all information sources available at your website.

These include videos, image collections, PDF files, audio sources, presentations, infographics, online courses and what not. Whatever content you plan to use at the website, don’t play around or experiment with it.


The eventual choice of content can make or break the entire success of your website promotion. Make sure to use only unique content from trusted sources that is not only informative and visually-appealing, but also well-optimized for the search engines. Take your time to post videos and presentations. Modern users are more attracted to visual information. Even a 1-minute video presentation may be worth thousands of words, when it comes to the informational value of content provided. Experts underline that around 55% of users perceive visual info better than other content types.

Social video integration helps generate 1200% more shares as compared to photos and texts combined, while the use of video presentations on landing pages may boost conversion rates by 80%! And it’s no wonder. In the contemporary world, people have got used to browsing the web even on the go. Thus, they are not always able to read the articles published at the website, but they can watch videos anywhere and anytime. Keep that in mind and use the statistics to drive traffic.

Invest in Highly-Reputable Content Discovery Platforms

If you have a large budget, you can always turn to different content discovery platforms. The most popular and widely-used include:

1. Outbrain.co

2. Taboola

Thanks to them, your posts can become a part of such amazing sources as:

1) CNN;

2) Business Insider;

3) Time.

#3 Guest Posting Is a Must And Here Is Why

If you wish to get more traffic to your website, guest posting is not a whim, but a must. The process is quite simple – you discuss an opportunity of publishing your posts with the owners of quality blogs that specialize in the same niche you do. When writing articles for guest posting, you should pay attention both to their informational value and to the major SEO optimization parameters like the choice of keywords and links to be added to your posts. The links should redirect to your website, thus driving traffic from authority niche blogs to your project.

Buzzsumo is an important tool used by various people for their content marketing and SEO campaigns. It is capable of identifying quickly which content is working well. You can also find out who the major influencers are. When you know what people are reading, you can understand what content can bring you more traffic.


As a rule, bloggers offering guest post solutions have been in the business for many years and managed to establish nice reputation. If you are fortunate to find such website owners, your chances to generate more traffic will notably increase. However, get ready to invest much effort and time to find blogs with top parameters. Mind that, in most cases, guest posting is not free.

The owners of popular platforms charge different fees for guest posting options. The cost of publishing an article may vary with regard to multiple aspects, such as credibility and characteristics of a platform, article requirements, niche you specialize in, number of links available in the article and more.

#4 What Makes Mobile Websites Important?

Getting a website optimized for mobile viewing is a must-have for effective traffic generation. Moreover, this is one of the most crucial ranking factors that contributes to nice SEO optimization and the growth of user base. Fortunately, the prevailing number of web designers realize the importance of having a website that will display equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

The thing is that the world of today is really busy to waste time using desktop computers only. People find it more convenient to be able to access websites they are interested it anywhere and anytime. They communicate, look for the required information and even shop on the go and you are bound to make your website mobile-optimized, if you aim at reaching wider audience. Otherwise, your user base will be limited to desktop users only, placing your project traffic at risk.  


Launching a responsive website is a great solution in this respect. It eliminates the need to create separate website versions for mobile browsing, being a one-stop destination for each and every user, irrespective of the device they use to access a website. Responsive websites automatically adapt to all screen sizes and resolutions, which means that your website will display great both on mobile and desktop devices.

#5 Niche Resources: Why Do You Have to Target Them?

To increase traffic flow, experts recommend targeting online niche resources. These include forums, web groups, communities, social media subscribers etc. Having online presence in social networks only is not enough to win user attention. The fact that a user will come across your post, put “like” and share it won’t bring you the desired result, if he/she won’t access your website.

To find people, who are genuinely interested in your business, it makes sense to reach niche forums, communities and groups. What’s more, you should communicate with these people, participate in discussions to make others interested in your services/products. Websites with high traffic volume frequently link to social media resources at their websites. Thus, the more time you spend interacting with users in social networks, the higher the chances are to increase traffic.

Social Networks: Think, Explore, and Promote


#6 Enter All Popular Social Channels

Getting social is an extremely important way to promote your newly published content. Everyone knows that people spend lots of time sharing different posts and connecting with others. However, not everyone uses social networks to get more website traffic.

1. Come up with multiple relevant headlines of your posts. Then, start sharing them on Twitter, Facebook, and other popular sources.

2. You can also try using social ads. They can become effective and affordable leverage. Thanks to them, the number of clicks, likes, and shares will rise immediately.

3. Do not forget about such Facebook and Instagram live-streaming. It can also drive more attention to your website and provide with undiscovered power.

# 7 Participate in Facebook Groups

Now, we want to go through the most popular social networks. Moreover, we will try to explain how you can take advantage of them to boost your website traffic. To start with, having a Facebook page is essential these days. What if you become a part of the Facebook group? In this case, your chances to lead people to your website are growing bigger. You can take part in different conversations. As a result, people will click on your profile. Then, it is possible for them to go further. Make certain to include a link to your online-project and allow people to get access to it.

#8 Post Your Content on LinkedIn

Nowadays, LinkedIn is more than a source to find the desired job. This professional social network has turned out to be a popular publishing platform. If you post your content, you will get a chance to boost more traffic to your website. Your popularity (together with the number of followers) will also increase.

#9 Do Not Forget About Twitter Chats

One more social networks that can help you is Twitter. You cannot even imagine how many chats people participate in. Actually, it seems to us that you can. When it comes to driving more traffic, you should include links to your content in the chosen chat. How it will help you? There are always a few people who search for some additional resources. Do they want to get some in-depth information? Do you have some related post on this topic? Send him or her the necessary link and everyone will be happy.

Extra Instruments and Sources You Cannot Pass By


#10 Take Advantage of Google AdWords

This piece of advice may sound a little bit obvious. However, it does not lose its popularity. It is a worthwhile way that allows driving traffic to your website. You are free to display your:

– brief advertisements;

– service offerings;

– product listings;

– video content;

– and many other pieces of information.

#11 Look Through Unlinked Mentions Using Google Alerts

Thanks to such an instrument as Google Alert, you can find out more about mentions of your website. In such a way, you can ask people to add a backlink to your online-project. In such a way, it will be no question how to drive traffic to the website. Create a perfect backlink profile and get amazing brand recognition.

#12 Always Examine Your Analytics

Thanks to Google Analytics, you can data on every possible aspect of your online-project. Moreover, you can understand which content and promotional strategies should be used. If you inspect where your website traffic is coming from, everything will be easier.

#13 Discover Medium As an Enormous Blogging Platform

Medium is known as a popular blogging platform. You can read different posts and also share your unique content. There is an import feature that allows featuring a written article on their source. One more answer on the question of how to get traffic to your website.

#14 Think of Using Reddit

Reddit will not provide you with a chance to promote yourself. However, its users can always share your posts they consider to be their favorite ones. An exciting piece of content is always ready to bring you new readers. As a result, you can forget about searching for ways on how to get traffic to affiliate websites.

#15 Take Advantage of Schema Microdata

It is also possible to use schema microdata. Thanks to this tool, you can format your content for search engines. In such a way, it will be easier for them to crawl and index your web-pages.

Your Affiliate Website As a Key to Tweak Your Website Traffic


#16 Pay Your Attention to On-Page SEO

It is impossible to leave this point without attention. For the reason that you can take advantage of different methods on how to increase website ranking and traffic. Anyway, if you neglect on-page SEO, it will be wrong. Make sure to optimize your content for the search engines by:

– including semantic keywords;

– adding alt tags;

– using meta headings and titles;

– creating effective meta descriptions.

#17 Do Not Forget About Off-Page SEO

We have already mentioned that it is important to care about on-page SEO. Now, you should memorize that off-page SEO is powerful too. You should pay particular attention to backlinks. Anyway, it is based not only on links. It also includes:

– social data;

– brand signals;

– sentiments;

– reviews;

– citations.

Each of these techniques is capable of increasing popularity, trust, and authority of your website.

#18 Headlines: Engaging and Eye-Catching

Do not fail when it comes to creating exciting headlines. It is a crucial factor that should catch the eye of your potential readers. Without a doubt, they should also include the necessary keywords.

#19 Include Long-Tail Keywords

Your keywords should have 3-5 words. In addition to this, they should have a particular intent.

1) Make a Research on Keywords

It would be better to find the most relevant keywords. Identify long-tail keywords that have high search volume.

2) Use Extra Tools

Together with such a tool as KWFinder, you can forget about time-consuming research. It will do your job instead of you.

#20 Highly-Detailed and Long-Form Content as Key to Success

Everything is understandable from the name of this tip. Focus on getting a reputable and link-worthy content. In such a way, it will be easier to reach out to a bigger audience.

Keep in mind that your content should be relevant. Do not write just to publish. A post with an affiliate link that has some valuable and amazing content will work better.

#21 Try to Publish on a Regular Basis

If you write one post per month, you will be waiting for your website traffic for years. Try to write 3-4 posts per week. We understand that each of us can face some difficulties in such a task. Yet, a well-prepared and engaging post will certainly drive more traffic to your website.

#22 Make Sure to Update Your Content

Your old posts can turn out to be what people are looking for. Do not forget about updating them. Add some new information, correct mistakes, and update statistics. If some of your articles seem to be too short, just write more.

#23 Provide Your Readers with Interviews

By the way, you can try to interview a popular influencer. It can also be a person who works for your partner company. In such a way, it will be no problem to include some affiliate content in such a post.

#24 Top Lists or How to Charm Your Readers

People are interested in getting some worthwhile pieces of information. As an example, they can look for some essential tools, sources, and other items. You can provide them with different top lists that everyone will find useful.

#25 What About Video Content or Podcasts?

Nowadays, people adore listening to podcasts and watching videos. Surprise them with YouTube content presented on your website. Turn on your camera or microphone and get ready to get a huge flow of website traffic.

#26 Picture Explains Everything

What is the best way to perceive the presented data? Statistics say that people process visuals quicker than written content. Explore your creativity and come up with extra ways to present your posts. These can be:

1) infographics;

2) charts;

3) schemes;

4) slides;

5) and other eye-catching visual tricks.

#27 Check Out Your Web-Performance

You cannot forget about the importance of getting a fast website. How long do you wait if the chosen online-project does not load? It seems to me that no longer than five seconds. Make certain to provide your website with lightning-fast speed. It also contributes to the amount of website traffic you get.

#28 Do Not Neglect User-Experience

Your visitors should be satisfied with visiting your online-project. Just imagine visiting a website that has tons of unnecessary elements. These self-playing videos, difficult navigation, and other elements can scare people away. For this reason, take care of user-experience. It allows getting more engagement and traffic.

#29 Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

At least 50% of your potential visitors use smartphones to browse the Internet. You are going to lose the greatest part of users if your website is not mobile-friendly. Grab all your prospect visitors using an online-project that is rendered perfectly on all devices.

#30 Addition to Mobile-Friendliness: Support of AMP

If you are interested in getting a high-traffic website, you should implement AMP. This functionality will make your pages load in a jiffy.

#31 Do Not Leave Comments Unanswered

You can make a terrific mistake if you do not answer comments. What can be worse than ignoring your readers? At least, losing your traffic. For this reason, motivate them to participate more in the comments section. Furthermore, answer their questions and ask for their opinions on your posts.

#32 Provide Users with Educational Content

Besides videos and podcasts, you can create content that will educate your readers. As an example, it is possible to take advantage of webinars. Share your knowledge with others and get ready to see lots of new viewers on your website.

#33 Make People Happy With Contests, Giveaways, and Gifts

How to drive traffic to website if you are fond of giving presents? You can always create some contests that will generate lots of engagement. By the way, you can inform about them in your emails.

#34 Get Your Website Community

Many blogs already have their communities. They always connect people with the same interests and ideas. If you focus on gathering like-minded people and experts, you will achieve greater results. Not only in terms of gaining more knowledge. You will get more readers who will bring you more plugin.

#35 Build Some Tools by Yourself

This tip will be particularly useful for web-developers. If you decide to create a useful tool, it will bring you not only awareness. It will bring you loads of traffic. Have some inspiration? Come up with a powerful plugin or attention-grabbing theme. It should also increase your income.

#36 Write Guides and eBooks for Your Audience

One more way to make your website renowned is to publish a guide or eBook. People always search for something that allows solving their problems. How to build a blog in 10 steps? How to install the chosen WordPress theme? How to increase website ranking and traffic? All of these topics and many others are waiting for you to write amazing guides on them.

#37 Always Check Your Website for Broken Links

Everything is simple here. You just need to make certain all links are operative. Scan your online-project and point out all the broken pieces. If there any of them, of course.

#38 Avoid Using Hundreds of Advertisements on Your Pages

We truly understand your desire to be on the top and fight off your competitors. Anyway, you should not do this using tons of advertisements. Do you like visiting an online-project that is cluttered with such kind of content? Why would others enjoy exploring more advertisements than high-quality posts?

#39 Just Make Your Content Readable

A good way to start is to focus on basics. These four ways will help you to achieve your goal in terms of readable content:

1) use smaller paragraphs and sentences;

2) choose the most readable fonts and opt for their big sizes;

4)check the readability using additional instruments line Yoast SEO;

5) take advantage of screenshots, images, videos, infographics, and other visual components.

#40 Say Thank You to Your Big Audience

Actually, this advice may sound a little bit strange. Let us explain such a situation. As an example, a visitor decides to become your subscribers. He or she clicks on the necessary button. After this, he lands on a thank you page. Do not let him or her come in nowhere. You can share your popular articles and valuable information. Give them something useful instead of blank space.

Other Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Website


#41 Retarget Users and Get More Visitors

It is possible to implement both Facebook and AdWords in the process of retargeting. All people who have visited your website (or performed some action on its space) will see matching ads.

#42 Do Not Forget About Email Marketing

Without a doubt, we should mention the power of email marketing. There are many aspects you should consider while writing your letter. Among them, it is important to speak about the following ones:

  • include an engaging subject line;
  • create an exciting preview text;
  • forget about spammy messages;
  • try to get personal;
  • reward your readers;
  • use email signatures (include details of your website and social media).

#43 Start Your Email List Here and Now

As you can understand, everything is not about just getting new visitors. You should make them come back. For this reason, we want you to build your email list. No one will be able to limit your reach. Send regular emails to your audience and remind them of yourself.

#44 So Many Communities: Get on All of Them

There are many Q&A forums available on the web. One of the most well-known is Quora. Here, everyone can ask questions and provide others with some useful tips. As an example, one can ask how to get traffic to affiliate website. You can be this very person who will answer this question and get a loyal reader.

#45 Use Influencer Marketing

As an addition to the previous tip, we want to focus on ways to use influencer marketing. These include the next tricks:

  • pay influencers who are ready to post about your brand, including your links;
  • develop relationships with bloggers who can share information about your website;
  • get featured in their round-up posts;
  • get featured in their newsletters;
  • mention influencers in your articles and inform about the fact that you wrote about them.

#46 Publish Regular Videos on Your YouTube Channel

We have already said that you can take advantage of video content. What about exploring the whole world of YouTube? This second largest search engine can provide you with a significant traffic increase.

  • You can turn your written guides into videos.
  • Do not forget to optimize the video description box. This will make add depth about your content and make your
  • Create a useful video series. At the end of the video, you can guide them to others. As a result, they will check out more provided content.

#47 Offline Methods to Increase Website Traffic

Yes, there is a world outside the Internet. It is possible to achieve some results by stepping out of the digital world. There are cases when good old promotion also works. Pay your attention to the following variants:

  • include your URL on business cards;
  • create branded postcards, posters, and T-shirts;
  • turn your blog posts into a small magazine and leave them at the coffee shop;
  • think of making a branded calendar or stationery.

#48 Cooperate with Other People Who Work in Your Niche

More relationships with other like-minded people will be better for you. Especially if they are valuable influencers. Start with attending various blogger events and get to know as many people as possible.

#49 Become a Speaker and Attend Some Major Events

Who says that you cannot increase your exposure by attending different conferences? You always can. The previous tip directly says about this. However, you should not only listen. For this reason, do not neglect the opportunity to speak out during related events. Such an ordinary thing is capable of bringing followers and website traffic.

#50 More Useful Information or Industry Surveys

You should have already understood that educational content is useful content. Invite your readers to answer a survey about the key interests in the niche. Then, publish your results and create infographics. Believe us, your article will be used in different related posts.

#51 Listen to Your Readers

Finally, you should listen to your audience. Sometimes, you notice that some articles get more views than others. If you focus on the topics in demand, your traffic will only increase. In such a way, you will yield the highest results. Make certain to ask your readers what they want to find out about.


Listed above are the proven ways to drive traffic to your website. It surely takes effort, time and money to consider all these nuances and include them into your project promotion strategy. However, if you do everything right, you will soon observe the desired result: your website traffic will rapidly increase. There is one more thing: to control and watch traffic fluctuation rates, you should regularly analyze your website statistics. There are multiple analytic tools available out there, which will let you find out and control the major parameters of your website and undertake different measures to fix the problems on time.

Anyway, you should clearly understand that launching a successful website and driving traffic to it is a challenging endeavour. Niche competition and growing users’ expectations urge website owners to make up new advanced strategies of their projects’ development. By posting informative, relevant, SEO-optimized and user-friendly content, you will target the audience that is sincerely interested in your services/products.

More website traffic is always a good thing. We hope that these ideas can boost your affiliate online-project.

Try the biggest part of them to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. Keep working and you will always be ahead of others.

Thanks for reading!

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