Meet the TemplateMonster Marketplace November Updates

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In this digital age, when things change all the time at unheard-of frantic speed, TemplateMonster doesn’t dig in its heels, too. Being the marketplace that abounds in the best website templates to every taste and budget, TemplateMonster has prepared something special for you. Intrigued? Then, let’s get started.

Table of Content

  1. Buildwall Update
  2. Novi Builder Update – Version v.0.9.7
  3. Woostroid2 Update – New Skins Added
  4. Apparelix – A Brand-New Shopify Theme

#1 Buildwall Update


Have you tuned to TemplateMonster’s updates? Then you know that Imperion was the first flagman that got a global update. Buildwall is the second WordPress flagman that can boast its major update. Being a multipurpose construction theme, Buildwall comes with a set of various topics for modern websites. Looking for a solution for codeless layout creation? Search no more, Buildwall can save the day.

With the main goal is to update the packaging, here is what you’ll get. Instead of old-fashioned Cherry plugins, Buildwall gets nothing but the best: Elementor + JET plugins.

Benefits for a client:

  • No more CSS. From now on, the content can be edited and styled right from the admin panel.
  • One of the most convenient and modern content builder – Elementor.
  • A set of premium JET plugins, including JetElements, JetBlog, JetBlocks, JetMenu, JetTabs, JetThemeCore, JetTricks, JetPopup.
  • Revolution Slider plugin comes as a bonus.
  • Regular updates of all premium plugins, including developer support.

 Without a doubt, Buildwall heads the list of the best-selling website templates in the construction niche. But who said you can’t use it for any other topic? As such, it can be used for the architect, corporate, business, pool or house lifting & moving topics.

At last, Buildwall comes with 12 awesome demo skins to choose from. Depending on your niche, pick the one that fits the bill and install it in one click with the help of Wizard.

Price: $69 

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#2 Novi Builder Update

Meet a new version of Novi Builder v.0.9.7. What’s new? 


The major update is a new MVP-version for the ‘White Label’ service.  First, it allows slightly make changes into the overall appearance of the editor Novi Builder. Second, from now on, it’s possible to change the editor’s name, logo and hide some necessary elements of the interface.

The service comes as an extra offer by subscription, which will be available for all clients right today. 

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#3 Woostroid2 Update – New Skins Added

With Woostroid2, you get not just the other multipurpose WooCommerce theme rather the must-have solution for e-Commerce stores. Whether you’d like to launch jewelry, lingerie, gadgets, tools or sports clothing store, the choice is yours. At the moment, with Woostroid2 you get over 50+ skins.


This time, Woostroid2 comes with 5 new skins on various topics. Meet:

  • CleanStore – a universal solution for electronics stores;
  • Agro Store – a skin for an online store selling agricultural or farming products or services;
  • Toys Store – a skin for childcare sites and e-stores selling toys, accessories or kids clothing;
  • E-book Store – a great option for publishers, libraries or online stores selling e-books, audio or video files;
  • Clothes Store – a modern solution for the fashion & beauty industry, Second to none for e-stores selling clothing, accessories, health care or beauty products.

Benefits for a Client:

  • Versatility and flexibility
  • Elementor page builder on board
  • All must-have JET plugins for fast and stylish online store launching
  • Maximum adaptability – responds to any modern mobile device that exists now
  • 24/7 support

Price: $114

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#4 Apparelix – A Brand-New Shopify Theme

Apparelix Shopify Theme

Want to become an insider of a brand-new Apparelix Shopify theme? Go ahead and give Apparelix a shot. Beautiful, clean and flexible, it comes with a universal design that is an easy fit for all topics. Easy to edit and manage, it would become the very website template first to receive new fads and designs. The same goes for developer support and major updates. Even though it’s a perfect match for all fashion-related topics, who said you can’t use Apparelix for beauty or health care industry?

Benefits for a Client:

  • An ideal option for those with no prior coding skills.
  • Tons of features, including addition homepage layouts, header & footer styles, collection & product page variations, 60+ sections, and more.
  • Designed with a focus on the benefits of your products, Apparelix offers you a great way to highlight it.
  • Includes multiple currencies & languages, product labels, RTL support, and is dropshipping ready.
  • Better performance and speed.

Take time to explore the power of Apparelix and get it before everybody else. If you’re looking for a solution that can present and promote your products in the best possible light, search no more.

Price: $118

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Final Note

So, now is your turn to decide what updates to try first. These are only the four biggest and major updates from our list. For more information, take time to enjoy more new products on TemplateMonster marketplace and be the first to try it. 

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