Top 5 Software Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2019

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Software development world changes continuously every year in ways that we couldn’t even imagine. Every well-informed programmer knows very well that they must stay updated and aware of the latest development technologies otherwise they will lose ground to other developers who are better adapted to the latest innovations.

The ever-evolving technology space will continue to benefit both developers and companies, allowing to generate more money and advancing in previously unexplored fields.

In 2018, the main technology trends in the IT industry were Blockchain, IoT and AI, but it is now in 2019 that these new technologies have managed to consolidate in the industry as robust and stable solutions.

We know that for every developer, it is essential to analyze the benefits of different software innovations so as not to be left behind and discover new ways of doing business.

Below we present what we believe are the most relevant emerging trends in software development in 2019:

Low Code Development

The term low code development became popular in 2014 when programmer forums gave it a proper name, but in reality, this type of development was born in 2011. The software for low code development allows technical and non-technical professionals to build enterprise applications with auto-generated code, visual programming and drag and drop modules.

Low code development platforms are expected to generate revenues of more than 10$ billion in 2019, almost double what they produced in the previous year.

Thanks to the low code, it’s possible to launch applications faster than before, reducing the TTM (time to market). In addition, with low code development, it is possible to define the structure and objectives of the project in a better manner.

Artificial Intelligence

As it is already known, AI advanced a lot in 2018, bringing us many cases of the subtle use of AI, such as the Gmail response indicator, automated voice calls for booking appointments, transcription of voicemails, digital assistants and driverless cars. This year, AI is entering strongly into new business segments, such as hospitality, e-commerce, home cleaning, and medical care with voice user interfaces.

We will also see a greater convergence of AI with Blockchain and IoT.

Blockchain will continue to gain ground

Although Blockchain was initially designed for the finance industry, it has now managed to reach several other verticals, such as IT, insurance, medical care, retail sales and supply chains.

Right now, Apple and JP Morgan are exploring blockchain use cases beyond money transfers.

Due to the boom that Blockchain is enjoying in the business world, many pioneer software development companies in India and overseas locations have become determined to take advantage of this opportunity so as to make history (and money) in blockchain development.

This year, many companies will make huge blockchain investments for emerging use cases such as those already mentioned above. Other significant innovations in 2019 will be stable crypto-currencies and security tokens.

Progressive Web Apps will become more popular

Through progressive web applications (PWA), a developer can build a web application with all the capabilities and features of a native mobile app without downloading anything. PWAs are as robust as the native apps and can run perfectly on tablets, mobiles and other devices.

According to statistics, BMW managed to increase its charging times 3-4 times, get 26% more mobile users and 30% more clicks after updating its website to PWA.

We expect the PWA to be adopted by more companies around the world during 2019.

(Even) More companies will use JavaScript

Today, JavaScript is a very popular language among programmers because of how easy and simple it is. JavaScript is an ideal language for novice developers and companies looking for speed and reliability in application development.

According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, 71.5% of professional developers use JavaScript. Also, according to GitHub, JavaScript is the programming language with “the largest number of contributors in public and private repositories, and used in all regions of the world.”

It is very likely that JavaScript will gain even more ground in the front-end and back-end fields, not to mention its ideal nature for building hybrid mobile applications.


The world of software development continues to evolve dramatically year after year. If your company uses software in one way or another, it’s highly recommended that you stay updated with the latest trends if you don’t want to be relegated by other competitors.

If you are interested in building a scalable and modern digital application for your business, we recommend researching software development companies in your city or region to find the best one adapted to the new times.

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Ranjeet Kumar, a Growth Hacker, SEO, SMO, Blogger and Digital Marketing Consultant with over 6+ years of IT experience. Loves to share marketing tips & strategies among online marketers. I loved travelling and blogging. You can find Ranjeet Kumar on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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