10 Excellent Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas

12.25.2019 no comments

Here are some inspiring designs for Holiday Marketing Campaign we’ve picked up online.

#1 Macy’s Wishes


#2 Red Cups from Starbucks

Red Cups from Starbucks

#3 REI Challenge

REI Challenge

#4 Ebags Design

Ebags Design

#5 Elf Yourself from Office Depot

Elf Yourself from Office Depot

#6 Opt Outside

Opt Outside

#7 12 Days

12 Days

#8 Haha Holidays

Haha Holidays

#9 Pottery Barn Gift Guide

Pottery Barn Gift Guide

#10 Donuts Days

Donuts Days

Final Checklist

As you can see, crafting your holiday promo is not a big deal. However, it’s essential for any business type. Would you like to improve sales and increase the shoppers’ list? Don’t miss our holiday promo checklist in this case. Here is what you should do this winter:

  • Run a blog,
  • Post holiday-related content,
  • Create gifts selections,
  • Design newsletters,
  • Launch landing page,
  • Organize giveaways,
  • Connect with SM,
  • Holidize the website,
  • Research for influencers.

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