How Functional Animations are Improving your Web Design

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As the people are winding up outwardly determined animals, the impact of creative mind increments just with the assistance of animation. Our eyes tend to pay more attention towards the moving objects and henceforth animation is more like an eye candy, catchy and bright elements which pay closer attention to make you stand out of the crowd.



In this article, we will be talking about web design by incorporating functional animations to spice up your website. Let us get started with.

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What is Functional animation?


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A subtle animation that is embedded in the UI design as a part of the design functionality is defined as functional animation. This type of animation helps to reinforce the design and offers a clear and logical purpose which includes better recalling through spatial relations, less cognitive load and prevent change blindness.

The functional animations help to bring user interfaces to life. In this client-driven plan approach, the client turns into the prime concentration and along these lines, the UI requires to be natural, and responsive.

Impact of Functional Animations in User Interface design


  • Branding




Where the past animation roles need a bit of more logic, there are multiple apps which provide the same exact features by accomplishing the exact tasks. The applications provide a good user experience but nowadays people love to establish emotional engagement with the uses. Branding animations is responsible to achieve this goal as it can be used as a marketing tool that supports a company’s brand values and highlights the strengths by offering a truly delightful and memorable user experience. 


  • Visual effects as per User actions




Normal interaction design will offer great feedbacks that make you feel like you are interacting with some real elements on the screen and demonstrate the results. A portion of the UI components like catches and controls are seeming unmistakable despite the fact that they hide up behind the bars. Visual and motion signs can fix this issue by recognizing prompt info and energizing in manners which closely resemble direct control. Visual feedbacks are useful when they do not need to inform the users about operation results. Functional animations seem to offer wide information when the wrong passcode is entered and solves the problem on urgent basis.

  • Visible System Status

One of the topmost crucial principles in user interface design is to have clear visibility of the system status. Users want to know their current context in a system anytime and applications should not make them wonder as this can turn into an easy task with appropriate visual feedback. Functional animation works on the data uploading and downloading processes as it can detect how fast a process can go and set an expectation for how fast the actions will be taken. Availability of the system status offers a real-time notification and enables users to understand what is going on a quicker basis.

  • Navigational gestures


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The little movements between the states in an application, for example – viewing an object from a high-level view to a detailed view is defined as navigational transitions. By default, the state changes include hard cuts which are difficult to follow. To determine this, the practical activity backs out the clients with the snapshots of progress since it easily moves clients between navigational settings and clarifies the progressions on a screen by making visual associations between the change gazes. The navigation can be hierarchical or sibling transitions. In hierarchical transitions, users explore deeper levels or screens of an application that are children to the parent screen. 

  • Visual hints

All of the first-time users need to understand how to use an application interface. It is true for the interfaces that contain unfamiliar or unique interactions like gesture-driven interfaces. The users will get confused about how to interact with your app without any proper guidelines. When it comes to teaching the users about your UI, you can provide a wide range of visual hints that convey what other types of interactions are allowed to drive the attention of the users to the possible interactions. Visual hints can increase the usability level and product desirability by creating necessary expectations of what is going to happen. 

Wrap Up

Here we come to the end of the article. In the event that you are thinking to utilize the liveliness in your next web composition, at that point it ought to be very much fabricated and that is just material when an animation is a characteristic piece of the plan procedure. At the point when performed precisely, the functional animation can divert a computerized item from an arrangement of screens into a deliberately arranged significant experience. Till then – keep learning!

Written by:

Stephanie Donahole is working as a Business Analyst at, a web development company in Melbourne, Australia. She loves to write about technology innovation and emergence. Follow Her on Twitter at @SDonahole.

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