Is Email Marketing Worth Another Look?

08.19.2019 no comments

When it comes to marketing methods, we have a lot of different options available to us. We can use traditional marketing media, and supplement it with any of the newer digital marketing methods. Email marketing falls somewhere in the middle. As one of the older digital advertising tactics, it’s often seen as yesterday’s news.

But is this fair? Is it really time to shelve email marketing, or should we give it another look? This is the question that the team at EveryCloud decided to look into. To find the answer to that question, the team did extensive research. They compiled the infographic below based on that research.

It gives a fascinating insight into the world of email marketing. As it turns out, 76% of consumers do make purchases as a result of an email campaign. This shows that this can be an effective technique. So, why then do some campaigns seem to fall flat?

The research gives us insight into that as well. As it turns out, 72% of people will delete emails that are not relevant to them. It would seem then that it’s not so much a question of the method itself, but rather a matter of how well the campaigns are targeted.

It turns out that marketers need to pay more attention to segmenting their lists and tailoring their messages rather than just relying on generic emails sent out to everyone on their lists. The team also learned of several ways to improve the click-through rates of their campaigns.

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your click through rate, and more about the stats related to email marketing, take a look at the infographic below.



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