Simple Steps for Effective Web Design

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When it comes to getting started in web design there are a few important concepts to understand so tat you can put together a sleek and modern design that grabs attention and creates a perceived value for your brand.

Here we will go over these basic concepts and how you can easily employ them when thinking about making updates to your pages or if you are looking to create a site from scratch.

Individual Logo and Other Graphics

You also need to take care of multiple components to get a distinct online-project. For this reason, add personalized graphics and a logo to your web design. They aim at presenting the identity and expanding the recognition. You can increase engagement if you have visual elements that people can call unique.

As you can understand, having an individual logo and other graphic elements for making a great first impression. To save time, one can turn to The Graphics Creator by Laughingbird Software. There are 40 ready-to-use templates (plus a bonus set of marketing templates) to start with.. You can create stunning graphics without any complications. You are free to make a graphic for multiple purposes. These include a blog, social media, emails, and others.

Sketching & Scanning

This method gives designers a lot of freedom, because it allows you to create an original page design by taking it from the paper sketch phase all the way to a digital file that can be edited on a computer.

This means artists and designers can now construct a unique layout on paper, scan that design and have it rendered digitally, where it can be edited and enhanced with more resolution.

Many new designers make the mistake of sticking to templates, but these will only carry you so far. New and original design is what will set your site apart from the competition.

Web Design Network Website Ideas Media Information Concept


Alignment is very important when considering the flow of your textual information and how you want your text to be read. Any important information should always be presented at a 90-degree angle so that it can be read without too much effort.

Using text that is not centered, straight, or following some normal pattern should be reserved for single words and phrases.

The goal is to present your most important information in an easy way that does not involve too much effort to read. Consider where your text will be placed in relation to certain photos and how your text could change the meaning of photos and vise versa.

Text Format

The format we use to display text can have an enormous impact on how a website is read and how the information is interpreted and disseminated.

The general rule to stick to is to place the most important information first, with the least important information last, creating a hierarchy of text. This hierarchy is used to make pages easy to read and understand, even at a glace or if someone was not intending to read your text in the first place.

If the subject matter being presented is lengthy and technical, consider making more simple explanations or coming up with an efficient way to display all of your text.

Use of White Space

The clever use of white space has been an important principle in graphic and then web design for many years, and effects how images and text are interpreted at a glance, where eyes should be diverted, and how dense a site looks.

Too much or too little white space can be a problem, so ideally designers should strive to find a safe zone where the white space doesn’t cause clutter but also does not appear too empty.

Figure out what information takes precedence and use white space to highlight the best parts of your custom web design Miami.


Font Choice

Many people consider font choice to easy or inconsequential, but font can change the dynamic of how a text is read. You would never want to write an academic paper using the comic sans font, as no one would take it seriously, and the same principle applies to web design.

Considerations for Font Choice:

  • Seriousness
  • Academic or Casual?
  • Tone
  • Context
  • Industry Type
  • First Impression

Figure out how serious or playful you want to be in how your text is written and pick a font based on this information. Helvetica has been the cornerstone of text in advertising since the 70’s and is still a first choice for many.

Aesthetic Web Design

Many people looking to create their fist website either get stuck or overwhelmed, but with a bit of practice and these important tips you should be designing your new page with ease.

Web design is the cornerstone of online advertising today and is an incredibly useful skill for both advertisers and business owners.

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