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You hit the right place if you have digital marketing blog and are looking for a source of passive income. In this case, information about the affiliate program from TemplateMonster can be useful.

As an affiliate, you can make money from your blog or store with minimal effort. Still, just sharing an affiliate link isn’t enough. To succeed, you need a strategy and tools to fulfill it.

In this article, you will find:

  • detailed information about this affiliate program;
  • tips on how to lead an affiliate campaign;
  • handy affiliate tools;
  • more ideas on how to earn with digital marketing blog.

So, let me show you ways to earn money as a digital marketer.

What is an Affiliate Program from TemplateMonster?

In general, as an affiliate, you receive a referral link. This is a link to a product or service of the company/store/person. You share this link online. You can do it in your blog post, social media, or share it with your friends. Then, you get a commission from orders made through this link. You can track your income in your affiliate profile. You get money using one of the payment methods.

This is a concept of the affiliate programs. The one from TemplateMonster runs the same way.

As an affiliate, you get a 30% commission with the first order and 10% one with further sales. If you bring partners, you get 5% commissions from their orders.

The program has pros:

  • it allows boosting the commission up to 50%;
  • affiliates get money for ALL leads;
  • the database stores cookies for 365 days for all 50,000+ products. So, the company won’t miss any payment;
  • 5 payment methods;
  • 24/7 support.

The average price of the template is $90. It means that you can get $27 with the first sale. With every further order, you get $9 which isn’t bad for a passive income.

One more pro of the program is a set of affiliate tools. They help to manage the affiliate campaign. They also help to boost conversions.

Tools for Affiliate Campaigns

TemplateMonster offers tools for an affiliate campaign. They make working with products and sharing them fast and easy.

Plus, they help to convert traffic into commissions. For instance, you can use:

  • WordPress plugin. It picks up templates relevant to your content to advertise them on your blog. It takes 3 minutes to install it.
  • Showcases. You can use one of 50+ ready-made showcases for many niches. They have sets of products on one theme.
  • Banners. Catchy banners are good at grabbing attention. Insert an affiliate code. Then, put a banner on the front page.
  • A unique landing page with relevant keywords.
  • Responsive widgets to show the products in an appealing way.

You can also use WebAPI. It transfers information from the TemplateMonster database to your own. It’s possible to create custom template shops fast. In this case, you need knowledge of web programming languages.

Plus, there are presets that you can use for each affiliate tool. This ready-made group of settings saves time while setting up the affiliate tools.

These tools are available as a part of an affiliate program.

Now, learn how to earn money as a digital marketer with this affiliate program. You will also find the products for the marketers to share in your blog.

How to Earn as a Digital Marketer with Affiliate Program

It’s easy to say that earning with a blogging platform, like WordPress or Blogspot, is easy. Still, it’s not easy for a young blogger to start promoting a product.

First, you choose a product that fits your blog. Second, you think about how to present it. Though it looks like an ad, you should connect it with a theme of the post or page. Third, you choose tools to realize the concept in a blog.

Let’s go through these stages.

Within the TemplateMonster affiliate program, you choose its products. Here are some items for the marketing community:

  • Ultimate Marketing Bundle, more than 130 assets for building successful marketing campaign.
  • Landing page templates. 700+ templates for many niches are available. Every business, company, project, store needs a starting page. So, these templates will find their buyers.
  • ECommerce templates. There are hundreds of templates for online shops. A couple of clicks and a full-fledged online store is ready.
  • ONE subscription. Dozens of themes and templates, plugins, and graphics costs now $17 per month! They all are available within one subscription. It includes unlimited installations and 1 year of free hosting.
  • 60+ micro-niches animated banners. They are must-have for grabbing visitor’s attention.
  • 1700+ elements are available to increase corporate identity. Designs for handouts, business cards, letters, and websites have a high quality.
  • There are also 200+ social media bundles. They include packs with banners, templates for stories, social media posts. There are many graphics kits. They fit many business niches. You can use them for personal needs. Such offers often are in high demand.
  • There are 30 infographic elements for many subject matters. The collection has 3D vector elements, education, and business bundles.

In the digital world, these products will find their buyers. Your goal is to present them in your blog or social media in a wise way. How to do it? Here are a couple of ideas!

Ideas to Promote Products within an Affiliate Program

As a marketer, you know that there isn’t going to be an open ad. A relevant recommendation works the best. If you are an expert and have some competence in a subject, you can become an opinion leader. The more trust you inspire, the more visitors you attract, the more leads you can get.

So, here are a couple of ideas for the “invisible ad” of the TM products.

YouTube overview of the products/collections that are useful for marketers

As a blogger, you can make an overview of handy products or services. People love when opinion leaders share handy sources or information for free. Tutorials also work well.

In such videos, you can place a referral link. To increase interest in the buy, you can present the TM product in detail. Here is a video tutorial from Marta Emerson.

Referral link in an educational article

You can include a link in an educational article. You show competence in a subject and inspire trust. Then, comes a relevant recommendation. You can leave a link as an example of the service/product you describe. Here is a good article with a link to the bundle with corporate identity elements. Ome more sample shows the secrets of making social media posts.

Collection of tools and templates

There are hundreds of sources to get tools and templates for website building and design. So, making a collection of the worthies/new/free ones is a good idea. Having a bunch of sources in one place is handy.

Social media posts with an opinion about TM product and an affiliate link

Posts with an opinion about product/service are also popular. People often want to try the product that their friend/favorite star/blogger liked.

So, you can write a post about the TM product that helped you to build a website. Don’t forget to add an affiliate link and offer your subscribers and friends to try it.

Earning money as an affiliate isn’t easy. You still should find out ways to attract leads. Although, when you establish a system, build a reputation, and form an audience, you won’t spend so much time.

Among the other ways to earn with digital marketing are:

  • SEO
  • web designing
  • social media
  • mobile and email marketing

If you are good at programming languages, you can try web designing and SEO. If you are a good copywriter, you can work in social media, mobile, or email marketing. In all cases, you can work as a regular employee or a freelancer.

Digital marketing is a fast-developing field. Here, you can show yourself in a creative way. It gives chances to grow. Still, starting as an affiliate is a reasonable way.

TemplateMonster affiliate program

Still up to earn money with online marketing and affiliate programs? Great choice!

Let the fresh ideas be with you.


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