What are the ways to earn with developer blog?

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Being a developer blog’s owner there is apparently a reasonable question like “How can I make money as a web developer using the website without any efforts?”. I hope, you will be glad to hear that there is a solution.

Take a look at the TemplateMonster affiliate program, which will certainly do its best for earning money for you.

Before talking about TemplateMonster, let me remember that such affiliate programs are created for promoting products of the company on other resources or websites. When users purchase these products via your links, you can obtain a slice of the profits.

Frankly, it sounds intriguing but like a pie in the sky. So, today I want to introduce the TemplateMonster affiliate program and its stunning affiliate tools and learn the ways which will teach you to make money from your blog.

Products you can use to earn with web developer blog

Each professional web developer knows that owning a successful blog is key to passive income. You still don’t know how it works? Look this way!

As you are a web developer, so 100 percent you will be satisfied with the number of excellent products you may be interested in.

ONE by TemplateMonster


ONE membership by TemplateMonster is the best choice for any person who is involved in the web dev sphere. Just try to imagine that you pay once (yearly) and download as many items as you wish. It seems to me this is a kind of web fairy-tale, isn’t it? Something tells me that ONE can perfectly fit in your blogging platform.

Find out more about earning with ONE Membership.



If you find a person who doesn’t want to get the brand-new HTML drag and drop builder, please show him to me. However, you haven’t found such a crazy yet, look at the Novi Builder. This visual dreamboat allows you to add and edit the content in a few minutes, drag blocks and be safe. I bet it will be an attractive product on your blog.

Learn more about How to earn with NoviBuilder

Bootstrap Templates

Pay your attention to a huge collection of Bootstrap templates. More than 1,300 high-quality themes to any taste and purpose. This will be a marvelous way to set up a powerful website using solid layouts.  Again, for you as a blogger, it is an excellent product that can surely rely on.

HTML5 templates

The next collection is desirable by a great many. HTML5 templates are a  wonderful assembling of 2000+ templates based on HTML5 and CSS. Also, with Bootstrap and JavaScript. This is one of the easiest ways to create a website of dreams on multiple projects. Everybody will check this out.

App templates

Do you want to write a blog post about mobile applications? So, the next product will perfectly fit your article. App templates are pre-built apps that include plenty of core functionality for customers. They are well designed and steadily work so that your readers can trust you.

Specialty pages

It is hard to imagine how to use the website without such pages as Coming soon, 404 errors, etc. In this case, it will be reasonable to tell your blog’s readers about these excellent specialty pages. They will certainly be in handy and try you to earn money as a web developer. Just share the useful content.

Admin templates

The other important and helpful products you may write about are admin templates. Who doesn’t want to make the admin panel visually appealing and easy to operate? So, think of these beautiful design mock-ups.

PSD templates

If you write a tutorial about Photoshop using, don’t forget to mention PSD templates.  These themes are a perfect solution to try yourself in Photoshop and make a marvelous website. Make a note!

Plugins and extensions 

And the last collection of products will please you and your followers. These are WordPress plugins, Magento Extensions, PrestaShop Modules, and many other cool items. I am sure that not only your readers will be interested in this offer but you too.

4 Ways how can a programmer earn money online

Now you know a list of powerful and reliable products that can be promoted on your blog. However, there is a right question ‘HOW?’. You don’t need any online courses where the tutors will teach you the ways to earn a lot of money, no full-time job, just use online marketing. That’s all.

Here I wat to present you a list of ideas with invisible add of TemplateMonster products on your blog. Yes, this is what will help you not to irritate the users with a hard sell and look naturally.

Youtube reviews

There are a great number of different Youtube reviews of excellent products. I will bet anything that you spend a lot of free time in front of the gadget to watch some tutorial (of course) or ridiculous videos. So, the question then becomes, why not show some reviews in your social media blog?

You need to choose the most appropriate product reviews. It may be a template, any forceful builder or ONE membership. Just show a video to your readers and they will exactly watch it.

As an example, this stunning review fits perfectly when you speak about WordPress themes.  Also, this one may capture the followers for a few minutes but then they can’t forget about the review.

So, try it!

Inclusion into the tutorials

The most popular requests now are various tutorials and educational articles like, how do to do the best WordPress theme or what is ONE by TemplateMonster. That is why writing such articles is one of the most useful and efficient ways to grab the reader’s attention.

You can easily include one or more interesting and suitable products in your article. There is a good example of using such a way of invisible promoting.

As an addition, you may have ever heard about Google Adsense. This is a wonderful service that selects the ads based on the content and audience of the website.  The perfect way to make money online being a web developer.

Don’t miss the chance!


How many articles do you read every day? Which of them are really helpful and exciting? In my experience, the most interesting and attractive articles are a compilation of multiple templates or tools.

The advantages of such articles are obvious, you can see the whole layout. Detailed descriptions of products make the reader understand how suitable or not is a certain product to him.

Take a look at this example, which presented 30 various design resources. They are not a hard sell. Just a simple explanation with pros and cons. Also, a good sample to decide which one is better for a certain person.

Your task is to offer a choice to the followers and provide them with professional goods by TemplateMonster.

Blog post with a feedback

If you haven’t got an Instagram, Facebook or another social media blog, it is high time to start a blog. It is simple as ABC and the most powerful way to communicate with the audience.

More followers you have more trust you get, although don’t forget about the quality of your content. Readers need a reliable source, so give it to them.

While you are writing a post, try to include the feedback about a TemplateMonster’s product. Add attractive images and don’t be boring.

With the affiliate program by TemplateMonster, you as a web developer have all chances to earn money online. Also, check out affiliate tools by TemplateMonster and make the right decision.

TemplateMonster affiliate program

In The End

Making conclusion, I can say that there are plenty of ways how to earn money as a web developer. Using the TM affiliate program you can

  • save your time
  • forget about the everyday job
  • do what you really love
  • promote only high-quality goods
  • make your blog successful

I hope the article was helpful and you will choose some of the ways to successful income.

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