Your Journey To A Better YouTube Rank: Step-by-Step Guide

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Welcome to this tutorial! It’s written for all those vloggers who want better Youtube rank. Achieving the top position on YouTube for chosen keywords is the matter of two components: the competent SEO optimization for YouTube videos and the quality of your videos itself

YouTube SEO optimization may be tricky if you don’t know where to begin. It’s not that hard! You start with picking the right popular and relevant keywords, then optimize the metadata of your video around these keywords, choose a quality thumbnail, do some other “trims” and voila – you get your video to the top position in YouTube Search Results!

So, let’s see what YouTube SEO optimization steps and tips that take your YouTube channel to new heights are!

Step#1: Picking The Right Keywords

First of all, you need to create a list of keywords that will best work for your video. 

You start with a blank page and the ideas that come out of your brain. Generate a big list of any potential keywords for your video you can think of. 

As soon as you have a list of keywords, it’s time to run all of them through YouTube Search Suggest. Start typing any of your keywords in YouTube’s search bar, and YouTube will automatically offer you the most popular keywords that begin with what you’re filing. Like this:


The keywords that you get in the drop-down window are all excellent. They are the actual requests people type into YouTube to see the videos. Add them to your list of keywords, crossing out some of the first ones that are not popular on YouTube. 

Now, you have a bigger list of keywords, and it’s time to simmer it down to the best low-competition keywords. This step is significant for the channels that don’t have many subscribers. To make it to the top for popular keywords, you’ve got to first pop out for a low-competition keyword with a video that deals with something loosely covered on YouTube. 

Anyway, checking the competition for a given keyword on YouTube takes just comparing the total number of results you get for the given keyword with the number of results you get for other similar keywords. You’ll find it right above the YouTube Search Results: 


If you do your SEO for YouTube channel regularly, you know that the more results you have, the higher the offer for the given keyword on the market. The more videos you get, the higher the chance that you won’t make a cooler video then all of them. If you’re a beginner, you can’t compete with the giants and mastodons of the YouTube universe. 

So, highlight the popular keywords from your list that you get the smallest number of actual results for. These will be the best keywords for your video that will help you rank your video higher. Now, let’s move to the next step of YouTube SEO optimization, which is using these keywords around and inside your video. 

Step #2: Optimize Your Video and Its Meta 

Now, it’s time to get your keywords working for the best SEO for YouTube channel. 

First of all, if possible, you’ve got to “speak” your keywords inside your video. As you’ve noticed, YouTube is now smart enough to transcribe your videos automatically. So, it can read what you tell people and whether it matches what you advertise or not. So, use your keywords inside the video if possible, it’s fantastic. 

Secondly, you optimize your video title. It should be 5+ words long and include your full main keyword. A long title allows you to avoid keyword stuffing, getting the most of your primary keyword at the same time. To further slightly improve your YouTube ranking, put your keyword at the beginning or in the middle of the title. 


Thirdly, you optimize your video description. Adding a well-optimized description is the best way to tell YouTube and Google what’s inside your video. Follow these standards:

  • Your description should be pretty long. 250 words at least;
  • You should use each of your keywords 2 -4 times inside the description;
  • Use your main keyword within the first 25 words of the description. 

Next, you can optionally add some tags. They don’t influence your ranking a lot, but they can help you better explain to YouTube what your video is about. It is a smart strategy to add a couple of your keywords to Tags. Anyway, this takes something like 5 minutes. 

Last, you’ve got to make sure that you have a compelling thumbnail. It should be a high-resolution image (640×360 pixels at least), which looks well on mobile, PC, and large screens. Your thumbnail should suggest the quality of your video content and look more modern than the competition. 


Step #3: Improving Audience Retention

If you make a crappy video and optimize it to the teeth, YouTube will still notice that it’s just a crappy video. So, SEO optimization for YouTube videos will never do miracles unless your content is fresh in this or that way, and a growing number of people like it. 

The question is, “How does YouTube judge that your video is a good piece of content?” It accounts for several factors that all influence the YouTube ranking of your video. 

The first and foremost factor is audience retention. This stands for the percentage of users that watch your video to the end. Here’s what YouTube says about it:


The takeaway is: the more interesting, well-thought, and well-done your video is, the more users watch it till the end and like it. Then, the more users watch your video till the end, the higher YouTube ranks your video on its search result pages. 

Step #4: Other Things To Do To Get Your Video Rank Higher

There are several actions you can take to boost the rank of your videos on YouTube further. For example:

  • Encourage users to comment;
  • comments
  • Invite them to subscribe after watching your video;
  • Get users sharing your videos across social media;
  • Make sure that your video looks attractive on the YouTube Search Results page. If people don’t even click on your video to see it, YouTube will downrank this video in favor of the one that users click and watch. 
  • Make longer videos, and they steadily get a higher rating on YouTube. If all videos of your competitors are 3 minutes long, create a video that goes more in-depth in 15 minutes. Of course, you can go longer than that as well!
  • Promote your videos through various social and marketing channels you have — the more views. Likes, comments, saves, and subscribes you have, the higher your video ranks on YouTube.
  • Use YouTube keyword rank checker to track the position of your video on YouTube for a specific keyword. Being a free tool, YouTube keyword rank checker brings you quality insight into your SEO for YouTube channel.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, YouTube SEO optimization is not as complicated as it may seem. You’ve got to devote your time to solid keyword research. Then you optimize your video and its description to include your keywords, avoiding keyword-stuffing at the same time. This is the natural part.

The second aspect of getting a higher ranking on YouTube is having a beneficial, useful, and engaging video that gets lots of views and all forms of feedback from people. So, this depends on you and your creativity. I wish you good luck in creating fresh video content and optimizing it right!

Stay tuned!

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