Best Front-end Web Development Tools 

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In just a few years, the number of web development tools has doubled, if not tripled. Today, front-end web development plays an integral role in improving user engagement, generating ROI, improving site efficiency and enhancing a website’s design. However, with the number of web development tools available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one. To help you out, We’ve created a list of front-end development tools to get you started:

Novi Builder


Novi Builder is a HTML drag and drop website builder. It provides access to source codes and allows for multiple changes in design. However, this tool may be challenging to use for beginner web developers. Advantages of Novi Builder include:

  • Provides a wide selection of themes
  • Comes with a preview tool
  • Offers additional integration for apps
  • Provides free templates and plugins

Besides making your website look good, front-end web development tools are a must-have for laying out your site. With the list provided above, you can choose what file packages for styling or laying out your website are the best for you.

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Ionic 2

IONIC tool

Ionic 2 is not only for cross-platform mobile apps development, but it’s also an excellent front-end development tool. The Ionic framework is unique for developing high-quality, native and optimized apps for various platforms, including Android, iOS and the web from a single codebase. Below is a list of the advantages of this tool:

  • Free and open source
  • Single codebase for all platforms
  • Built-in push notifications
  • Coded in Angular Chrome dev tools
  • High availability of plugins



Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript (JS) framework that scales between a library and full features for developing web interfaces. Unlike other structures, Vue.js is built to be extremely adaptable, approachable, and performant. Advantages of Vue.js include:

  • Easy to understand
  • Has well-defined architecture for keeping data, custom methods and life-cycle methods separate.
  • Facilitates integration into other existing applications
  • Provides a two-way communication also known as 2-way data binding
  • Provides great tooling

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Node package manager (npm)

Node Package Manager

Npm is a JavaScript tool that assists in discovering packages of reusable code and assembling them in better ways. Npm is among the most used front-end development tools as a command-line utility for interacting with repositories that assist with the package. Here are advantages of Npm:

  • Provides over 470,000 reusable and free code packages in the registry
  • Facilitates codes discovery and reuse with teams
  • Publishes and controls access to the namespace
  • Manages private and public code using a similar workflow



Grunt is the go-to front-end development tool when it comes to task automation.  It’s a JS task runner that offers bundled plugins for everyday tasks such as compilation, minification and unit testing. Additionally, it gives you the option of writing all the kinds of tasks that benefit you. Advantages of grunt include:

  • Offers various plugins
  • Allows you to automate most tasks with the least effort
  • You can customize your own grunt plugin to npm
  • Easy to install with a straightforward approach that includes tasks in JS and JSON



Meteor is a full-stack JS framework that consists of a collection of libraries and packages. Generally, it’s built on concepts from other frameworks and libraries to build accessible prototype applications. This development tool allows web developers to work contently between front-end and back-end development without the need to switch perspectives from Java, Python, Ruby or PHP. Benefits of meteor include:

  • Efficiency in building applications
  • Comes with several built-in features
  • Speeds development
  • Offers Minimongo and MongoDB databases
  • Provides live reloading feature that allows for refreshing on the required DOM elements only

Git extensions

GIT extensions

Git extensions are a graphical user interface for Git. This development tool allows you to control Git without using CLI. Additionally, you can view the history of files, see the commit history in a paragraph structure, use a rebase workflow and so on. Advantages of Git extensions include:

  • Provides 32bit and 64bit support
  • Windows Explorer integration for Git
  • Offers a rich user interface for Git

Sublime text

Sublime text

This is a proprietary cross-platform source code editor. Sublime text is among the best front-end tools that can natively support markup languages and programming languages. Additionally, this tool offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts that enables you to perform synchronized editing which allows identical interactive changes in various selected areas. Benefits of this development tool include:

  • Uses Python API to allow plugins to provide more built-in functionality
  • Enables developers to give project-specific preferences
  • Compatible with many language grammars from TextMate
  • Non-frequently used features such as changing and sorting indentation are available in the command palette

Written by Fazreen Razeek

Fazreen Razeek works for a leading web design Dubai company. When he’s not pursuing his passion for education technology, Fazreen writes engaging content that aims to offer advice on trending web development tools.

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