Affiliate Programs Compared: Choose Which One Is Better

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I bet you’ve been wondering how the affiliate programs of other marketplaces and theme providers work. What are their commission rates, what kind of tools do they provide for their users? In this post I want to cover five candidates you should check out and see how their affiliate programs differ from ours. Are you ready? Then let’s go.




Before we proceed to other providers, let’s take a closer look at TemplateMonster’s affiliate program, so that you can have a starting point for further comparison.

First off, let’s start with the commission rates. The initial commission of our program offers you 30% from every purchase. That means that if somebody clicked on your link and purchased a template worth $79, your cut is $23.70. However the more sales you make, the more commission you receive. Our program allows you to earn up to 50% per purchase. In order to make a payment withdrawal you need to have at least $100 in your affiliate account. The payment is given out on request, one time per month. TemplateMonster has a large number of payment services supported, including Paypal, MoneyBookers (Skrill), Webmoney, Payoneer, SWIFT, and ACH.

Once a visitor clicks your link, he would have 365 days available for him to make a purchase. In other words, the cookie duration is a whole year!


When it comes to affiliate tools, besides the common solutions, such as links, banners, and WordPress widgets, TemplateMonster also provides RMS. Our Ready Made Affiliate Shop is an effective business solution, which you can implement on your site for free. You’ll get a chance to distribute our templates without the need to take part in their manufacturing and support. Our specialists will help you install the platform and make everything possible for you to start your business asap.


themeforest logo

ThemeForest is a marketplace where you can find a large number of templates and themes from different designers and web developers across the web. Their affiliate commission is at fixed rate of 30%. The commission type is similar to TemplateMonster’s, which is ‘pay per sale’. You can cash your deposit starting from $50, and payment withdrawal is made on request. ThemeForest supports such payment services as PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill, SWIFT, and Payoneer.

The cookie policy of ThemeForest is stricter, since the cookie duration is only 90 days. Both TemplateMonster’s and ThemeForest’s programs track customers’ actions based on cookies. If the cookies are disabled, or a person decides to clear their cookies before they buy something, there is no way to track their purchase.

ThemeForest has such affiliate tools as banners, logos, links and affiliate plugins. Unfortunately the RMS solution isn’t provided.


wix logo

The Wix affiliate program is very different from any of the other WordPress theme providers. That makes sense, since the product itself is also different.

Although, the basic commission percentage at Wix is 45%, this applies only to a certain number of packages (ranging from $4.95-$19.90 per month). They also have packages based on the number of themes to which a user gets access. For example, there’s a package providing access to 30 premium themes, and one with 30-55 themes. If someone sign-ups for the first package, you receive $40 fixed commission, if they stick with the second one you get $80. Most of any additional payments are based on the user’s actions.

For some it may seem a bit of a bummer, particularly as the minimum payout is $200, which is way higher than in any other popular affiliate program.

Wix encourages you to get more referrals with the help of banners, text links, and keywords for posts.


elegantthemes logo

ElegantThemes is a WordPress themes provider which is known for their page builder plugin. Their flagship theme is Divi, which offers an easy-to-use page builder plugin that allows you to customize your pages and posts to a great extent, and create new ones.

ElegantThemes offers a 50% commission rate, which is based on the business model they are implementing. They have a subscription based access to their themes, which means a user has to make payments once a year. If a user renews their subscription plan, you will also receive your part of the commission. All the payments are made via PayPal.

You are provided with affiliate tools such as banners and textual links.

Mojo Themes

mojo logo

Mojo Themes is a marketplace where you can find themes and templates for such platforms as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, and many more. They also have a collection of HTML5 web templates.

Their affiliate commission is 30%, which means that if anyone signs up for Mojo Themes, you receive 30% from their first deposit or purchase. They have gone one step further and made it possible for every user who signs up with Mojo Themes to become their affiliate. That user receives an affiliate ID, and is able to refer other people by inserting this ID in their links.

You can request a payout of your commission at the end of a month, and in order to receive a payout you need to have at least $50 in your affiliate account. The payouts are made via PayPal.

Mojo Themes provides you with such tools as banners, logos, and, of course, textual links.

Creative Market

CreativeMarket Logo

Creative Market is another large marketplace of WordPress themes and web templates. In addition to the themes, they also sell photos, graphics, fonts and many other web design assets.

Creative Market offers a 10% affiliate commission for each new customer you bring to their marketplace. Although 10% may seem a little low in comparison to other affiliate programs, their system is slightly different. Once you refer a new user to Creative Market, you get 10% from every purchase this user makes for a full year. Once a year is over, you won’t receive commission for that particular user.

The payments can be withdrawn once a month via PayPal.


As you can see, the affiliate programs differ from one another, and each of them has similarities. Which one should you choose? That depends on your preference, and it’s totally up to you to decide. Of course, you’re not limited to only one of them, and can sign up for multiple programs to see which one works best for you.

Good luck and happy earnings!

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Matthew Cain is an inbound marketer at TemplateMonster, occasional writer, passionate about content strategy and web design. Be sure to say “Hi” on .

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