3 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your Instagram Stories Content that Drive Massive Engagement

02.20.2019 1 comment

Instagram Stories are all the rage. More and more businesses are trying to make the most of Instagram Stories to communicate their brand message and connect with their target audience. If done right, Instagram Stories can increase your brand reach, drive maximum user engagement and take your business marketing to a whole new level. That’s why many brands are adding Instagram Stories to their digital marketing strategy and putting their best efforts to strategizing and planning content to make your Stories more creative and engaging.

If you haven’t added Instagram Stories to your marketing strategy for 2019, now is the time to optimize it and take maximum advantage of Instagram Stories to engage with your audience. Here are a few effective strategies for marketers to create engaging, fun content for Instagram Stories that will attract massive followers and build a loyal customer base.

Let’s get started.

                         1. Harness the Power of Instagram Stories Templates

Whether you care to believe it or not, Instagram aesthetics is the key to capture the attention of more and more followers. This is why, businesses, no matter small or large are investing more time, energy and efforts in creating and maintaining a consistent, beautiful Instagram feed. Having a consistent Instagram aesthetic, brands can easily create a distinguishable style that showcases their unique brand identity and tone. Your Instagram feed is the first thing people see when they land on your profile, keeping it visually impressive is important to make a good impression.

When it comes to creating Instagram Stories, you need to make sure to create high-quality images and photos that stand out on Instagram and prevent users from scrolling past your story. You can use Instagram Stories templates for your advantage and create your own branded stories that will give your content a uniform, tone, style, and format. Instagram Stories templates are ready-made layouts with text, animations, and graphics which you can use to make your own Stories. There are many apps such as Canva, over and Unfold that can help marketers to come up with visually-appealing and cohesive Instagram Stories that are aligned with your business’s style and tone.


If the design and style of your Instagram Stories don’t match the aesthetics of your profile page, you will be missing out on a huge opportunity of creating a positive impression on your followers. So, start using Instagram Stories templates for creating your stories and make people notice and remember your stories and brand.  

                                2. Add a Clear Call-to-Action in Your Stories

You can use Instagram Stories to strengthen your marketing strategy and driving more traffic to your website by providing clear, persuasive call-to-action. With your Instagram Stories content, you can make more and more people take the intended action which will eventually generate more sales and grow your online community.


Make sure to add CTAs in a subtle way and avoid using content that is overly salesy. Calls-to-action plays a key role in directing users into what they should do next. Whether you want them to visit your website, buy your product/service, or get in touch with you, adding CTA in your Instagram Stories can encourage people to take action. Creating a sense of urgency is the most effective strategy to get the followers to grab their wallets otherwise they will miss out on a huge opportunity.  


You can leverage high-quality, fun and impressive GIFs to make your Instagram Stories more persuasive. All you need to do is to search for different stickers such as “link in bio”, “shop now” and “swipe up” that perfectly align with your brand’s aesthetics and use it to grab the attention of your followers.

                                       3. Use Polls and Mentions

In order to make your Instagram Stories more interactive, try using poll sticker in your Stories. Polls are an amazing way to get users engaged with your content and give them the opportunity to share their ideas that you can help you create articles for your blog and content for your social media networks. Consider asking questions to improve your products or services, customer service, come up with blog ideas, and update your website design.

Using Instagram Stories polls will allow your brand to find what your audience likes or dislikes and devise your content marketing and web design strategy as per users’ preferences. In addition, Instagram Stories Polls can also be used to educate your followers on your brand and explain to them what makes your brand unique.

Whether you use Instagram Stories Polls for a product launch, company event announcement or anything else, make sure to add a fun and interactive element to your stories content that your audience will love.

Key Takeaways

Instagram Stories are the perfect way to get massive user engagement, increase your business visibility and drive traffic to your business website. Whether you are running a web design agency, digital marketing company, mobile app Development Company or fashion brand, using Instagram Stories for promoting your brand is a worthwhile strategy that will help you tell your brand story, grow a loyal user base and turn visitors into returning customers. Creating fresh, engaging and interactive Instagram Stories content is the key to catch the attention of users and motivate them to take the desired action. If you want to take your Instagram game to a whole new level, start using these effective strategies to make your Instagram Stories unique and engaging.


1 comment

  • As we all know Instagram; the social media platform is absolutely IN and today’s generation is really very fond of social media platforms. Instagram stories are not only fun and creative, but they’re great for growing your engagement, driving traffic to your website, building brand awareness, and even making e-commerce sales. These powerful strategies will absolutely help to improve Instagram Stories and get enormous engagement. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and definitely would like to read more such blog posts from your end.

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