10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

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Getting a high ranking in search results is already quite an achievement. The same goes for all the traffic that typically follows such a lofty position in the SERPs. Both are especially rewarding after all that hard work optimizing a given website.

Sometimes, however, high rankings and massive traffic don’t necessarily translate to the conversions that every webmaster hopes for in the first place. Most, if not all webmasters want those conversions whether they’re simple subscriptions to a newsletter or product sales, which many regards as the ultimate conversion. Whether you admit it or not, prime positions in search results and tens of thousands of people visiting your website will tend to feel like a hollow victory when your conversion rates are far from decent.

So what do you think went wrong when your site has been exceptionally optimized and lots of people are checking it out, yet actual sales are still hard to come by? There are a number of possibilities, but one likely reason for the disparity is your web design. After all, web design isn’t just about making a website look pretty; it also plays a crucial role in generating leads and converting them.

Perhaps a few tweaks to your web design might get you over that hill and increase your conversion rate. Here are some web design solutions that drive sales.

1. Make your landing page awesome

Landing pages are supposed to grab the attention of people and convince them to sign up for whatever it is you’re offering. To be an effective tool for generating leads, your landing page will need a strong headline, a high-quality image, a well-written description of your offer and what people are going to get if they take you up on it. Anything less and visitors will simply move on to other sites.

2. Your contact form must be short

If you enjoy filling out forms—online or otherwise—then you belong to a rare breed, because the majority of the population hate writing down information on forms, especially when they’re exceptionally long. You can’t really expect people to voluntarily provide you personal data if they have to fill out a contact form that asks for a lot. To appeal to more people, your contact form needs to be as compact as possible. A name, an email address, and a zip code should be enough information to ask from random visitors.

3. Improve navigation

When people reach your website via search engines, they will immediately explore it, but if they find navigating it difficult, they will also bounce off to another side just as fast.

The chances of people spending more time on your pages are better when navigation is easy. Creating a clear navigation structure and putting up clickable navigation elements and a working search feature can help you keep your visitors longer and your bounce rates down.

4. Increase page loading speed

Your site can be visually stunning and have fantastic content, and people will still dump it unceremoniously if page loading time exceeds three seconds. Internet users these days tend to be impatient; they want everything served up to them practically instantly. So improve your page loading speed by minimizing redirects, upgrading to a new PHP version, or optimizing images, among other things.

5. More prominent call-to-action (CTA) buttons

A call-to-action to action will only work if people immediately spot them in the first place. That’s why CTA placement is important. Putting up your CTA above the fold will make it more visible. Make it red or orange, to make it more attention-grabbing.  

6. Giveaways

Everyone likes getting free stuff even when they don’t really need them, so when you’re making changes to your web design, add a section announcing that you’re giving away freebies. It could be a free trial of the product you’re offering or even free shipping, and your visitors will still do what they can to snap it up.

7. Flaunt your badges

If your site has received trust, security, and awards badges, then you should display them on your website proudly. They are, after all, undeniable proof that your site can be trusted. It will be such a waste if these badges don’t see the light of day on your website.

8.  Create compelling videos

An expertly written article that’s a few thousand words is great, but a video that’s a couple or so minutes long discussing the same subject matter will always be more engaging and much easier to digest. People will also stay longer on your page if they’re watching videos, so they will also do lower your bounce rates.

By the way, video now accounts for more than 50% of web traffic.  And if experts are to be believed, worldwide web traffic will be 80% video by 2020, so that should be a more compelling reason to start making more of them.

9. Feature testimonials from customers

No other person can give a more truthful account of how your products or services are than someone who has tried them before. When you get positive testimonials from your customers, don’t go keeping them to yourself. As long as the testimonial is genuine, its rightful place is in a section on your website reserved for such affirmative and encouraging words. It can, after all, increase your reputation in the eyes of your visitors and convince them to become your customers too.

10. Go for responsive web design

There are now more mobile users than desktop users, and the former do most of their shopping online on their smartphones and tablets. If you want a piece of this pie, then you must make your website display better on mobile devices so their users can check out your offerings easily and conveniently. The best way to make your site mobile-friendly, of course, is to adopt a responsive web design.

The tips above are just some of the ways you can tweak your web design to drive sales. While they don’t guarantee an immediate improvement in your sales figures, they’re a good enough place to start.

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