10 Quick Ways to Boost Productivity & Achieve More

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Do you ever feel you never have had enough time to achieve anything? Well, we all do. We all wish there was a little more time in the day. Of course, nobody has the magical charm to ward off laziness, exhaustion, distraction, and unproductivity, it’s what you do that brings out the most results. Productivity is something that we all desperately need. So, if you also want to maximize your productivity, here’s a detailed list of productivity methods to help boost your productivity. Let’s get started.

    1. Develop a productivity mindset


The first step is to focus your creative energy on the things that matter. As a writer, for example, it’s common to justify doing anything other than writing as ‘research’. We have a mindset that if we are doing something, we are being productive. But no, we can be fooling ourselves by putting efforts at the wrong things. The key to productivity is to know your way, that is, discovering what drives productivity and effectiveness. You’ve to identify the things that are worth your time and focus your energy on the right things.

    2. Prepare a to-do list


Make your to-do list work for you, not against you. Your to-do list is an extension of your productive mindset. A tidy list on paper or a project management tool will not just improve productivity but benefit your mental clarity and even your mood. Estimate how much time each task will take and by what time you want the task to be done. You’ll be much better organized and much more reliable when you have a to-do list.

    3. Block off time on your calendar


The billionaire founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is possibly one busy man on the earth. But he is still a lot productive because of his highly effective time management idea of ‘time blocking’. Using the time blocking method, Elon Musk intentionally plans his day out in five-minute increments or ‘time blocks.’ Each time block is assigned with a specific task, thus wasting no time by procrastinating and staying productive throughout the day.

    4. Equip your team with the right tools


Not only the skills but the tools you use also play a huge role. Choosing the right software will make work a lot easier.

             – Time tracking apps

A time tracking app can help you be more organized, efficient, and get more things done when there are only a limited number of hours and an infinite number of tasks. Timecamp is a cloud-based time tracking solution where work time can be easily tracked manually by timers and automatically. You can easily sync and import your tasks to Timecamp and start tracking right away.  

             – Collaboration tools

Collaboration apps promote teamwork and simplify a lot of things. Project management apps like ProofHub can help you connect and organize your work and for seamless collaboration across teams.  

             – Communication apps

Instant messaging apps such as Skype can do an excellent job of keeping conversations organized.

    5. Measure your progress regularly


Large (and meaningful) projects do not get crossed off in a day. But not everything is so easily measured. It has been found that improvements in well-being, productivity, and happiness can come from measuring progress towards your end goals. Monitoring your performance at specific periods makes it easier to know whether or not you are moving closer to your goals. Ask yourself these questions to measure your progress:

             – What is the plan?

             – How far have you reached?

             – Why and what is not been done?

             – What are the challenges you encountered?

             – What adjustments have you made throughout?

             – What can you do to improve the quality?

    6. Set goals to be more productive


How many times have you felt disappointed because of the goals you set for yourself, but realized later they weren’t achievable?

When setting goals, you have to be mindful of things such as your:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Preferences/priorities

    7. Personalize your work station


When you’re happy, you’ll be productive. And personalizing and decorating your workstation will make you feel more connected to your work. Try some of these simple ways to personalize your work area.

  • Adding pictures of what you love
  • Real or artificial plants
  • Artistic accessory holder
  • Wall arts and motivational quotes
  • Well organized office supplies

    8. Learn from productive people


We all envy people who tend to get things done well. Have you ever noticed that productive people are more well-rounded too? If you really want to be productive, you need to know the secrets. Here are the secrets that you can learn from highly productive people.

  • Start your mornings by focusing on yourself
  • Stop confusing productivity with laziness
  • Create a routine
  • Stop multitasking
  • Look at the bigger picture
  • Respect time

    9. Use templates (email templates, WordPress templates, etc.)


A template is a ready-to-fill type document that is great for work that is to be done the same way each time. Do you work on PowerPoint regularly? Use a PowerPoint template to save your time and efforts. Similarly, find a template for work that you do regularly and it’ll save you a ton in prep time. You can also find some reliable templates on Google. Just pick your favorite and get to work.

    10. Know your productivity cycle


Productivity cycle is a sequence of actions that is repeatable on an evenly-spaced basis. These actions are performed daily, weekly, monthly, or on some other periodic basis. We all are efficient at various times throughout the day. Some in the morning while others in the afternoons. There is one particular window of efficiency for everyone, finds yours. We all go through natural ebbs and flows of energy, that’s exactly what determines your productivity cycle– go with your own flow.

You have these good to go options to increase your productivity. Some of them you might have practiced anytime while some may be new to you. Try all of the above-mentioned productivity hacks and see what works for you. Are there any hacks that work for you already? Let us know what do you do to stay productive at work?

Written by:

Nandini Sharma is the Assistant Marketing Manager at ProofHub – a leading project management and collaboration software. With years of experience in marketing, she has found some amazing ways to reach a large number of audience and create a connection. She also loves doing art and craft and trying her hands on creative handmade cards & gifts.

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