TemplateMonster WordPress Affiliate Program for Bloggers and Youtubers: What Should You Know?

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Do you monetize your traffic together with our affiliate program? We would be pleased if it enabled you to get the highest commissions. However, some YouTubers and bloggers might not be sure of joining our community. Even though overall affiliate revenue can reach $8,2 billion by 2022, some people have doubts. How does an affiliate program work? What should they invest to get the highest sum of money? For this reason, we have decided to answer the most popular questions. Let us speak about our WordPress affiliate program and explain its benefits of working with us to various bloggers and Youtubers…


General Details About TemplateMonster’s WordPress Affiliate Program

To start with, you need to understand what our WordPress affiliate program includes. Below, you can get familiar with our commission plan and some additional details.

Our Commission Plan

               1. The first purchase using your affiliate links brings a 30% commission.

               2. The following purchases bring a 10% commission.

Central Facts to Keep in Mind

               1. First of all, you need to know that our affiliate program WordPress provides a 30-day return policy.

               2. There is also a first-click interaction. In other words, the first cookie set in the given browser is going to track credit for the referral.

               3. Everyone is free to become a part of our WordPress affiliate program. It does not matter in what corner of the world you live. You can get familiar with our website translated into the following languages:

       – German;

       – French;

       – Russian;

       – Spanish;

       – Portuguese;

       – Italian;

       – Polish;

       – Turkish.

            4. If you have an interest in buying some digital items from TemplateMonster Marketplace, you can take advantage of your commission money.

            5. Our cookies are valid for 60 days. They work with all the types of our products.

            6. You can choose from various payment methods. Among them, you are going to find PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, SWIFT, and Payoneer.

            7. There is also a supervisor’s 5% cut. To get it, you need to recruit your friend as our affiliate.

If you are ready to join our WordPress affiliate program, you can sign up here and now.

Specialties of TemplateMonster’s WordPress Affiliate Program

It might happen that you are still holding back to join our affiliate program WordPress. There is no need to decide in a jiffy. We want to continue our journey through the essential details.

Affiliate Tools to Help in Promoting Our Digital Products

The easiest way to promote our digital products on your blog is to generate a referral link. You just need to enter your username and copy your affiliate URL to your posts.


However, there are some additional methods every blogger can use. Pay special attention to them and make sure to take advantage of the following tools.

WordPress Plugins


The most effortless way to advertise our digital products to your readers. It provides an automatic promotion of the chosen product. All you have to do is to add an eye-catching WordPress admin panel. It generates some ready-made solutions suitable for your posts. You need to spend not more than three minutes installing it. After this, this affiliate tool will do everything instead of you.



One of the most popular tools used within our WordPress affiliate program is a showcase. Our collection includes a large number of ready-to-use showcases for different topics. These include business, travel, fashion, beauty, photography, sports, and others



To increase the number of your customers and their sales, you can always turn to different banners. Make sure to include your affiliate code before putting them on your online-project.

Landing Pages


To create a constant online-presence of our digital items, you can also use a landing page. It is perfect for generating more traffic and making your sales grow. You can choose from eight sets of localized landing pages. In other words, we offer them in eight languages.

Presets and WebAPI


Now, you can get familiar with the most flexible and advanced tool crafted for our affiliate program WordPress. It should impress you with its capabilities and management. There are some default settings that allow opening your ready-made stores. 

It is also possible to work with a set of scripts that allows you to get information about templates from our database. Using WebAPI, you are free to create your unique online-shops with our digital products. However, you need to keep in mind that this variant is suitable for those who are familiar with programming. You should know such programming languages as PHP, ASP, Coldfusion, Perl, and others. If it is a challenge, you can always work with our presets instead of this tool.



Together with our JavaScript-based widget generator, you can quickly promote our products among your readers. You need to choose the necessary settings. After this, copy the script to your website and start getting more commissions.


An excellent way to boost your traffic and make search engines notice your posts is to take advantage of our inclusions. What does it mean? You have a large number of existing posts featured on your blog. To make sure they raise interest and grow your earnings, you need to update them. We can quickly help you with this goal by providing different inclusions based on our digital items.

If you are a Youtuber, there are some exclusive opportunities to choose from. We do not limit your imagination, but you can consider using some widely-used and reliable ways.


       – Review on the Digital Product


First of all, you can record a review of the desired digital product from our collection. Tell others about its advantages and disadvantages and essential features. You can speak about everything that you consider to be important.


       – Mention TemplateMonster and Its Products in Your Video

       – Create a Comparison Video Including Our Products

       – Come Up With a Tutorial Based on Our Products

Our WordPress affiliate program makes it easier to work on these tasks using some ready-made videos. You can add your sound, description, links, and other details. In such a way, it is effortless to create a video that allows making money and getting people interested in TemplateMonster.

Your Manager Who Can Answer Any Question

Without a doubt, every novice in the affiliate world is going to have some questions. A particular advantage of our WordPress affiliate program is your manager. Our professional team is always ready to provide you with valuable help.

  1. Michael Druzhba is a leading expert in everything connected with affiliate marketing.
  2. Alla Taff, Lana Miro, Victoria Curly, and Nannie Nova are our affiliate managers. If you need help with promotion, you can always get in touch with them.
  3. Julia McHale is a content manager. It might happen that you cannot come up with brand-new ideas for your posts. In this case, you can ask her for some pieces of advice to engage your readers.
  4. Marina Black is our affiliate support manager. Do you have some general questions? Marina knows everything about our affiliate program WordPress.
  5. Max Carrol is a Youtube manager. Have we already told you that Youtubers can get a chance to gain lots of money? Max knows how to make your channel bring you the desired commissions.

Do not forget to visit our Facebook community and get familiar with the latest updates.

What Products to Promote Within TemplateMonster’s WordPress Affiliate Program?

Now, when you know everything about how to promote, you need to know what to promote. We have not forgotten about providing you with these crucial pieces of information. There are multiple types of digital products to get familiar with. You can use them for the inclusions, showcases, banners, newsletters, and other purposes.

All People Need for Their WordPress Websites

To start with, there are different ready-made solutions crafted for WordPress. Among them, you can find the most relevant ones for your posts or videos.

WordPress Themes


All of them are high-quality ones. In addition to this, they distinguish themselves from others by their original designs and advanced set of functions. People are free to personalize them according to their vision. Many variants suit a large number of popular niches. Among them, you are going to find the following ones:

      – design and photography;

      – business and services;

      – food and restaurant;

      – fashion and beauty;

      – sports;

      – and many others.

WooCommerce Themes


Among your readers, you can find some people who need to craft an online store. TemplateMonster also offers many fully-functional themes for this shopping cart plugin.

WordPress Plugins


Furthermore, one might need to extend the standard functionality of their WordPress websites. In such a way, you are free to promote a large number of plugins crafted for this platform. As an example, there are variants for hotel booking, galleries, pricing tables, and other purposes.

Elementor Marketplace


Do not forget about various digital products presented on the large Elementor Marketplace. This drag-and-drop builder is famous these days. For this reason, many of your readers might be looking for themes, templates, and plugins developed for this editor.

Website Maintenance Services


It can be a little bit hard to manage, update, and keep an online-project safe at once. For this reason, you can offer your readers to turn to our website maintenance services. You can share their benefits and assure people of purchasing high-quality assistance. Focus the attention on the following points:

     – SEO, conversion, and usability boost;

     – website performance speed up;

     – online-project security;

     – monitoring 24/7;

     – daily or weekly backups.

ONE Subscription


Another way to grow your earnings together with our WordPress affiliate program is to promote ONE Subscription. It is a large web-development kit that includes 10,300+ digital products. Without a doubt, there are many WordPress themes that you can share among your readers. To make sure people are going to subscribe to this service, you can tell them about the following advantages:

    – unlimited downloads included in the unlimited yearly license;

    – 24/7 support;

    – additional powerful services;

    – constant updates;

    – the opportunity to cancel the subscription within 14 days after the purchase (if one did not download something from the collection).

As you can understand, your possibilities are extensive. A big assortment of WordPress products allows attracting more people to your affiliate content. For this reason, you can choose anything from this collection. It is not going to be a big challenge to start a successful affiliate campaign on your WordPress blog or Youtube channel.

A Few Words in Conclusion

By joining our WordPress affiliate program, you get a straightforward way to monetize your online presence. It is an effective way to apply minimal efforts and make more money. What can be wrong with including an affiliate link in your post? As an example, you have decided to write a tutorial on the particular aspect of WordPress. Just look through the mentioned digital items and choose something relevant. Different incredible themes, templates, plugins, services, and other items are waiting for you. Then, you can include your affiliate link that might make people click on it and make a purchase. Do not forget that there are many affiliate tools you can take advantage of. These include WordPress plugins, showcases, presets, widgets, and many others. It would be excellent if you paid more attention to such a marvelous instrument as inclusions. Our team is ready to update your posts with our products and excite the highest number of people. YouTubers will also get a chance to engage their viewers and grow their channels. There are many ideas in terms of promoting TemplateMonster’s products in your videos. We are very happy that our affiliates have already achieved success in growing their income. Maybe, you are going to become one of the most prosperous ones. Give a try to our WordPress affiliate program and join our big family here and now. Thanks for reading!

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