TemplateMonster Top Services: What to Promote and How to Increase Your Income?

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What can be better than having the opportunity to raise your passive income? It seems to us that each affiliate looks for some effective ways to do this. Fortunately, everything turns out to be effortless if you decide to promote more new useful things. Today, we want to offer you to promote different services by TemplateMonster. Look through them and decide which ones you can promote on your resource…


What Services to Choose for Your Affiliate Campaign?

To start with, TemplateMonster provides multiple website services for both small businesses and big corporations. It means that your viewers can find something that suits their needs. Now, it would be best if you got familiar with the most popular services.

1. Website Installation Services


Do you know that your viewers do not have an interest in installing and customizing an online-project by themselves? Do you think that they might require some help? In this case, you can show them this incredible type of web service. It includes the following advantages:

  • CMS of eCommerce platform installation;
  • template installation and activation;
  • sample date import;
  • formation of the database and files upload.

2. Essential WordPress Plugins


Without a doubt, many people want their online-project to have advanced functionality. This package includes lots of plugins that allow forgetting about the most widely-spread challenges. Among them, you are going to find:

     – SEO optimization plugin;

     – Google Analytics plugin;

     – Advanced site editor;

     – Image optimizer;

     – Sitemap plugin;

     – Login page URL change plugin;

     – Admin panel customization plugin.

3. Most Beautiful Stock Images for Websites


Each website becomes more visually-attractive, together with some high-quality images. However, not everyone knows where to find them. Offer your visitors to get all the essential pictures that will be relevant to their online-project in this package. It consists of:

     – 15 images for their websites;

     – Depositphotos.com access;

     – different pictures sizes;

     – limitless selection of topics to choose from.

4. Website from Scratch


Some people might want a professional in web-development to do everything instead of them. It is possible if they turn to these web services. Keep in mind that it has three packages to provide people with. Below, you can find out more about them.

Lite Premium All-in-One
Theme Installation yes yes yes
Logo Adding yes yes yes
Theme Color Change yes yes yes
Contact form activation yes yes yes
Discount on hosting services yes yes yes
Content Adding to Pages no yes yes
Content adding to a blog no yes yes
Security no no yes
Essential Plugins no no yes
15 images from DepositPhotos no no yes
SEO Optimization no no yes

5. SSL Certificate Creation


Getting trust from different potential visitors includes providing them with a powerful SSL certificate. Does one want to guarantee people that it is secure to browse his or her website? You can tell them about this marvelous web service that has:

     – high-level encryption;

     – free site seal;

     – easy domain validation;

     – fast issuing process.

Based on the needs of your viewers, you can also present some other web services to them.

6. GDPR Website Compliance Services


7. Online Store Setup Services


8. Email Campaign Design


9. Multi-Language Website Services


10. Website Technical Support


11. Many-Many Other Services That Might Catch the Attention of Many People

What Platforms Do These Web Services Support?

The assortment of TemplateMonster’s digital items is suitable for a large number of platforms. Its web services are also appropriate for the following variants:

     – WordPress;

     – Shopify;

     – WooCommerce;

     – Magento;

     – PrestaShop;

     – HTML website;

     – and many others.

In our opinion, adding these web services to your affiliate campaign should boost your earnings. Various products make your visitors interested. What can happen if it comes to some useful services that do not require any efforts from them? They might want to buy them and provide you with a stunning commission. For this reason, take care of your promotion to engage more people and assure them of buying these services. We hope that you consider them to be an excellent source of your affiliate earnings. Thanks for reading!

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