9 Creator-Friendly Products To Promote In 2020

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We live in a highly competitive era. It’s quite easy to promote your brand today. However, with the appearance of code-free products, it became harder to stand out from the crowd. Modern companies work 24/7 to craft a winning marketing strategy. The good news is that there are lots of supporting resources. For example, 90% of top-performing sellers use SM in their sales strategies. So, Social Media integration is your #1 must-have.

What else does one need to create the right business promo? I am about to name all the essentials in this post. Still, before we get started, here are some data any beginner should check out.

–  Companies with blogs generate nearly 70% more leads.

–  54% of prospects want to see more video content.

–  73% of small businesses invest in SM adds.

–  More than 70% of shoppers work only with companies that personalize the shopping experience.

–  61% of prospects prefer buying from brands that deliver unique content.

And now, it’s time to take a look at the must-have features your project requires. Here are 9 TemplateMonster’s products to promote. And what is inside? Let’s check it out together!

ONE Membership – Your Ultimate Digital Development Kit



If you are serious about site-building, you may have already heard about the service. ONE is an all-in-one membership crafted by the TM team. By purchasing the set, one gets all the essentials needed for successful website creation. The price is $16.60 per month or $199 per year. And here are the features the membership includes:

–  WP, eCommerce, and CMS themes,

–  Presentation & one-page templates,

–  Different plugins and assets,

–  Graphics, vectors, and illustrations,

–  Unlimited features & widgets,

–  Round-the-clock customer support,

–  Limitless installations.

To say more, by getting ONE Membership, one also gets a cool mockup tool. It will be FREE for you for a year. This ultimate pack contains all the TemplateMonster’s best-sellers. For example, you can work with Monstroid2, JetElements, NextPrest, and many other leading items.

How to promote with ONE Membership? 

Holiday Campaign Ultimate Digital Marketing Pack



To make a long story short, this pack is a must-see in case you want to increase activity during holidays. On average, the set comes with 135 design resources and 25-holiday campaigns. Its price is only $99.

How to earn with Ultimate Digital Marketing Bundle?

And here is what you get by choosing the product:

–  landing page templates,

–  illustrations,

–  SM banners,

–  mockups,

–  fonts,

–  icon sets,

–  logos,

–  illustrations, etc.

Besides, the pack includes various strikingly-colored flyers & brochures. Each of them is wholly versatile and meant to create a winning online promo. Moreover, there are lots of newsletter subscription templates, interactive calendars, and much more.

Apparelix – Clean Multipurpose Shopify Theme


Details | Demo

Without a doubt, the theme would be an ideal tool for those who want to run more than one project. As you may know, multifunctional products are quite popular these days. So, Apparelix is one of them. It comes with numerous web design solutions and contains 10+ demos. Same to all TM flagships, the product comes with FREE regular updates, which includes:

–  Homepage layouts,

–  Header & footer skins,

–  Collection & product page styles,

–  Custom pages,

–  Plugins, etc.

And what is waiting for users inside the package? You get fully customizable pages with lots of ready-made sections. They are eCommerce-oriented so that you can run a professional webshop for FREE. Among the other features of Apparelix, there are the following:

–  Fast navigation,

–  Visual builder,

–  Quick View,

–  Banners,

–  Right-to-left language support.

Gutenberry – Revolutionary Blog WP Theme


Details | Demo

As the name of the item says, it is a Gutenberg-based product. Thus, the pack provides one with all must-haves to build a feature-rich blog. There are six pre-styled home page templates to showcase your content. Here they are.

Crystal allows organizing posts in 3 premade layouts available in Gutenberg. The site owner can edit these layouts anytime they need it. No coding skills required. There are clean subscription blocks to engage prospects.

–  Mauve provides you with a bright pink homepage design.

–  Azure suits boxed-layouts online projects. Use it to make your blog pages look compact and well-organized.

–  Lavender provides the blog with the sophistication field. There are minimalist hero blocks, sleek chess & grid layouts, etc.

–  Nude is meant to enrich the project with voguish post styles.

–  Aqua is a clean b-n-w publications layouts template. Use it to create listing with pagination, and new posts feed sidebars, and more.

Entorum – Business with flexible infographics PowerPoint Template


Details | Demo

Though we live in the digital world, real-life presentations are still outstanding. That is why I added Entorum to this selection. In a word, the package includes different infographic templates. All of them are promo-oriented and do not require any specialized knowledge. What can you get by choosing Entorum?

–  Pick up an aspect ratio you need for a presentation. There are four available options for you.

–  Add charts and diagrams to enrich the presentation.

–  Choose between light and dark premade layouts.

–  Select from 10+ presentation styles.

–  Improve your promo with 28+ infographics and 800 content slides.

Novi – Visual HTML Page Builder & Content Editor JavaScript


Details | Demo

To put it briefly, Novi is a groundbreaking visual editor. It allows export, edit, or publish content easily. It is multilanguage and comes with numerous FREE plugins to choose from. For example, there are SM add-ons to integrate your project with the most popular platforms. Plus, you have Swiper Slider and Own Carousels to highlight your top items or vital details. Besides, you can use an eye-catching Material Parallax feature to guide people through the website. Also, the Novi package contains:

–  200+ pre-made content elements,

–  Contact forms,

–  Campaign monitor, etc.

Read more: Ways to earn with Developer Blog

Lintense – Complete Landing Page Template


Details | Demo

You don’t have to build a multi page project to introduce your business. Sometimes it is enough to get a landing page, and Lintense would be a quick solution for you. It has complete SEO with awesome speed performance. Among the other components of Lintense, there are:

–  15 LP templates,

–  HTML Page Builder,

–  Favicon,

–  Back-to-top button,

–  1170 Grid System, etc.

How to earn with Lintense?

MonsterAdmin Dashboard


Details | Demo

No secret, it is always important to have full control of your project. That is why I recommend you to take a closer look at MonsterAdmin. It perfectly suits the needs of users who have several online projects. Here is what you can see in the MonsterAdmin’s set:

–  Five custom skins,

–  80+ components,

–  20+ pre-designed page templates,

–  Mobile device optimization,

–  30+ plugins & graphics,

–  Bootstrap 4 functionality,

–  Dropdown Menu,

–  Tooltips, and more.

140 T-shirts Mockups



Would you like to create some printable items related to your business? Don’t miss this incredible mockup selection in this case. All the products are 100% versatile, which means you can customize them up to your needs. Honestly speaking, the variety is wealthy, so anyone can find something to fit their taste. Below you can see some of the topics the mockups cover.

–  Christmas & New Year.

–  Retro cars.

–  American football.

–  Halloween.

–  Fathers Day.

–  Bear.

–  Cops.

By the way, most of the items come with multiple color schemes. Also, each product contains readable fonts to choose from.

In Closing

So, these were all the top-rated TM products I wanted to review today. No need to say, all the items have super-flexible settings. With it, users of all ages and skill levels can promote their business with the help of the named products. According to the latest statistics, it takes up to 7 impressions for clients to remember a brand or company. Seeing that, you need to work hard to make your website a go-to place. Fortunately, these days, you don’t have to be a coding guru to craft a successful promotion. With a plethora of brands in today’s market, every prospect matters. Would you like to get their attention? Modern technologies give you everything to promote, so what are you waiting for?

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