Talented Web Studios Wanted

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You don’t know where to participate, to prove yourself, to compete for prestigious subscriptions, valuable prizes and at the same time be inspired by ideas?! If you are still reading this article, then you are here, you were at the right time in the right place! Follow us and you will learn how creativity, together with talent and luck, can change your life for the better.

The essence of the contest is extremely understandable, and the contest itself is simple for those whose life goes side-by-side with web design and works closely with TemplateMonster.

So,  here are FAQ for those who want to participate and compete for prizes?

Who can show their skill?

              –  Any web studio or company

How long is the competition?

              –  It lasts one month

What do we expect from you?

              –  You should share their work, which are based on TemplateMonster 


Suppose that the task is completed, what needs to be done more (registration, filing an application, etc.)?

              –  Once the site based on TemplateMonster templates is ready, you should fill out this form (Please note that all form fields marked with an asterisk must be filled!)

                         1. Web Studio Name

                         2. Email/Skype/Facebook

                         3. Affiliate login

                         4. The template that was used when creating the project

                         5. Link to the site that was built on the template (If there are several, leave some with a space and an oblique line)


How many prize places will there be and what will be the reward?

              –  After the competition and summing up all the results, 3 winners will be determined who will receive:

                         1. Ultimate Web Development Kit – ONE Membership subscription

                         2. Payment of any service up to $ 100 (hosting, graphics, etc.)

                          3. Any  template for free


What other bonuses can I count on?

              –  No one will be left without attention. Even if you did not become a winner, but participated in this competition, you will by no means remain in the shadows. This contest is a great opportunity to “light up” himself on the TemplateMonster blog, since after the competition a review article will be written about sites that are based on TemplateMonster templates.

Competitions and grants are a great way to gain fame, promote your product, and sometimes make good money. Thanks to the Internet, it became possible to participate in them from anywhere in the world.

The potential of the design world is unlimited, and for each of you there are tremendous opportunities for quick and convenient self-development and training, cooperation with other web studios, the successful opening of your own business and profit.


Our competition is one of such opportunities. 

Do not pass by – catch a wave!


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