Step Forward Progress with Monstroid2 and Deep: Ready, Steady, Go!

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When you have a comparison between the two suggested variants, it becomes easier to choose the best one. Imagine that you are trying to choose the most amazing auto. If they have identical features, you will not choose an old car. You will choose a new one. Anyway, it is absolutely possible to have some problems when it comes to two items that are equally fine.

Actually, I remember a very interesting situation that will be relevant to this post. One of my friends wanted to buy a car. He was not sure which one is going to be the best one – a town jeep or pickup. It seems to me that it was the hardest choice he has ever made. Yet he managed to discover a solution to the problem – to race these two competitors. If you cannot decide which item to choose between two of them, you can create a list of pros and cons of them. You can attack the problem in such a way not only in terms of cars but also ready-made templates. Today I want to make a merciless race for Monstroid2 from TemplateMonster and Deep by Webnus. Do not forget to belt up and let’s go…

Back to the Roots of Monstroid2 and Deep


To my mind, it is always interesting to come back to the roots of different objects. When you start investigating them from the very beginning, it becomes possible to understand whether they deserve your attention or not. As an example, you can be ready to purchase a ready-made solution. It may look perfect in terms of design and functionality. Yet your expectations to grab an incredible template can crash when you find out that it was released four years ago and was not updated since that time. Fortunately, such a situation will not happen with Monstroid2 and Deep.

Monstroid2 was released a few years ago. In fall 2018, it was updated with some additions to design and helpful tools. In such a way, this template meets the latest web-design demands. It is no surprise that it became a TemplateMonster’s flagship and came into notice of different people.

Deep is one of the recent themes, let me say, a fresh-baked multipurpose solution. It was developed by Webnus team that has called their project the best WordPress template in the world. Actually, the audience immediately set eyes on the theme. In such a way, it is no doubt that the team really liked working on this ready-made solution.

Skins & Demos


In actual fact, demos and skins are the same sorts of thing. Something like a website model that is built on the basics of the template. It shares a similar structure, features, and functionality. Two aspects that differ skins (or demos) from each other are pictures and details. This means that a purchase of the single template that includes skins will provide you with a few templates in one. You will have the freedom to try any variant your soul wants in order to find the most suitable one.

Monstroid2 comes together with 30 skins among which you can find variants for the most popular niches on the web. Furthermore, demos are updated on a monthly basis.

Deep includes approximately 70 demos and web-developers are going to round out this collection. If you are looking for skins designed for traveling or business purposes, you can find at least two variations of them.

Elementor Page Builder


Now I want to speak about common characteristics of Monstroid2 and Deep. Both of them are compatible with Elementor Page Builder. It is often called one of the most easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder on the digital market. In my opinion, this claim is absolutely fair. Who does not want to get an intuitive interface and lots of customization options? To be honest, I am not amazed by a fact that Elementor has such a big community of fans. Moreover, you can pay your attention to powerful Elementor plugins that provide online-projects with advanced functionality. As an example, it is possible to use a bunch of JetPlugins to add dozens of elements to your website, starting from animated boxes and ending with countdown timers and sliders. Keep in mind that both Deep and Monstoid2 include this very set of fully-functional plugins.

Elementor templates


When it comes to Elementor themes and template, it is important to keep in mind a difference between them. Both Monstroid2 and Deep are themes which means that they consist of pre-made pages, plugins, and some other content. These elements should be enough to create a fully-functional website. When we are talking about templates, we have in mind only parts of the theme, in other words, construction blocks. You can choose sections, pages, and separate blocks in order to combine them into one single unity.

Monstroid has more than 300 templates, while Deep includes 150 templates. To my mind, both of these numbers sound pretty much impressive.



One of the most crucial features of ready-made templates is its speed. Unfortunately, users are not ready to wait a long period of time while your website is loading. Forget about patience. Everything should be done in the quickest way ever.

A website based on Monstroid2 is going to be loaded in about 1,2 seconds and has a great performance grade (A93). Deep has a lower speed (2,0 seconds) but its performance is better – A97.



An amount of plugins includes in the package also possesses a value. Some people may say that they but a ready-made template, not add-ons. Yet plugins make it possible to save some time that is always a great thing. By the way, it is one of those elements that can help you to decide which digital item is better (I am talking about a case when other features are virtually the same).

To cut a long story short, Monstroid2 comes alongside WooCommerce plugin, Contact Form 7, and Akismet Anti-Spam. Almost forgot to say about powerful and feature-rich Jet plugins. There are two more page builders included in the package – WP Bakery and King Composer. Such add-ons as Layer Slider and Slider Revolution will be of great help too.



Different marketplaces have different ways of taking money for their digital products. As an example, some of them may set a certain price for each item. Others may offer to purchase a subscription for a definite period of time to get access to the whole collection of templates.

Monstroid2 costs $75 – you pay only once and get this template together with all of its benefits. In order to get Deep, you need to buy a subscription to Webnus which price is $49. In such a way, you will have access to all ready-made solutions.

Comparison Table




In conclusion, I want you to think about Buridan’s ass paradox. Have you ever heard of it? This donkey who has the same level of thirst and hunger. He is placed between a bucket of water and hay. What should he choose? He wants both to drink and eat. In such a way, he stands like Vincent Vega from “Pulp Fiction” and cannot decide where to go. To be honest, I have the same feeling about Monstroid2 and Deep. Which one is better? The choice is all yours. I can only wish you good luck in the process of creating your future website.

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