SiteGround vs Kinsta: In Search for the Best Hosting

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Finding a high-quality hosting provider might be a little bit hard. When we are talking about WordPress, there are two standard options people turn to. For this reason, it is better to compare these available variants – SiteGround vs Kinsta.

To be honest, both choices deserve your attention. However, to understand which one is better, we should look through their similarities and difficulties. As an example, SiteGround is an affordable variant that has many useful features. Kinsta is a powerful option that gives better overall performance and user experience. Yet, it is going to have a higher price. Anyway, we need to get familiar with more details. Let us look through them, including their functions, speed, security, and other aspects…

SiteGround vs Kinsta: Learning Basics About Their Functions


SiteGround is a choice for those who want to have a managed hosting provider. It is no wonder if you have already come across this option. WordPress often recommends this platform to its audience. In general, the team promises to provide its potential users with:

  • prices that can suit every budget;
  • ultra-fast service;
  • excellent customer support.

In addition to this, they mention that this hosting is best for:

  • small businesses;
  • medium businesses;
  • blogs.

However, to find out the truth, we need to look through its main features. Thanks to this, it might be easier to understand whether this hosting will become your assistant.

SiteGround and Its Essential Options Worth Mentioning

  • First of all, this hosting is built on Google Cloud. What does it mean to you? It takes advantage of the super-fast network. Thanks to it, the overall website performance should be perfect. You can also pay your attention to server setup and custom speed optimization.
  • Your data is going to be secure. Using a back-up that takes place daily, you can be sure of its safety. If something happens to your website, you are free to restore it. In addition to this, you are free to install an SSL-certificate on one click.
  • You can use its original domain management. Working with both hosting and domain in one single place should be comfortable.
  • If you need to create multiple email accounts, it is possible to do this. This email service gives a chance to create a particular domain for each account. Using a web client, you have the freedom to check your messages from anywhere.


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  • This hosting platform also offers some useful tools. These include a collaboration and staging tool, and dev toolkit. Below, we are going to speak about their details.
  • A staging tool allows changing your website comfortably. You can copy your online-project, make the necessary edits, and push them online.
  • Together with a dev toolkit, you can work with WP-CLI, SSH access, PHP version control, and Git integration.


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  • The intention of collaboration tools is obvious. It allows adding collaborators and working them. You can also deliver websites to your clients. It also includes white-label access to the desired website tools.
  • It does not matter what content management system you choose. It is possible to manage WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and others.
  • It also provides several WordPress plugins that can help you with improving the website performance.
  • Finally, a support team is available 24/7. You can turn to it if you cannot do everything by yourself.

Kinsta and Its Essential Options Worth Mentioning


Kinsta is another managed WordPress hosting platform. Its infrastructure is connected with Google Cloud. For this reason, it, as the previous one, differs itself from other variants. We are talking about VPS, dedicated, and traditional shared platforms. Every WordPress website has its isolated container that makes all the resources private. You do not need to share your data with anyone else. The container itself has all the essential resources. Without a doubt, these are:

  • Linux,
  • PHP;
  • Nginx;
  • MySQL.

All plans that Kinsta offers have an extensive set of useful features. We should look through them here and now.

  • First of all, each user gets automatic daily backups and staging environments. You are free to create a manual backup point anytime your soul wants. Moreover, it also offers free CDN and free Letsencrypt SSL.
  • The team offers to fix hacks for free. If a hacker breaks through the website, it is going to fix it in a jiffy.
  • It also offers a custom dashboard. It includes all the data that makes it possible to improve your website.


  • You can get familiar with your performance insights and data analysis. Visit MyKinsta to find out how to make your website better.
  • This platform gives a chance to take advantage of multi-user access. You have the freedom to create a team and add as many users as you want. Then, it takes nothing to give them access to all your websites. They can become a developer or administrators of them.
  • Each plan offers a free premium migration.


  • This hosting has a daily backup. It has separate backups for both environments, including staging and lives.
  • You can select from 23 Google Cloud services. You can place your server in terms of the most suitable geographical location.
  • It is possible to work with more add-ons. As an example, it has Elasticsearch, Redis, Nginx reverse proxy, and others.
  • It supports such software and tools as WP-CLI, SSH, and Git.


  • Like SiteGround, this platform also has a 24/7 support team. It gives feedback you want and answers all the questions you might have.


SiteGround vs Kinsta: The Loading Speed Aspect

SiteGround uses special services that make sure your online-project receives a perfect loading speed. It takes advantage of the newest hardware and software. Below, you can get familiar with more measures that this platform takes.

  • SSD drives for shared and cloud platforms.
  • SuperCacher technology.
  • The latest PHP releases with built-in opcode cache.
  • Nginx and web-server software that makes static content delivery better.
  • Cloudflare partnership to get a free CDN.

Furthermore, WPBeginner made a performance test on SiteGround. Below, you can find their results.

responsetime-siteground speed-test-siteground

Kinsta claims to provide your website with excellent speed. It uses multiple technology types to make it load in a flash. Among them, we can name the following ones.

  • Nginx
  • PHP 7.4
  • LXD software containers
  • Compute-optimized VMs
  • MariaDB
  • Full resource isolation
  • Automatic scalability
  • High availability


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Will Your Website Be Secure With These Hosting Platforms?

SiteGround provides essential security and updates. These are actions that the team uses to protect your website.

  • Without a doubt, you can install a free SSL-certificate. It takes only one click to do this.
  • There are regular health checks. The platform produces them every 0,5 seconds.
  • You will get automatic updates. If you want, you can make a schedule for them. Prepared for it by selecting the most appropriate date.
  • A custom firewall is going to secure your website from potential attacks.
  • It also includes automatic daily backups.
  • If a malicious activity happens, the platform detects it automatically and removes it.

Kinsta works on stopping different types of attacks and malicious intentions. Among the most efficient measures, we can speak about the next ones.

  1. DDoS attack detection
  2. Software-based restrictions
  3. SSL support
  4. Hardware firewall
  5. Monitoring and security 24/7
  6. Uptime monitoring


You can also learn how to protect your website together with a Malcare WordPress security plugin.

Selecting Hosting Services by Their Pricing

When it comes to comparing SiteGround vs Kinsta, we should look through their pricing.

To start with, we need to focus on three plans offered by SiteGround.

StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
Price 0.33 €/monthRegular 9.95 €/month 6.45 €/monthRegular 17.95 €/month 11.95 €/monthRegular 29.95 €/month
Number of websites One Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
Web space 10 gb 20 gb 40 gb
The number of visits monthly Approximately 10,000 Approximately 25,000 Approximately 100,000
Unmetered Traffic Yes Yes Yes
Free WordPress installation, SSL, CDN, and email Yes Yes Yes
WordPress auto-updates Yes Yes Yes
Daily back-up Yes Yes Yes
WP-CLI and SSH Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited databases Yes Yes Yes
100% renewable energy match Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic caching No Yes Yes
On-demand backup copies No Yes Yes
Free site transfer No Yes Yes
Staging No Yes Yes
Collaborators No Yes Yes
White-label clients, the highest tier of resources, priority support No No Yes

The number of plans by Kinsta is higher. These include a starter and pro plan. Then, you can choose from four business plans. Finally, an enterprise also has a chance to opt for one of four plans.

Starter ($30 per month) Pro ($60 per month)
WordPress installs 1 2
Monthly visits 20,000 40,000
SSD storage 10 gb 20 gb
Free CDN 50 gb 100 gb
Backup retention 14 days 14 days
PHP workers per site 2 2
Site cloning No Yes
Free premium migrations 1 2
23 global locations Yes Yes
Self-healing technology Yes Yes
Automatic daily backups Yes Yes
Hack and malware removal Yes Yes
Multi-user environment Yes Yes
Free SSL certificates Yes Yes
SSH access Yes Yes
Staging area Yes Yes
PHP 7.4 support Yes Yes
Automatic DB optimization Yes Yes


If you want to know the details about business and enterprise plans, it is better to visit the official page. Now, we want to mention the most necessary information.

A Few Words in Conclusion

As you can understand, it is crucial to keep many details in mind while choosing from SiteGround vs Kinsta. We have tried to mention all the necessary ones.

All of them have automatic backups, custom hosting dashboard, server-level caching, and other functions.

The biggest difference lies in the number of data centres.

Siteground has five centres, and Kinsta has 23 centres. Yet, the first option is more accessible. You need to understand what you expect from your website to make the right choice.

Thanks for reading!

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