5 Must-Have Shopify Apps to Boost Your Christmas Sales

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The Christmas holiday season is a decisive time for many retailers. It’s the last chance in the year to boost sales and profits, as well as enhance customers’ shopping experience and increase conversion. It’s also the best time for merchants to make the most out of last-minute Christmas deals.

Interested in how to do it? It’s essential to be well-prepared and make everything possible to entice customers to buy from your Shopify store. In the article, we list the answers to what can help you boost your Christmas sales.

Results of Being Well-Prepared

Take a look at some Christmas holiday season statistics to know better what Christmas sales are all about.

  • According to EMarketer, the eCommerce industry grew 16.7%, reaching up to $123.90 billion in the holiday spending spree in 2018.
  • There is a 40% increase in sales and traffic over Christmas.
  • 60% of customers prefer to buy their holiday gifts online. Moreover, 19% of buyers spend their money on impulse purchases during the Christmas holiday season. (Deloitte)
  • Sales and promotions influence 65% of holiday purchases.
  • 40% of Christmas sales will be held December 15 through the 24th.

Agree that all these stats are quite inspiring. They encourage you to make your online store prepared for this Christmas holiday rush. By using all sorts of marketing strategies, you can increase the attractiveness of your Shopify store. If you give your site festive mood, make personalized and win-win offers to your buyers, provide them with yummy deals, you’ll undoubtedly get consumers on your side, earn their respect, and improve their Christmas shopping experience. As a result, a boost in sales will surpass any potential loses. 

5+ Tweaks to Boost Your Shopify Christmas Sales

As a Shopify user, you have an incredible opportunity to use many brilliant apps that help bring all your Christmas marketing ideas to life without significant additional investments. The following Shopify apps will definitely ensure an increase in your Christmas sales and lead your brand to a new level.

Advanced Product Options App


You can convert a larger number of online visitors into customers if you provide them with advanced product customization possibilities. As not all your buyers want the same products, it’s essential to deliver a personalized beautifully-designed and intuitive customer experience to each of them.

Selected by about 2,000 Shopify-based merchants, this app is the best choice for this purpose. It gives you an opportunity to create a great number of product options and variants. With the help of custom options templates, you will easily overcome 3 options/100 variants limitation set by Shopify and effortlessly add an unlimited number of custom ones to any product.  Thus, you can increase customer satisfaction that will lead to the boost of your Christmas sales.


Core Features

  •  • Setting unlimited product options in unlimited combinations;
  •  • Conditional logic;
  •  • Multiple option types configuration possibilities;
  •  • Flexible option pricing setup;
  •  • Ability to link options to products;
  •  • Optimization of the way custom options affect the main product SKU;
  •  • Management of stock inventory;
  •  • Uninterrupted workflow and stable performance, and much more!


  •  • Free installation;
  •  • Free support.

Details Demo

Order & Product Fees App


This Christmas, you may increase revenue and the AOV by offering your customers to share some business expenses with you. With this app for Shopify, you may charge your buyers for additional services or personalized options that can be so useful for them during this busy Christmas shopping. It can be gift wrapping, rush delivery, printouts, anything your shoppers may want to order with a product. The app allows you to manage product fees in the back-end effortlessly.


Core Features

  •  • Creation of an unlimited number of product fees/charges;
  •  • Various order and product fees input types;
  •  • Price setup of any product option;
  •  • Diversification of pricing strategy with order and product fees conditions;
  •  • Effortless management of product fees.


  •  • Free installation;
  •  • Free support.

Details Demo

Quick Holiday Decorations App


If you want to entice your customers to buy more this Christmas holiday season, create a festive mood in your Shopify store with the Quick Holiday Decorations app.

Taking that buyers’ first impressions are 94% related to the design of the store, and 46% of consumers’ decisions are based on the credibility of a website from its visual appeal and aestheticsyou’ll see how this holiday spirit on your web site positively influences buyers’ shopping experience and the number of their impulse purchases.

The app gives you an opportunity to decorate your site with Christmas themed illustrations, festive colors and animations just in a couple of mouse clicks. Your online shoppers won’t stay indifferent.


Core Features

  •  • A great number of holiday images and effects;
  •  • Automatic decoration of your website with the help of the smart Scheduler;
  •  • Ability to upload images of your choice;
  •  • Ability to enable/disable decorations on mobile devices;
  •  • Compatible with any Shopify theme, and more.


  •  • Free installation;
  •  • Free support.

Details Demo

Advanced Bundle Products App


Shopify-based merchants also choose this app to make higher-value offers and boost sales this Christmas. How? By offering product bundles to shoppers, you encourage them to spend more with one order.

During the Christmas holiday season, when consumers buy a lot of gifts and decorations, it’s especially crucial to help them make the purchasing process easier and more convenient. Bundles can bring that kind of enhanced shopping experience. As a result, buyers become more satisfied and loyal to your brand. As a pleasant bonus, your sales increase.


Core Features

  •  • Creation of advanced bundle products;
  •  • Opportunity to add discounts on products purchased as a bundle;
  •  • ‘Add to cart’ per item option;
  •  • Advanced customization of product bundles;
  •  • No product clones creation;
  •  • Optimized for any kind of devices.


  •  • Free installation;
  •  • Free support.

Details Demo

SavvyCube Analytics & Reports 


Living in times of data-driven marketing, it’s essential to know your profitability; learn which of your goods sell better, and give larger profit and which don’t; see your loyal and profitable customers and their purchasing preferences in order to take action on time.

The SavvyCube app allows you to aggregate data from Google Analytics, Magento and Shopify, to control fees from PayPal in a way that no sales data gets lost.

According to McKinsey Research, brands that use analytics have a 126% profit improvement over competitors. Thus, it can be a help for your eCommerce store to use the app during this Christmas holiday to achieve better sales results.


Core Features

  •  • Analysis of store profitability, customer retention, product sales, and more;
  •  • An opportunity to save and export reports;
  •  • Forecasts for key metrics;
  •  • Email reports;
  •  • Customer analytics;
  •  • Integration with Google Analytics and PayPal;
  •  • Beautifully designed and intuitive interface, and so much more!

Details Demo

Bonus App: Sales Motivator-Promo Bars


Christmas is a magical time. Create this miracle for your customers. Motivation bars are a great means to boost sales by stimulating buyers to qualify for free shipping, gifts, special discounts or something else. Such freebies are not only sales boosters but also increase your buyer’s loyalty.

With the app, you can create a motivation bar that will ideally match your website design. Another advantage of Sales Motivator is that it’s absolutely free of charge. Why not treat your Shopify store and get this sales-boosting app gratis (plus, the Company offers its app installation services free of charge as well.)?


Core Features

  •  • Creation of an unlimited number of announcement bars;
  •  • Compatibility with any website style;
  •  • Display Rules setup.

Details Demo

Bottom Line

The best part of the Christmas holiday season is gift-giving. Improve your customers’ shopping experience, provide them with festive mood and special personalized offers, and you’ll get their loyalty, increased sales, and profits in exchange. And the listed above apps will be a help for you this Christmas season.

Written by:

Ellie Yantsan is the Marketing Executive at MageWorx, Magento extensions, and Shopify apps Development Company. Before she plunged herself into marketing and web-analysis, Ellie wanted to pursue writing as a career. She still has a weakness for quality content creation.

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