5 Best Payment Gateway Plugins for WordPress | A Curated List

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Payments are always a concerning issue for each online business. However, if you are a WordPress user, you already know that WordPress doesn’t have any built-in payment method within its system. But it’s a matter of fortunate that plugins come into existence to fill up the gap.

There are tons of WordPress payment plugin in the marketplace. These extensive amount of plugins may confuse you to choose which one should you get for your practical usage. It’s not an easy job for finding a suitable plugin to serve a specific purpose.

Here, in this article, I would like to show some of the most quality-payment plugins that can serve your purposes accordingly. All the plugin listed here are standard, and you can use any one of them without any hesitation.

Best Payment Gateway Plugins for WordPress Users

There are a lot of payment plugins our there in the market, here are the most popular payment plugins that will help you to manage payment-related issues without any hassle.

1. WPPayForm


WPPayForm is a payment plugin that accepts multiple gateways. This is a freemium payment plugin that provides you to integrate Stripe in its free version and to integrate PayPal in the pro version. The free version of the plugin can be found in the WordPress directory and pro version can be found on the official website of the plugin. A recurring payment can be made easily by using the plugin. You can create any kind of payment-related form using the plugin.

This is a drag & drop based payment form builder plugin, and you also can create basic contact forms. You will find lots of custom features that will allow you to make your payment smooth and crystal clear. WPPayForm allows you to use scheduling and restriction feature on your payment form. For entry management, you will get a proper environment to manage and view all the entries in an organized manner. Additionally, if you want to modify the front-end of the plugin, you can do it by adding custom CSS/JS. To learn more about the plugin you can head over to the extensive documentation of the plugin from the official website of the plugin.

2. Stripe


The stripe-payment solution is known for its cost-effectiveness, and it’s one of the most efficient payment gateway plugins in WordPress. The setup procedure of the Stripe payment is very smooth, and it doesn’t cost any monthly fee for the services.

Stripe plugin allows you to customize your payment gateway according to your preferred choices. A pre-built checkout page will enable you to use the Stripe payment gateway in a more natural way. The plugin operates in over 100 countries and supports 135 currencies over the world. Moreover, almost all the digital payment options, including Bitcoin and even standard debit/ credit cards, are available.

3. Stripe for Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads is an eCommerce plugin that allows you to create an ecosystem that allows you to sell digital products on your website. There are multiple payment gateways available in the plugin. You can find the PayPal and Amazon payment gateway by default.

Stripe is here an add-on that supports for accepting online payments using the Stripe. This add-on can be used on any of your Easy Digital Downloads powered websites. Easy Digital Downloads is the best suited for websites that are selling digital downloads. This will simply add a new payment option once you installed the plugin on your website. You also can set up Stripe as your default payment gateway.

4. PayPal Pro


PayPal is one of the leading payment gateways that accept payments throughout the world. PayPal Pro is a payment gateway plugin in WordPress that is developed based on PayPal. You can directly pay or get paid for products and services they avail on your website. In this case, you don’t need to be redirected to PayPal.

There is no need to create any merchant account with your PayPal account and all the funds will be transferred directly to your account after processing the payment. Even if you want to pay through credit cards, then you can pay through 6 different currencies. Most importantly, using PayPal payments, you can transact additionally through payment with 25 currencies from 200 marketplaces. This plugin is also compatible with most shopping carts without any additional setup.

5. QuickPay


If you want to make money with a blog by selling any digital product like paid ebook or an eCommerce site by selling software, then QuickPay could be a great option. This is another elegant WordPress WooCommerce plugin that is used to integrate a payment gateway. This easy to set up plugin offers an automated payment. There are API features that are accessible to make the payment procedure easier and smoother.

You will get a refund feature that will help users to refund the payment if it’s needed. A strong security feature built into the plugin to ensures a secure payment procedure. QuickPay is developed with a user-friendly interface so that you can process your payment in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the plugin comes up with a number of pre-built themes they are compatible with all the WordPress themes.

Summing Up

Using a quality WordPress payment plugin could be a great way to process online transactions on your website. This will help you to appeal to a wider customer base and ultimately increase the revenue of your business. Any plugin from the above listing could be the best suited for serving your purpose.

I hope the article helped you to choose the right plugin for serving your payment-related purpose. Have you tried any of the above plugins? Or are there any other WooCommerce payment gateway plugins that I might miss? Feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment below- I’d love to know how you process payments on your WooCommerce site.

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