Check Out These New Products from TemplateMonster Marketplace and Earn More Money!

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As TemplateMonster’s affiliate, you have a large assortment of digital items to promote. However, you might miss different new elements that have entered our collection recently. We are talking about some graphics that many people will find useful. Let us look through Products from TemplateMonster Marketplace to understand how you can benefit from them…

Magento2 Extensions

Magento extensions

You might have also missed these highly-functional Magento2 extensions. They allow making your management process more comfortable and reliable. Among the most popular tools, there is Ajax search, compare, wishlist, and others.

Navbar Script


To improve the user experience with advanced navigation, it is possible to turn to a navbar script. People are free to choose from eight layouts and find the most suitable for their online-project. Thanks to a fully-customizable nature, they can make all the changes they want.

PrestaShop Modules

prestashop extensions

Together with these PrestaShop modules, one gets a chance to extend the functionality of his or her online-store. The assortment provides different variants to boost your business and make shopping better. As an example, there is a lookbook, newsletter subscription, product slider, and others.

Adobe Muse Templates


Do not forget about eye-catching Adobe Muse templates. It is an effective way to build a functional website without any coding skills. A fully-layered PSD file makes it possible to personalize all the essential elements effortlessly.

Specialty Pages


To inform the audience about different server errors, people can choose these helpful specialty pages. Thanks to them, one can also tell people that his or her online-project is under construction.



These patterns are suitable for different purposes. One is free to edit them in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. It means people can change their color variations and work with other elements to suit their vision.

Sketch Templates


If people use the Sketch design toolkit to turn their ideas into incredible products, these ready-made solutions should make them interested.

App Templates


Many business owners are looking for an effective way to create an advanced application. These app templates are perfect for achieving this purpose. They have many customization options that allow making any edits one wants.



An exciting T-shirt design is something that can boost the apparel brand in a flash. Without a doubt, many brands are looking for some new ideas. They can find them in these creative ready-made solutions.



We have already mentioned patterns people can use for creating eye-catching backgrounds. However, there is an excellent assortment of backgrounds themselves to draw more attention.

Animated Banners


There are many cases when business owners need to promote their products or services. Together with these animated banners, it takes them nothing to this. They are perfect for various holidays and events like Christmas, Black Friday, Easter, and many others.



Modern business people have lots of tasks to work with. As an example, these include different meetings that they can easily forget. Show them these well-organized planners that allow making everything not so complicated.

After Effects Templates


The video production can turn out to be better together with these marvelous After Effects templates. They have multiple effects and animation options that lots of people will find useful.

Keep in mind that the assortment of graphic elements also includes logo, PSD, social media, and other template types. You can also share information about illustrations, fonts, product mockups, resume templates, and other graphics.

We hope that some of these products from TemplateMonster Marketplace raised interest in you. Your viewers should also be excited to find out more about them. For this reason, spread the message about them to earn more commissions. Thanks for reading!

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