Malcare WordPress Security Plugin: Is It Good Enough to Protect Your Website?

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Nowadays, it is crucial to protect your website against various potential harms. Unfortunately, you might not know that your online project is vulnerable. If you do not decide to protect it, the damage can be enormous. Especially when we are talking about big businesses. For this reason, the Internet gives access to an extensive set of security plugins. Thanks to them, one is free to provide his or her website with excellent protection. As an example, it is possible to turn to a high-quality Malcare Plugin. Let us find out more about it and understand how it protects your online project from security threats…

What is Malcare WordPress Security Plugin?

Malcare is a WordPress security plugin that promises to give complete protection against primary threats. It offers many useful tools suitable for:

  • website owners;
  • web developers;
  • agencies.

This instrument provides easy-to-use assistance in many cases. Before getting familiar with its features, we should catch on some crucial pieces of information about it.

  1. MalCare scanner is not going to slow down your website. It follows its own services and does not use your website services.
  2. The user does need to wait for a few hours or days until the plugin removes all the threats. It deletes the existing viruses and backdoor threats automatically.
  3. It also gives access to a Smart Firewall. It bases real-time protection on the Malcare network of websites and blocks dangers.
  4. The plugin is also ready to detect the most complicated hacks. It happens, thanks to a hidden malware that invites both Webhost Suspension and Google Blacklist.
  5. The overall removal process does not affect your website. In other words, it does not delete the files from your online project. It removes only malware.

MalCare WordPress Security Plugin Features

Now, we need to look through the essential features provided by MalCare WordPress Security Plugin.

  1. It identifies malware that other plugins might ignore. Thanks to the analysis of 240,000+ websites and their 100+ signals, it works at its best.
  2. Furthermore, it offers one-click automatic malware removal.
  3. If you are not very good at programming, it will not be a challenge to work with the plugin. You need to follow some automated steps to protect your website.
  4. Anyway, you can always turn to customer support and ask for help.
  5. A daily automatic scan works with such aspects as malicious code, viruses, and malware.
  6. An efficient firewall blocks dangerous IPs and bots.
  7. There is also automatic login protection from bots and hackers.
  8. It will not give you some false alarms. You will find out about a danger in case it is fully-confirmed.
  9. By the way, you are going to get alerts on your email. In such a way, you can take instant actions and make sure your website is alright.
  10. You can forget about debugging because Malcare tracks all the changes in files.
  11. It is also a GDPR-compatible plugin. This GDPR rule gives online consumers the necessary control over the data collected by different websites. It means that users can rectify their data and be anonymous.

MalCare Pricing

In general, you are free to choose from four plans. These include personal, small business, developers, and agency plans. Below, you can take a look at the number of features included in each of them. Without a doubt, we are also going to mention all the prices.


Purchase MalCare Plugin

Top 5 MalCare Plugin Alternatives

You might want to know what other security WordPress plugins you can take advantage of. For this reason, we have prepared a selection of five additional variants that provide similar functionality.

Sucuri Security


This plugin allows choosing from a free or paid version. It provides such an option as security activity auditing. Thanks to it, it is easy to understand how the plugin protects your online-project. Moreover, it has a blacklist monitoring, security hardening, and instant notifications. If you choose a premium plan, you will get the opportunity to scan your website more often.

Main Features:

  • different types of SSL certificates;
  • multi-functional DDoS protection;
  • customer service.

WordFence Security


Another widely-used plugin has many powerful protection features. One of the main benefits is the opportunity to analyze your traffic and hack attempts. It also includes powerful login security features and several recovery tools. Like the previous plugin, it also has both free and paid versions. Yet, a free one is enough to protect your website from attacks.

Main Features:

  • comment spam filter;
  • unique options like a chance to sign with your cell phone or password auditing;
  • real-time protection against threats.

All In One WP Security & Firewall


Now, we should talk about one of the most fully-functional security packages that you can get for free. It measures the security levels and makes your website stronger in this aspect. However, you can always turn to other plans. In general, it is possible to choose from basic, intermediate, and advanced ones. Together with this plugin, you can protect your accounts, block attacks, and make user registration safe.

Main Features:

  • blacklist tool;
  • a backup instrument to restore files if something goes wrong;
  • visualization of your security level.



SecuPress is a plugin that claims to ensure the safety of your website. As you can understand, it also offers to choose from a free or premium version. As for the free one, it has an anti-brute force login, firewall, and blocked IPs. A premium version gives a chance to get alerts and notifications, two-factor authentication, and other options.

Main Features:

  • detection of vulnerable themes and plugins;
  • ability to change your WordPress login URL;
  • premium reports on your security.

Security Ninja


Security Ninja is a security plugin that performs approximately 50 tests to protect your website. As an example, it checks the files, PHP settings, and works with other essential aspects. It also checks all passwords to find the easiest ones. In such a way, it becomes easier to educate all the users on their security.

Main Features:

  • auto fixer module;
  • WordPress core scanner;
  • list of bad IPs that you can block.

How to Install MalCare Plugin?

To be honest, it is effortless to set up a MalCare plugin and start using it. You need to follow the steps described below.

1. First of all, visit an official Malcare WordPress security plugin website. On the homepage, you need to click the Scan Site Now button.


2. Enter your details to get access to a MalCare plugin dashboard.


3. After this, enter the URL of the website you want to add.



4. Then, enter the WordPress admin credentials. It will create an auto-install of the plugin.


5. MalCare is going to validate the credentials and install the plugin.


6. Finally, it will automatically scan your website after the completed installation.


A Few Words in Conclusion

In our opinion, the MalCare WordPress security plugin is worth giving a try. Keep in mind that it provides such options as:

  • offsite scan on the MalCare own services;
  • detection of malware ignored by other plugins;
  • complete website scan;
  • automatic scans and instant malware removal;
  • smart firewall and real-time protection;
  • no technical knowledge required.

We hope that it is easier for you to understand whether this plugin meets your needs now. Thanks for reading!

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