Top Four Tips to Make Your Instagram Posts More Appealing to Followers

10.08.2019 no comments

Every business owner on Instagram wishes to make the right positive impressions with their posts. However, only a handful of them is successful when it comes to reaching out and connecting with the target audience. Experts in the field say that in order to create positive first impressions and get better success on Instagram, you should keep in mind the following four tips to make your posts more appealing to your followers.


                1. Use the geotag feature – In order to make your Instagram posts more appealing to your targeted audience, you should use the geotag feature on the platform. For instance, you should tag places where your targeted audience is most likely to be. For instance, if you post a meme about coffee, you can tag a good café like Starbucks. Those people that are in Starbucks and search for the geotag will see your meme and laugh. This often leads them to follow your Instagram profile.

                2. Know the peak time for posting – It is prudent for you to be aware of the optimal time when your followers are most active on Instagram. So, make sure you invest time and research Instagram metrics to find out about these times so that you can post content and invoke stromlikes followers who look out for your posts at this time of the day. Do not forget to check the early morning and bedtime hours when busy people during the day are most active. This research has to be conducted frequently in order to get the best results. 

                3. The content you post should be appealing and fit to be shared – Make sure that the content you post looks good and presentable. It should invoke the follower to share the post, like, and comment on it. Post a nice and beautiful image or video that sends out your business message perfectly to the targeted audience. If you are posting memes, make sure they look pleasing and funny. Most users on Instagram like memes, and they are often shared for their hilarious images and text.

                4. Original images should always be watermarked – When you are posting original images, always make sure they are watermarked. People will share your images, and they should be aware of where the actual credit should go to. If you watermark an original image, you get a lot of exposure, as well.

Therefore, if you really want to make your Instagram posts appealing so that your targeted audience likes them, keep the above four tips in mind. They are simple to follow and easy to remember. Note that when you post on Instagram, make sure that you write a good caption and never forget to include a call to action for your posts. When it comes to creating posts, make sure you research well about tour targeted audience, and choose a segment to which your posts will induce a positive response when posted. In this way, you can get more exposure and better brand visibility with the products that you sell in the market with success!

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