Magento 2 Extensions for Improved Shipping

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Optimization of shipping procedures and extended delivery options are a crucial part of an effective business strategy for an eCommerce site. When online shoppers consider making a purchase online, they look into the availability of affordable shipping costs, possibility to evaluate time when they can receive their orders and flexibility of shipping options.

If you run your store on the Magento 2 platform, you might not be fully satisfied with the default functionality related to shipping configuration. Luckily, there are various third-party modules that provide necessary tools for setting advanced shipping conditions, customize shipping methods and carriers, and introduce additional delivery options. In this article, we are discovering 3 Magento 2 shipping extensions that are designed to add the functions mentioned above and streamline shipping management on eCommerce stores.

Magento 2 Shipping Suite Ultimate


Features overview:

 • Custom shipping carriers;

 • Advanced configuration of Magento 2 shipping methods;

 • Custom shipping methods;

 • Flexible delivery rates;

 • Options for price calculation method;

 • Estimated Delivery Time labels for any shipping method;

 • Magento 2 shipping rates based on various conditions;

 • Advanced Magento 2 shipping validation of postal/zip codes;

 • Support for alphanumeric codes;

 • Flexible shipping rules and restrictions;

 • Shipping zones popup;

 • GeoIP functionality for auto-detection of a customer location;

 • Ability to create Magento 2 shipping groups by merging shipping zones;

 • No limitation on the number of created shipping carriers, methods, and rates;

 • Configuration of shipping options per product;

 • Multiple stores support;

 • Import and export of shipping data via a CSV file.


Magento 2 Shipping Suite Ultimate by MageWorx is an all-in-one solution that brings shipping management to a whole new level. The extension enables eCommerce store owners to configure advanced Magento 2 shipping rules and restrictions, set flexible shipping rates, and customize shipping methods and carriers. Thus, you get a comprehensive set of tools for optimizing shipping procedures and offering extended delivery options to targeted locations.

MageWorx Shipping Suite allows users to create custom shipping carriers, as well as modify shipping costs of popular shipment companies, like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and others.


As for delivery options, you can provide your customers with both standard and custom shipping methods. Besides, it is possible to adjust default shipping methods’ settings, set any number of available shipping options, limit shipping methods for selected products, and more.


As for the advanced configuration settings of shipping methods, you get control over the display of shipping options on your storefront, as well as the ability to set custom rates for any method, re-calculate shipping costs according to your requirements, implement zip code validation, and more. This way, you can display shipping methods with the lowest rate at the top of the checkout page, hide shipping methods in case there are no valid rates, and show custom messages for method unavailability as well as the estimated delivery time on the frontend.

Furthermore, the Magento 2 shipping module enables users to create flexible shipping rules and restrictions based on complex conditions. The extension makes it possible to set an unlimited number of custom rules based on various product, cart, and customer attributes, shipping cost discounts and surcharges, a period of activity, and more, and thus efficiently manage the shipping methods availability on your storefront.


As for the customer experience improvements, the Magento 2 shipping extension eliminates the need to manually enter location details for online shoppers and lets them quickly select the country and region for delivery on the shipping zones popup.


You can buy the Magento 2 advanced shipping extension by MageWorx for $299.

Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension


Features overview:

 • Ability to choose the exact date and time of delivery on the frontend;

 • Date and time format selection;

 • Various layouts for the date and time display in the calendar;

 • Comments box on the checkout page;

 • Delivery options configuration based on customer groups and store views;

 • Shipments planning based on the order processing time;

 • Same day delivery option;

 • Limits on the number of deliveries during a specified day or custom period;

 • Possibility to exclude public holidays, weekend, or particular working days from the shipping schedule;

 • Extra charges for delivery on specific days and time;

 • Estimated delivery date display on the product pages;

 • Separate grid with the info on delivery options;

 • Additional columns delivery date and time data on the orders grid;

Delivery queue management on the calendar view.

The Magento 2 Delivery Data extension adds a shipping calendar to your website checkout that allows shoppers to select the most convenient date and time interval for the delivery of their orders. As a store owner, you can customize the look of the calendar by selecting the most appropriate format and layout for the date and time options. Besides, customers can leave additional information related to their order in the dedicated comments field at the checkout.



With the Magento 2 delivery time module, you get full control over shipment processing on your web store. The extension enables users to create an unlimited number of delivery options and fine-tune them according to particular business goals based on customer segmentation or store views. Moreover, store owners can streamline delivery management taking into account the processing time required for different orders.


Other advanced features of the Magento 2 delivery date options module include the possibility to offer same day delivery to clients, set limits on the number of shipments on the same day or for a specific time period, disable delivery on holidays, weekends, and other days when you don’t want to process orders. It is also possible to set additional charges for the delivery during the specified days and time intervals.


Furthermore, the extension allows implementing the estimated delivery date functionality on the products pages. Using the module’s features, store owners can add custom messages to the available delivery period widget, as well as enable the option for all or selected products.

As for the backend management of the Delivery Date & Time module, Magento admins can see the details of each created delivery option on the dedicated grid, check the delivery dates and time intervals selected by customers on the order view page, and track delivery date-related information right on the orders grid. Besides, store administrators get a convenient view of all delivery options sorted by date on the unique delivery calendar page.


You can purchase this highly beneficial Magento 2 module for $179.

Magento 2 Store Locator & In-store Pickup Extension


Features overview:

 • In-store pickup as an additional shipping method;

 • Integration with Google Maps;

 • A separate page with pinned store locations on the map;

 • Enhanced store location search on the storefront;

 • GeoIP functionality;

 • SEO optimization settings for location pages;

 • Store pages with a responsive layout;

 • Detailed info about each store in the pop-up window;

 • Advanced customization options for the store locator page;

 • Products management for each offline location;

 • “Availability in stores” list on the product pages;

 • Flexible stores management in the backend;

 • Support for Magento 2 API;

 • Import/export of store-related data via CSV.

The Magento 2 Store Locator & Pickup extension allows merchants to implement the Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) functionality on their websites. Thus, you provide your customers with an option to select the most convenient physical store at the checkout if they prefer to receive their orders this way.


The Magento 2 in-store pickup module displays your brick-and-mortar stores on a separate SEO-friendly page with pinned locations in the Google Map. On the map, customers can check the availability of products and find the nearest shop. The “Find A Store” page is fully responsive on mobile devices and allows store owners to add all essential details about each offline location, including working hours, contact details, website address, links to pages on social media, etc., as well as images.


As for the improved customer experience, website visitors get a convenient view of your physical stores on Google Maps and the ability to search for a required shop by country, region, or city. Due to the GeoIP functionality, the extension automatically detects a customer’s location and shows the nearest stores. Besides, frontend users can get directions to a selected shop from their current or specified location.


The Magento 2 collect in store module lets you customize the store locator page and select an option from 5 different layouts to better match your website design. Before applying the performed changes, you can preview them right in the Magento Admin. As for SEO improvements, the extension allows users to set SEO-friendly URL keys, specify meta title, description, and keywords for each location and stores list page, add canonical tags and breadcrumbs, configure meta robots, and more.


Moreover, as a store owner, you decide whether to assign all your products or specific ones to a physical store. It is also possible to place a special block on the product pages which will inform website visitors about the availability of an item for pick-up.


As for the price of the Magento 2 store locator and pickup module, you can buy it for $249.

Final Words

In this post, we reviewed three third-party modules that help eCommerce merchants organize convenient shipping process and provide clients with flexible delivery options. Each of them brings extended functionality to the default Magento 2 platform and allows online store owners to customize shipping procedures according to their sales strategy.

With Magento 2 Shipping Suite Ultimate, you get a complete toolset for managing custom carriers and shipping methods, setting complex shipping rules, adjusting shipping rates, and creating delivery zones. Thus, you can fine-tune the whole shipment process and offer optimized delivery options and fair prices to customers.

As for the Magento 2 Delivery Date extension, it introduces a highly desired by online shoppers function. Possibility to pick a convenient day and time for order delivery drastically improves user experience on a storefront and creates more trust. Besides, by providing an option to add comments and view the estimated delivery time for each product, you build stronger relations with your clients.

Another essential improvement to an online store functionality can be added with the help of Magento 2 Store Locator & In-store Pickup. The module implements the click and collect feature that allows website visitors to order products online and pick them up in a brick-and-mortar store. This way, you can extend the list of shipping methods available at the checkout and let customers choose the most suitable delivery option. Another advantage of the extension is a convenient view of all store locations on the map, which helps website visitors quickly find your offline shops.

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