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Hi  everyone. My name is Demetrio. I am far from being a successful blogger or a web-designer. This will be a story about a simple student. There is nothing special in my life. Or, to be more accurate, there WAS nothing special, until I found out about Social Stock.

I study Economics. Like most students I like to party, hang out with my friends, socialize live and in social networks. Once, a couple of months ago, I bought a template from TemplateMonster for my university project. I subscribed to their newsletter and since then I have received constant updates from them. To be absolutely frank, most of them I don’t even open; they go straight to the trash file. But this particular one caught my attention, as it was not the usual subject offering discounts. It was something like “Win a Tesla Model S with New Social Stock Project”. No, I was not seduced by the prize, as it sounded too cool to be true. But this was something different, so I opened the e-mail and followed the link in it.

social stock

I found out that the idea of the project was quite simple. After you sign up, you are allocated your personal promo-code that you need to share in social networks or wherever you like. For each promo-code usage you get 1 point. The more points you get – the more valuable a prize you can win. Again, I was not ambitious to get the Tesla, as you would need your promo-code to be used 10,000 times! At that time it was an unrealistic target for me. But there were some prizes more easily available. For example, you could get $100 on PayPal for 10 uses. The promo-code itself gives the user 10% discount on any TemplateMonster theme. I have a lot of contacts in social networks, everybody likes discounts, so… Well, it all sounded easy, so no harm in trying.

I signed up and posted my promo-code on Facebook the very first day. By the way, I didn’t have to do anything by myself. When you sign up you get access to the Tools page, where there are ready-to-post memes, banners, letters, etc. And you can share them right from the page. DiCaprio had just got his Oscar then, so I thought that the meme with him would be a good idea. Being on a roll I had also tweeted the promo-code. That was it. Then I was distracted by the university project and for a couple of days I had completely forgotten about the whole idea. I was really surprised to discover in three days that there were 2 promo-code usages! “Well”, I thought, “I have invested a minimum of effort and yet I have 2 points already. So what would happen if I tried harder?” Now it was just a matter of principle.

socialstock memes

I decided to try another option that they offer on the Tools page – the e-mail newsletter. I found out that I had 653 contacts in my contact list (I had never thought there were so many of them!). So I just boldly sent the letter to the whole list. The result was not as good as I expected. Only 5 more usages were added. One of them was my old pal, who told me he was just at the point of starting a small business, selling gadgets. That gave me another idea. I started searching for forums, questions on Quora and groups on Facebook connected somehow to running a small business, and posted my promo-code there. The result came in a couple of days – 22 usages.

social stock emails

I now qualified for $100 on PayPal or even a Smartwatch Pebble. But I became more enthusiastic about the whole project and decided to check how many points I could accumulate until I became tired of this idea. I went on posting my promo-code on forums, Facebook and Twitter systematically for three more weeks. I spent about an hour a day doing this. At the end of the day I achieved 104 points. Now I am the owner of new iPhone 6. By the way, the process of getting the prize was pretty easy. I was contacted via e-mail and asked to confirm my application. Within a week I had already received my IPhone.

Now I have 7 more points. I continue posting the promo-code, though not that systematically. But the main point is that the project works and you can get real prizes. Anyway it was worth the shot.

Written by:
Gerald Smith

Demetrio Macias- lucky “Social Stock” winner


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