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Ways of passive income have always been a hot topic for a large number of network users. After all, working remotely, you will receive not only money but also ensure your freedom. You can work at a more convenient time and travel at the same time. Good news — the ways of additional income are becoming more available every year.

The algorithm of action is simple. You find an affiliate program and attract customers actively. There are a lot of similar affiliate programs, and if you spend some time searching for them, you will definitely find something right for you.

Also, affiliate programs are the main source of income for many bloggers. I have a blog too and passive income is extremely relevant for me as well. I think nobody will give up some extra money. So, I have done research and found an affiliate program from TemplateMonster that suits me well.

If this topic is interesting for you, below I will tell you more how a blogger can earn with TM.

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What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a way of cooperation between those who have a product that needs to be sold and those who can sell or recommend it, receiving a portion of the profits from each sale.

A concrete example, I think that everyone is already familiar with online stores in which you can buy clothing, equipment, furniture, food, without leaving your home.

You register and get a link to your chosen product from this store. Then you talk about it and attach the link in your social networks or on another website where you run your blog. When your subscribers are flipping through the news, see the post, learn about such an interesting and useful product, follow the link, buy, and pay you up to 10% of the cost of the goods.

This money is credited to your personal account, and then you withdraw it to your e-wallets or bank card. It’s simple! You can sell any kind of product: training courses by various authors, paid services, private services or everything for web design in the case of TemplateMonster.

Benefits of affiliate marketing or Why do we need it?

Probably, you have already guessed what a revolutionary step in the field of marketing and what kind of advantages of creating and promoting affiliate programs are opening for us.

For people who sell their product, this is an opportunity to get a huge amount of website traffic without investing in advertising. You pay partners only for real sales. Customers and website specialists will recommend you. They completely take over all the troubles with advertising.

For people who do not have their own product, this is an opportunity to start making money on the Internet without investments. There are dozens of free and paid methods to promote affiliate products and services online.

How to start?


165,000 affiliates worldwide are already making money with TemplateMonster, so what’s stopping you from joining their very profitable affiliate program? Your commission can be up to 50% of the purchase price!

Who can be a TemplateMonster affiliate partner?

Blogger, designer, developer, marketing specialist. Anyone can be an affiliate.

In order to start, you will need to make just a few clicks for the installation of the necessary basic tools, plugins, and widgets.

TemplateMonster makes payment on time, in any convenient way for you. They use Skrill, WebMoney, bank transfer, PayPal etc.

The company pays not only for the first purchase but also for all subsequent purchases during the year — 60 days of active cookies.

And now, you can create your own affiliate network, getting 5% for life-long for each new partner you tell about TemplateMonster.

Please note that this affiliate program does not provide a one-time fee, but pays you for every sale you generate, thanks to the permanent cookies. Thus, you are paid for all sales of the same customer. For example, if he buys one product now and another one in a year, then you get a commission for both purchases.

This reliable affiliate program allows you to promote all types of designs and themes for all platforms and applications that you can imagine, namely:

–  ECommerce templates for Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, Woocommerce, OpenCart, VirtueMart;

–  WordPress;

–  HTML templates;

–  Joomla;

–  Drupal;

–  PSD;

–  Themes for Photo Gallery;

–  PowerPoint templates;

–  Newsletter templates and other great products.

Content options for bloggers:

      –  Working with the TemplateMonster affiliate program, I can divide options into three main areas:


1. Educational articles

You can write different guides for installing the template, choose a CMS platform, creating websites, portfolios, online stores and so on. There will always be a topic for teaching someone a useful thing without special skills and lots of money. Nowadays we can everything find on the Internet. Thanks to a well-built post, it is possible to attract the interest of the audience and earn money.

2. Review of templates

TemplateMonster has more than thirty ready-made thematic collections in such categories as business, sports, travel, etc. You can tell about only one theme or make some selection.

Creating a template showcase when you can sell templates directly from your website is a more advanced way. Another way that gives you the greatest number of options for personalization is the creation of RMS — Ready-made shop. Also, you can create your own shop based on their WebAPI.

3. Selection of templates of different types and categories

One of the most popular and effective tools are collections of thematic templates, which we call Showcase. There may be variations on thematic collections. For example, when you post mixed paid and regular themes. The key idea is to make a selection. You don’t need to make a description. Of course with the description, it looks better and more exciting, but without review, it is also fine.

The choice of themes is huge. There is a solution for different CMS too. And if for WordPress, for example, finding a beautiful free theme is not a problem, for other less popular systems, it is a rarity. That is why a paid design can be an excellent solution.

4. Promotional articles, news about new projects, flagships

Time does not stand still and there will always be something new for us. That is why we need advertising. You can write some promotional articles with a link on the product or service.

A person should want to buy it, and not just look through beautiful designs for inspiration. Therefore, if you write about a new template, you need to focus on the relevant keywords like “buy”, “premium”, “paid template”, “Template Monster templates” or something like that.

5. Articles about web design

People also want to know how not to screw up. Every year we can find some trends in design not only for fashion ladies but also for web design. So, you can post an article about trends of 2019 for e-commerce themes. Popular mistakes in web design is also a good idea for an article. You can add some examples from the internet and offer themes with the high-quality design from TemplateMonster. Many of us like to learn about someone’s mistakes.

6. Battle of brands

With this expression I meant to create a comparison of some products or services. It can be a comparison of TM products and competitors. Also, you can compare CMS services and present some themes or plugins at the articles. There are many possibilities. It could be a comparison of old and new, free and premium. The most important is to compare.

7. Update of already posted articles with links to TM

This kind of article is also very popular. The time passes and many things change. Something gets old or better. People want to know about everything. Lots of new information, reviews, new services or bad press — all of it will always be relevant for readers.

8. Infographics

Text is good, but a modern, informative picture is better. By the way, people trust more statistic facts than text, especially if it is presented as a graphic.

That is why infographic posts usually increase attention to a blog.

For companies that sell products, Pinterest is a perfect network in my opinion. This is a platform that demonstrates not only your products but also how you can use them in real life. It is also effective for increasing traffic.

As shown by E-consultancy, Pinterest is used by more than 12 million people in the United States and more than 200 thousand in the UK. And in terms of traffic, Pinterest ranks third in the United States.

So, Networks like Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for visual content and rule the world.

9. Interview

Interview posts have many benefits if you don’t know. The blogger has to think less about the content. Questions account for a quarter of the total interview. The interviewee prepares the remaining three quarters.

An interview by definition has a higher rank than a simple advertising post. Partly because two people work on the material and dialogue is much interesting than a monologue. The number of clicks on external links and the number of comments is higher than in the standard advertising text.


It is also popular to place a banner with an affiliate link. TemplateMonster has specially prepared a thematic collection of banners for such occasion. You need just to choose a banner and place it with an affiliate link. After everything is done, you can get a 30% commission.


TemplateMonster widget with thumbnails of templates will perfectly fit into the design of any site. Especially it will look organically on thematic resources about website building. Visitors to these portals are already familiar with TemplateMonster products and their English interface. If they buy something, you are the ones who will receive a commission. Some smart widget can sometimes play a significant role. More recently, it has become possible to create a unique TemplateMonster template store with just a few clicks. I recommend installing the widget in the sidebar, where it has worked well. If you create a widget now, you start monetizing traffic right away.

A separate section for the sale of templates

By joining the project, you can make money in several ways. The simplest is to use affiliate links for selling templates or other goods on your website. It can be mailings or the banner system. Also, it can be a tab with a link to the TM website.

Links on templates by TemplateMonster in the header

Referral links are required to be posted on the Internet to attract new visitors. Use referral links on your site. To create an affiliate link is enough to add your Affiliate ID to a link to any page of the site in this format ?Aff=Affiliate ID, where Affiliate ID is your login in the affiliate program. Here is an example of a link: your Affiliate ID.

After clicking on such link, you will receive a 30% commission for every online purchase on the TemplateMonster website.


Pop-up is a window that opens on the computer screen as a result of performing any operation.

Pop-up windows have been and remain popular for 20 years because they can actually convince visitors to perform a targeted action. At the same time, marketers are only now beginning to realize their effectiveness.

With proper use and configuration, they are more effective than banners, online chat rooms, and other such things.

For industry giants like Amazon, L’Oreal, Forbes, pop-ups only help increase conversions.

There are five types of pop-ups:

–  Welcome popup,

–  Pop-up windows that appear as the page scrolls,

–  Windows that pop up at a specified time,

–  Pop-up question windows,

–  Exit-intent pop-ups.

Which one to use is after you. Everyone is effective. The most important is how you use it.

Advantages of working with TM:

–  The offer works 60 days a year. They track cookies throughout the year and pay a commission for every sale you make.

–  Cookies are valid for all products available in their collection.

–  The functionality and flexibility of the tools will make your work more productive.

–  The affiliate program works for people all over the world, as their website is translated into the most popular languages, such as: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Polish.

–  You can earn up to 50% on each TemplateMonster template, according to a commission sales plan for the partners.

–  The most popular services are available for withdrawals: Webmoney, PayPal, Scrill, SWIFT, and ACH.

–  All partners receive lifelong professional tech support.

–  If you attract new members to the TemplateMonster Affiliate Program, you will get 5% of their earnings.

–  The average bill on the site is $90. Your affiliate commission will be $27, with a base rate of 30%.

–  You can quickly and easily receive $45 from each sale with a progressive scale and max commission up to 50%!

To sum up

In general, the TM affiliate program has all the necessary tools for successful webmaster activities. Especially pleased with the availability of different methods of payment.

If we talk about profitability, then everything depends on you. When you run your blog, it is also essential to use social networks, like Pinterest. Don’t forget about your blog activity and how you create content.

I think I explained about such tool as an affiliate program clearly, and you know about how it works now.

If you have any questions or want to share your experience, write below in the comments.


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