Free Premium Templates – The Best Way To Get People Into It!

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There are different ways to attract customers. One of the best of them is to let customers actually try out the products and get first-hand experience of their quality. That is why gladly offers premium free website templates that have the same features as our paid templates.

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The idea behind this is that, once people try out working with one of the free templates and grasp its superiority, they will want to get more products of the similar value. They will subsequently choose one or a couple of our paid templates or will even become our long-history clients. Free templates are a great way to let people experience what TemplateMonster team can deliver at its best  with no cost to potential customers.

What is the difference between free premium templates and templates sold commercially? Actually, just the price! Free premium themes are full-blown templates with all the functionality that comes to any TemplateMonster theme of this or that kind. They have the same set of pages (such as Home, About Us, Gallery, Portfolio and Contact Us). Moreover, all the forms are fully functioning and supplied with up-to-date js scripting. Free templates include such latest advances in web design technology as Parallax effect, smooth scrolling, video backgrounds, improved responsiveness, etc.

To better illustrate the point, let us tell you, how free templates are created. All starts when developers get the task to create 20 fresh templates with all top-notch functionality. When all the templates are ready, one of them is randomly selected to be a free one. All the other templates of the set will be distributed commercially. So, in the process of the template creation, no one is aware that the template will be a free one. This ensures that it is crafted with all the professionalism and inventiveness of our best specialists.

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TemplateMonster offers a wide range of free templates and lets customers choose the type of products they prefer. Among free templates you can find ones that run on most popular website engines. For example, the range of free templates includes free WordPress themes, free HTML5 themes, free Drupal themes, free Joomla themes, etc. Moreover, TemplateMonster offers free e-commerce templates that run on such engines as Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, etc. We also let our customers try out the new products by offering free Landing Page and Newsletter templates.

So, what are the assets of free website templates from

1) First of all, they are totally free! Once customers choose a template, they get to the download page. What is left to do is to enter their name and e-mail address and template download link will be delivered to the e-mail within 5 minutes. The template comes with all sample data graphical materials, as well as with the full set of .psd source files.

2) Our free templates are up-to-date and can boast featuring latest advances in webdesign technology. Our team of developers constantly updates the set of free templates available, ensuring that potential customers get the right vision of what TemplateMonster offers. Users of free templates can enjoy rich visuals and smooth functioning of the templates that meet all the expectation of modern webdesign. You can even try out free templates of new generation. For instance, you can experience working with the groundbreaking CherryFramework4 for WordPress (launched this summer) that offers you a new level of experience, when working on a WordPress website.

3) Responsiveness is a must. offers free responsive templates that look equally great on every device, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop PC. Website blocks re-arrange to fit the screen size, main menu unfolds after clicking on the menu button on mobile screens to get you more space for site contents, etc. With each generation of templates responsiveness improves and the theme delivers a new level of experience to website users.

4) With free templates you can try out working with different types of templates and select the one you like working with. This will be of a great value to those, who are new to webdesign and work on creating their first website. For instance, if you want to run a blog template, but have only a feeble idea of what WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are, you can get two or three templates of different kinds for free and try out working with them. As a result, you will see, what website admin panel is more intuitive for you, which one includes all the options that you need. In future, when purchasing other templates from, you will know what template type to go for.


5) The use of the template is not restricted to educational purposes. This means that you can use a free template for your own project and you will never have to pay for this. The time you can use it is also unlimited. So, nothing prevents you from using a free template in creating your own website, if you wish. However, it is important to make sure that our free templates are not re-sold or distributed illegally.

Promoting free templates is a great way to let people experience products, so that they come back for more in future. Get more people to your website by promoting free templates and you’ll end up having more buyers that seek for creating an awesome website with the help of our templates!

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Written by:
Tina Jameson

Tina Jameson is TemplateMonster Affiliate Manager providing the latest news and updates in online and affiliate marketing in particular. She is totally obsessed with social media and will gladly share fresh inspirational industry news and tips for TemplateMonster affiliates on her and accounts.

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