33 Free 2016 Desktop Calendars – Manage Your Time with Style

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Whether we like it or not, our entire life consists of non-stop time management. Being always on the run, we put in our best licks to meet project deadlines at work, to take care of the family, our aging parents, and growing kids, to do the shopping, to keep our house and garden clean and tidy. And don’t forget about a regular workout at the gym, visiting a beauty salon, doctors and other specialists whom we need for us to feel good, be healthy and stay in good shape.

It’s a sad situation, but sometimes we are so busy that we forget about such important events as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, family traditions and so on. It’s obvious that today’s rhythm of life needs thorough planning; otherwise our life will turn into a mess of failures. Our clients/bosses will be mad at us because we can’t cope with the set tasks in time; our family, friends and relatives will feel angry because we forget the important dates; our kids won’t feel our love and care because we are too busy to take them to the sport section or to the amusement park or just for a walk, chatting about nothing in particular as we stroll along.

We guess nobody will argue the importance of time management, as planning and scheduling our life events, it’s much easier to keep the right balance between career, personal and social life. People have used calendars from ancient times. Remember the Robinson Crusoe novel by Daniel Defoe. The man kept records, or a kind of calendar, to know how many days, weeks, months, years he spent on the remote tropical island near Trinidad, encountering cannibals, captives, and mutineers, before ultimately being rescued.

Thank God we don’t need to scratch our calendars on the walls of caves anymore. Modern technology lets us download a ready-made calendar and set it as a desktop wallpaper or just save it somewhere on our computer to mark the important days and keep pace with the time. What’s also pleasant is that we can choose the style of calendar we like. Below is a compilation of 33 of them. Some are cute, others are business-like. There are cheerful, bright, colored calendars to choose from. Their forms, months and numbers arrangement also differ. However, all of them are beautiful and free to download. We hope you will like this small inspiring New Year surprise and invite you to choose a desktop calendar that suits your taste and requirements best. Who knows, maybe it will bring you even more luck next year.

She-Deer Girl Calendar

This calendar made in pastel colors would be a nice decoration for your desktop. The idea of its creation was inspired by Scandinavian tales and legends about human-like animals, as well as mysterious and amazing twists and turns.

She-Deer Desktop Calendar

Hindu God Wallpaper Calendar

This exotic calendar will be appreciated by Hindu culture lovers. Hindu Calendar

Modern Calendar 2016

A usable calendar designed in eye-friendly colors.

Vector Modern Calendar

Free Abstract Vector 2016 Polygonal Calendar

Polygons are in vogue today. Download this cheerful desktop calendar for free.

polygonal calendar

Calendar template Free Vector

This is a simple calendar with plenty of white space allowing your eyes a place to rest.

Free Vactor calendar

Gingerbread Calendar Vector

Do you like holiday home-made cookies? Then this yummy calendar is for you.

gingerbread calendar

Retro Christmas Gift Calendar Vector

This desktop calendar, designed in retro style, will fill your days with the sweet feel of nostalgia and thrilling anticipation of the future.

retro christmas gift calendar vector

3D Explosion New Year Calendar Vector

A cool explosion desktop calendar for active creative personalities.

explosion new year calendar vector

2016 Calendar

A simple business-like calendar for serious users.

calendar vector

Calendar in flat style

Are you a flat style fan? Choose this calendar and stay in trend.

calendar flat

2016 calendar

calendar template is designed in soft colors and decorated with seasonal patterns. A different, interesting, pattern for each month.

desktop calendar 2016

2016 calendar

This multicolor vector 2016 calendar template will look stylish on any desktop.

desktop calendar

Calendar Notebook 2016

This downloadable calendar is styled as a notebook. Organize and plan your important events during the next year with it.

notebook calendar

Colorful Vertical Calendar 2016

A rainbow calendar 2016 to organize and plan the important events of the year.

vertical calendar

Colorful Calendar 2016

This colored striped calendar will spark the creativity of any IT worker or regular PC user.

colorful 2016 calendar

Vector Calendar 2016

Vector calendar design for the year 2016 suitable for users who like simple and classic layouts.

 2016 calendar

Typographic Calendar 2016

A very unusual calendar design, where days are arranged in circles around months.

typographic calendar

Horizontal Calendar 2016 Vector

How do you like this horizontal day arrangement? Looks good and rather usable.

horizontal calendar

Calendar Banner Vectors 2016

Each month of this calendar is designed in the form of a banner.

calendar banner vectors

Columns Calendar 2016 Vector

We guess this calendar will be appreciated by those who like order, and place all information into tables, graphics and diagrams.

columns calendar

Vector Calendar 2016

A nice 2016 vector calendar with soft colors and gradients.

calendar 2016

Vector Waves Calendar 2016

Be on the wave of success all coming year.

vector waves calendar 2016

Spiral Calendar 2016 Vector

Do you believe in spiral theories? Then, choose this calendar.

spiral calendar 2016

Rainbow Calendar 2016 Vector

A rainbow on your table? It’s not a dream!

spiral calendar 2016

Chinese 2016 Calendar Vector

Do you believe in Chinese horoscope? Download this calendar and have a lucky year.

chinese 2016 calendar vector

2016 Calendar Illustration

A beautiful calendar with sparkling bubbles in the background.

bubbles calendar

2016 calendar template

A positive 2016 calendar with funny playful patterns providing backgrounds for each month. 2016 calendar template

Abstract 2016 Calendar Illustration

This calendar is placed over the abstract colored polygonal background, which adds some spice to its design.

2016 calendar illustration vector

Free Vector Grid Calendar 2016

A thoughtfully designed calendar, where flat colored blocks are arranged in a grid.

free vector grid calendar 2016

Vector Calendar 2016 Minimal Style

he vibrant colors of this calendar will improve the mood of the user referring to it when needed.

calendar 2016 minimal style

Gray Circular Calendar 2016 Vector

Circular calendar in black and white that will appeal to any serious business-minded person.

calendar gray circular

2016 Watercolored Calendar Vector Template

A beautiful calendar featuring the effect of spilt watercolors.

watercolored calendar

Free Calendar 2016 with Hipster Monkey Vector

A hipster monkey at the center of this calendar is really lovable.

free calendar 2016 with hipster monkey

That’s all for today. Thanks for your kind attention to this collection of downloadable and printable 2016 calendars. Have you chosen a particular one for yourself? We would be grateful if you would share your feedback on the compilation at the comment section.

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