10 Inspirational Desktop Wallpapers for Designers

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Our creativity depends on different things. Some people feel creative in particular places, for example in cafes, or during a train trip. For those people the surroundings are the crucial factor that boosts the flow of their creativity. Other people find that even small adjustments can have a positive effect. Maybe you need to turn on your favorite music or make a cup of hot chocolate, because only then can you open up your latest project and start working. Some of the possible adjustments are subtle, and one of them could be your wallpaper. Sounds silly, right? But it’s not. The screen desktop wallpapers are the first thing you look at when you turn on your computer. You see this picture every day, and it certainly has an impact on you. You may not even realize this yet, but try changing your wallpaper and you’ll notice the difference.

Depending on the image you place on your desktop, it influences your mood in a certain way. A picture of nature can be peaceful and relaxing, a bright racing car can ignite your adrenaline flow, and an inspirational quote can point your thoughts in the right direction. That’s why it is important to choose the wallpaper that works best for you.

We have gathered here some of the coolest and most inspirational wallpapers, which can be a useful addition to your workflow environment. See which of them works best for you, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


adrian zorzano wallpaper


This wallpaper is the work of Adrián Zorzano, a graphic designer with a diverse range of work extending from posters to photography. This image captures colorful digital forms and creates a mixture of something real and digital at the same time. We can find here both simple shapes, such as circles, triangles, and squares, as well as more eloquent shapes, spiced up with gradients and skeuomorphic textures.


spencer harrison wallpaper


This image features a combination of playful shapes and vivid colors. The repeat pattern of leaves reminds one so much of regular wallpaper you might find in a living room. The image brings life to your digital device and lets you feel the atmosphere of home wherever you go.

Dan Christofferson Wallpaper


If you happen to be a fan of typography and horror movies, you’ll appreciate this original approach to typography poster design. The skeleton doesn’t look grim, rather playful, and the flowers blend naturally into the picture. Extra thin lines and simple shapes look great in combination with the dark background.


michael cina wallpaper


“Ramsey” is the name of the font created by Michael Cina, a designer, painter, and typographer. In order to celebrate the release of the font, he created this wallpaper. It’s spiced up with colorful splashes, and makes your desktop look like a painter’s palette.


dan simmons wallpaper


Here is another wallpaper for typography lovers. It features a quote from Pablo Picasso, which says “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” It’s a great phrase to help you concentrate on your current project and put all other distractions aside. The image features a piece of paper with the quote surrounded by common things you can find on your desk, such as pencils, and magazines.

minimal batman comics digital artwork

Batman is an indispensable part of our modern culture, and every fan of comics would appreciate this piece of art. The figure of Batman is composed of tiny shapes of bats of various types and sizes. The background is clean and nothing distracts the viewer from the main focus point.

minimalistic artwork fusion zometool

This futuristic image plays around with the concept of Zometool, a construction set that lets you build models of various shapes and forms. The image reminds one of an atom, which is basically the building block of the universe. The sphere contains a misty cloud, which looks like the nucleus of an atom, and the trajectories around the sphere represent the electrons.

artwork radio station telescope

This image has a distinct contrast between the Earth and the sky, which is suggestive of the vastness of the universe. The figure of a man looking into the telescope is tiny in comparison to everything else on the picture. This wallpaper may start you thinking about such things as whether we are alone in the universe, and is there life on other planets.




This mosaic pattern reminds one of a window in a church, but is much darker and even, in a way, sinister. The triangle forms, which are dominant in the picture, become the main focal point for the viewer. The blending of colors looks edgy, which is another feature that stands out in the picture.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of wallpapers for designers and creative folks, and have found the one that can inspire you, motivate you, or simply help you get into a working mood.

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