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In today’s digitalized world web speed has become an increasingly important factor that affects your bottom line. Face it, we are getting busier today that’s why for all of us time is precious. We are a society on the move. More likely, we are bombarded by a boundless ocean of stimulus of all kinds. Remember, that the new generation is rapidly filling the online marketplace. They are impressionable consumers who can simply leave for a competitor if his/her needs and desires are catered to. Well, the tension is real.

Now think about the modern web. It’s increasingly slow and bloated. Back when everyone was on dial-up modems, it took a massive amount of time for images to load line by line. It was back in 2000-s. Today it’s embarrassing not to have a website that can load in less than 3 seconds. Exactly, you have a really short window of time to catch up the visitors’ attention. Moreover, a user has the ability to filter out your content within a 3-second time span. In other words, if your Magento website is not converting the way you had hoped, it’s time to head over to AMP.

It becomes evident, that this short attention span is crucial for brands who thrive to survive in today’s buying environment. The truth is that the faster your Magento website loads, the better ranking results and user experience are. Don’t forget that over 50% of today’s web visitors use their mobile devices. Moreover, the modern visitor used to have the content like he/she does with his/her coffee – on the go. That’s why the modern website owners are tackling the challenge of improving the site’s load speed. So, if you are one of them, don’t miss a chance to get fast loading Magento pages with AMP technology.

What is AMP? How it Works?

Well, AMP is an open-source code initiative designed to make mobile pages load faster. What does it mean? Simply put, AMP gives the web a necessary speed boost to help engage your visitors in the shortest time span. It strips everything that can slow your online page & makes it load faster. Thus, the content appears on the mobile screens increasingly faster.

Such AMP document contains the custom library of AMP JS JavaScript carefully designed to deliver the optimal performance. With the general aim to remove the ‘slow’ parts of the whole code, AMP is simply a faster way to deliver mobile web pages.

Let’s say, AMP technology is able to detect elements that matter & prioritize resource loading. Thus, it loads only what’s needed and optimizes the most important resources to download first. The same with images and ads. It’s safe to say that AMP is changing the way the modern web is constructed. That said, AMP dramatically speeds up your website, eCommerce websites are no exception, too.

amp pages

Source: Google Inside AdWords

Why Do You Need AMP Module?

Mobile is the massive wave lifting boats up. That’s why Zemez team developed AMP module compatible with Magento 2.2 themes. That’s great, right? What does this mean for your website? The answer is obvious – expanding the site performance.

This AMP module features unique UI and UX design concepts for a special page of your site, such as Product or Category pages. That said, all your content be it the texts, images or widgets provided on the respective pages will be load just in an instant. The best thing is that the AMP pages are displayed in the Google search results to the mobile audience, and kill the rest.


The Top Reasons to Go for AMP Module

  • Better RankingThe AMP pages load faster, in less than 2 seconds, and have a better Google ranking as compared to non-AMP pages.
  • SEO Boost The AMP pages will be given high preference by Google. These pages will appear in Google news carousel.
  • The AMP pages are displayed for visitors who landed on the site from mobile/tablet browser.
  • The AMP module works for all types of modern handheld devices.
  • With the AMP pages, you can get up to 10% website traffic growth and 52% sales boost.


AMP-ready Magento Themes

Now, take a minute time to check the collection of AMP-based Magento 2 themes available in TemplateMonster digital marketplace. There are 6 of them. Let’s enjoy their functionality.

Magetique – The Most Comprehensive Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

As the name sounds, Magetique is one of the most advanced solutions for your online business. With a myriad of marketing, design and marketing tools, Magetique offers extremely much functionality right off the bat. Even without touching a single line of code you can manage, edit, and update your online store to keep it fresh and appealing. Besides, AMP module can help your e-store load the content in an instant. Speed up your business growth with Magetique.


Details |  Demo

Fashion/ash – Clean Fashion Boutique Magento 2 Theme

With Fashion Slash, you can create a fascinating fashion boutique Magento 2 website and stay ahead of the game. The theme is SEO-optimized, cross-browser compatible, responsive and Retina ready. Built-in a content-rich and functional menu allows your visitors explore your fashion boutique store with more engagement. Thanks to AMP module your store mobile pages will load 4x faster for sure. Help your fashion store steal the show on the web market.


Details |  Demo

Mobillaso – Mobile Store Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Wow your mobile audience with your extremely fast loading mobile store website. A trendy and unusual design can help represent your products in the best light. It comes with the must-have Wishlist & Compare plugin, versatile product badges, crossed pricing and a big number of pre-built TM modules. So, what’s your choice – to sell mobile phones like a pro or fall behind in business expectations? Right. Your turn.


Details |  Demo – Tools & Equipment Magento 2 Theme

Wish to launch your tools and equipment online store with minimal fuss? With, that’s as simple as that. You’ll find all the essential features you may need to set up a modern online shop with ease. Feel free to use social options to spread the word about your new baby. Help your mobile audience find what they’re looking for faster. Learn what more comes included in the theme.


Details |  Demo

Jewelrix – Jewelry Online Store Magento 2 Theme

Do you wish your website to stand out from the rest? Create a powerful and eye-catching website with Jewelrix. This AMP-based Magento 2 theme can help get you started making money online. Explore the power of this modern, responsive and a feature-rich template that can give a good start to your business. It comes with a clear layout structure, a set of customization options, and a sticky MegaMenu. Don’t miss out the opportunity to become as successful as you want.


Details |  Demo

F2 – Fashion Boutique Responsive Magento 2 Theme

Take a look at this trendy AMP-based Magento 2 theme crafted for online fashion boutiques. It’s clean & card-based layout comes with an edge-to-edge slider. The theme is easy to navigate which allows your customers to explore your offerings better. Indeed, its responsive and Retina ready layout performs ideally on all last-generation devices. Don’t lose any single client on the mobile web. Invest your money wisely.


Details |  Demo

Keep your eyes peeled for more AMP-based Magento 2 themes. Their collection will grow bigger for sure. Well, successful business owners have made their choice. What about you? The ball is in your court.

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