Customer Support Experience using ELEX WordPress Support Desk & WordPress Chat Plugin

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When it comes to customer support on your WordPress site or WooCommerce store, you might be mostly considering one of the popular SaaS-based platforms. The challenge in using a SaaS-based solution is that you will have to incur recurring expenses. Moreover, for every advanced feature and additional support agent login, you may have to pay extra. Also, you really won’t have control over your data with these solutions. In this scenario, a WordPress helpdesk plugin would be really useful as you will have complete control over data and no recurring expenses. Let’s explore how ELEX WordPress Support Desk plugin helps enhance your customer support experience along with WordPress chat plugin.

How WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Helpdesk Plugin could help with your customer support?

WSDesk offers several advanced features to help you handle your helpdesk in an efficient manner. You can set it up part of your website or eCommerce store, or build an independent WordPress support ticket system using a subdomain. Let’s explore more.

Handle customer support without restrictions

When you manage an online business, it is especially important to provide superior support to your customers. For this, you need to have a reliable helpdesk solution integrated to your website. As mentioned above, most of the SaaS-based solutions that you see have lot of restrictions. Here, WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Helpdesk Plugin could be really useful to you, as it works without restrictions. WSDesk has no restrictions in terms of the number of support agents assigned on your site, or the number of tickets you can handle.

1. WSDesk Unlimited Agents and Tickets

This gives a lot of freedom to eCommerce store owners who intend to scale their business gradually. When you start out, the number of agents can be really low, and as and when the store grows, you can add as many agents you want.

Ajax-based user interface to help respond to queries faster

The user interface of WSDesk is Ajax-based, and as a result, offers really fast outcomes while handling the admin side of the tool. Your support agents will be able to make adjustments on the ticket data without reloading the page every time. They will be able to merge tickets, apply filter, create custom views, make bulk updates, etc. faster and more efficiently using WSDesk. Overall, when support agents are able to interact with the helpdesk’s admin side faster, the responses to customers’ queries will also be faster. This will help improve customer experience on your support system quite significantly.

2. WSDesk Ajax-based interface

Customize ticket views to respond to customer queries more effectively

When you have a large number of tickets on your helpdesk system, you will have to apply several approaches to organize them. Now, how agents are viewed these tickets on the interface will have some influence on how they would prioritize them. WSDesk allows you to create custom views to help agents access the tickets easily. You will be able to create views based on agents, tags, emails, ticket source, etc. This will help support agents prioritize tickets better and consequently improve the support experience of your customers.

3. WSDesk Custom views

Automation to make it even better

When you are using a helpdesk system, you need to organize its working to get optimum results continuously. This includes tagging tickets correctly, assigning them to the right agent, sending email notifications to all concerned people, etc. When your store is small and the ticket volume is less, all this can be manually done. However, when your business grows, it might be tougher to keep everything in place.

4. WSDesk Triggers

WSDesk has an extremely helpful option to set triggers for several actions on your helpdesk system. For example, you can set a trigger to send an email notification to an agent, when a ticket is raised, or when it is not responded to for a specific period of time. Similarly, you set triggers to assign specific tickets to specific departments or agents.

Email-based process to make it simpler for customers

A lot of times customers would prefer to simply email their concern rather than raising the support ticket through the contact form. With WSDesk, this is not a concern at all as it converts emails into tickets automatically. You can convert all the unread emails on your dedicated support email id into tickets using IMAP or Google OAuth. Once the emails are imported to WSDesk, you can delete them from your inbox.

5. WSDesk Email features

Also, it enables customers to directly reply to your emails. When you respond to a customer ticket, an email is sent to the customer. The customer will be able to directly reply to this email rather than replying through the support form. The email import feature makes WSDesk a convenient option, compared to several other similar solutions.

Quicker and detailed responses with canned responses template and rich text editor

On a helpdesk system, there are several instances where a question is repeated. If you have a standard response set for such questions, you can resolve these quite quickly. WSDesk provides an option to save canned responses, which support agents can use in their responses. While using a canned response, agents can easily customize them to suit the specific question as well.

6. WSDesk Canned responses

WSDesk also offers a rich text editor that will help agents format their replies the way they want it. Adding links and attachments while replying to customers can really improve the quality of your customer support system.

Integrates with eCommerce platforms

If you have an online store, knowing the order history of a customer can help the support agents reply to tickets more efficiently. For this, your helpdesk system should seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce platform. WSDesk offers smooth integration with WooCommerce as well as Easy Digital Downloads. The online store products will be automatically populated to help you create ticket forms and triggers accordingly. Also, when a support agent interacts with a customer, they will be able to see the order history of the customer as well.

7. WSDesk WooCommerce

Agent satisfaction rating and custom reports

You need to consistently improve your helpdesk system to keep the customers happy in the long run. For this, you need to measure the performance of your agents and the support system as a whole. WSDesk offers superior reporting features and agent satisfaction ratings to help you in this regard. You can generate custom reports based on individual agents, tags, date-wise reports, satisfaction survey report, WooCommerce products, etc.

8. WSDesk Reports Dashbboard

Several more advanced features

In addition to these features, WSDesk offers a range of other features as well. Here is a quick look at some of these features:

You can checkout the documentation to understand the features and functionality of the plugin.

Free version to help you get started

WSDesk offers a free version that is loaded with features good enough to create an efficient support system You can find the free version of WSDesk ELEX WordPress Helpdesk plugin here. If you are already familiar with the free version, go ahead and purchase the premium version.

WSChat – ELEX WordPress Live Chat Plugin to complement WSDesk

How can you improve a well-organized helpdesk system that you have created using WSDesk? By integrating live chat feature into it. WSChat is a lightweight, intuitive solution you can use to interact with your customers in real time. This can enhance the support experience even better and help you pursue leads more effectively. Let’s see how.

Learn More about ChatBots

Resolve issues quickly

One of the important features that distinguishes your customer support system will be how quickly you are able to resolve issues. There might be issues that will require time, and there will be issues that you can quickly resolve. For the latter, a chat solution will be of great help. You can resolve some of the customer issues on the spot and thereby improve the customer experience significantly high. WSChat will help you resolve issues pretty quickly by getting on a chat with a customer.

9. WSChat real time

Helps with lead generation

You can use WSChat as a useful marketing and lead generation tool as well. It offers an Active Users dashboard, where you can see both registered and guest users online. You can view details like IP address, the page they are on, time spent on your site, etc. It also has an option where a support agent can initiate a conversation with the active user. This could help you a lot in marketing initiatives as you can try and help them make a purchase decision on your store.

10. WSChat Active Visitors

No limit in number of agents

Just like you have seen in WSDesk, WSChat also allows unlimited agent profiles . You will be able to create new agent profiles, or import agent profiles from WSDesk. If the same support agents who are handling WSDesk tickets are handling the chat widget also, importing agent profiles can be a really helpful feature.

Chat reports to measure performance

As in the case of any good customer support tool, WSChat too provides options to measure and analyze the performance of your team. The reports dashboard of WSDesk is quite simple. You can specify a time period and view number of tickets, ratings and quality score for that period.

11. WSChat Reports

Communicate offline

Depending on your store strategy you may be offering round the clock support or only for a specific period of time. In the latter case, if customers try to connect to your store, the pre-chat form of WSDesk can be really helpful. You can let customers share their concerns with you and reply to them at a convenient time later via email.

Great customization options

WSChat also offers a lot of options to help you customize the appearance of the chat widget. You can select from the predefined chat themes to personalize the look and feel of the widget. It also offers options to let you customize other aspects like header background and text color, chat and chat reply area background, attachment and submit button color, and more.

12. WSChat custom appearance

Provide the best customer support experience with WSDesk and WSChat

Having an on-premises customer support system has several advantages over SaaS-based systems. Apart from control over user data, you can also reduce the recurring expenses a lot by choosing a WordPress Helpdesk system. Hope WSDesk and WSChat together will transform customer experience on your WordPress website or eCommerce store. Leave a comment if you have any queries.

Written by Vijay Chelakkat

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