Elementor Page Builder Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking for a reliable drag-and-drop builder to modify your online-project? Have you heard about the Elementor Page Builder Plugin? In this case, this Elementor review is exactly for you. We are going to speak about:

  • central options;
  • differences between a free and paid version;
  • places to download this editor;
  • sources to find both free and premium themes;
  • platforms to get familiar with the most useful tutorials.

Elementor WordPress templates

What is the Elementor Page Builder Plugin?

Elementor is a visual drag-and-drop builder that allows simplifying your website-building process. In other words, one is free to see a preview of your pages. It is possible to understand what they will look like for all the visitors.

At the end of 2019, Elementor Page Builder Plugin hit three million websites. In such a way, it turned out to be the fastest-growing website-building platform.

Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Why do so many people build their online-projects using this editor? Let us look through its stand-out features.

  1. Elementor includes a large number of content elements. As you can understand, it is easy to drag-and-drop them to the necessary places.
  2. There is a fully-responsive design by default. In addition to this, you will get multiple options to control some other aspects.
  3. One can choose from many professionally-looking themes and templates.
  4. To create an original website, Elementor provides different customization options.
  5. Lots of tools make it more comfortable to develop your online-project. As an example, there is a quick find tool, right-click support and others.
  6. One has the opportunity to work with dynamic content from custom fields.
  7. If you need to create an online store, it is possible to turn to the WooCommerce Builder. It is not a challenge to include products in your design.

Who can use the Elementor Page Builder Plugin? It is every single person who builds an online-project using WordPress. A typical user might want to make his or her blog posts more engaging and visually attractive. A web-developer can speed up the work connected with creating websites for the clients.

Elementor is the fastest-growing website-building platform

Where to Download and How to Install Elementor Page Builder Plugin?

In general, there are two ways to install the Elementor Page Builder Plugin.

1. Visit Elementor.com and click the Download button.

2. Go to your WordPress dashboard. Click Plugins and choose Add New.

Click the Upload Plugin and select the file you have downloaded from Elementor.com.

download elementor page builder

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard. Click Plugins and choose Add New.

2. Enter Elementor in the Search Field. Then, select the Elementor Page Builder to install.

3. After installing it, click Activate.

If you have an interest in Elementor Pro, there is another way to download and install it.

  1. Visit Elementor.com and choose the most suitable plan. Then, click the Buy Now button and purchase it.
  2. After making a purchase, go to My.Elementor.com and login with the details you got.
  3. You reach My Account page. Click the Download Button. In such a way, you can download the .zip file.
  4. Go to your WordPress dashboard. Click Plugins and choose Add New. Choose the file you have downloaded from Elementor.com. Click on the Install button.

installation of Elementor plugin

  1. After this, you will get a message that asks to activate your license key.

activate your license key

Free and Pro Version: Which One to Choose?

It is one of the most important questions connected with the Elementor Page Builder Plugin. Which version will be more suitable for your needs?

  1. A free version of Elementor is enough for those who just want to experience a visual website-building process. Anyway, it allows creating complex layouts, creating eye-catching pages and posts, and using some non-standard options.
  2. A pro version of Elementor is suitable for those who need to personalize almost every part of the website. Web-developers get a chance to create their unique themes. It is also an excellent choice for those who do not want to install some additional plugins. You are free to work with such elements like pricing tables or contact forms without extra options.

To make it more understandable, we should mention more benefits of the paid version.

pro version of Elementor

1. More customization options.

customization options

2. A large number of widgets, including media, social, and menu ones.

large number of Elementor Pro widgets

3. Different marketing options that provide a visual form builder with some integrations.

Different marketing options

4. A more substantial amount of capabilities in terms of presenting your portfolio and posts.

elementor pro portfolio and posts

5. An advanced WooCommerce Builder.

advanced WooCommerce Builder

6. The opportunity to create engaging WordPress pop-ups.

create engaging WordPress pop-ups

7. Additional animation effects to make it more exciting for people to browse the website.

Additional animation effects

Below, you can get familiar with the pricing of Elementor Pro and understand whether it suits your budget.

Elementor pricing

Some Elementor Resources to Find Premium Themes, Templates, and Widgets

It is impossible to leave this Elementor Review without places to find high-quality themes, templates, and widgets. For this reason, get ready to look through some accessible Elementor resources. Yet, before we start, it is crucial to make sure you know the difference between Elementor themes and templates.

Elementor themes

1. A theme is any Elementor-compatible WordPress ready-made solution.

2. A template includes pre-designed content in the .json format. It can be one page or the whole set of pages. It is suitable for those who have a theme, but desire to add some pages.

Elementor Themes and Templates

TemplateMonster’s Elementor Marketplace

TemplateMonster’s Elementor Marketplace

Here, you can find a large number of themes and templates crafted for multiple purposes. As an example, there are a business, accounting, restaurant, and many others. It is effortless to edit their appearance using Elementor Page Builder Plugin.



This platform provides lots of WordPress themes compatible with the Elementor Page Builder Plugin. It has many minimalist-looking variants suitable for such niches as a creative agency, blog, portfolio, and others.



Another resource where you can grab premium Elementor templates. You can always customize their appearance and make it suit your vision



ElementorHQ is a multipurpose Elementor template pack. It includes several professionally-designed templates that make it easier to start your business on the web.

The Landing Factory

The Landing Factory

A place where you can get 557+ landing page templates designed for Elementor PRO.



A set of engaging and well-structured free and premium Elementor themes divided into different niches.



ThemeForest is the most obvious place to find and purchase many PRO templates that allow achieving your goals.



ThemeIsle offers several user-friendly themes that will make your online-projects stand out from the crowd.

Pojo Themes

Pojo Themes

More premium Elementor themes are waiting for you on this accessible platform.

Elementor Widgets



OceanWP offers a package that consists of powerful and entirely customizable Elementor widgets.



These are ultimate Elementor add-ons that can provide you with advanced functionality.



One more platform that has 50+ Elementor widgets and add-ons for different purposes.



Extend the set of options of Elementor Page Builder Plugin using this powerful package of add-ons.

Where Can You Get Free Elementor Themes and Templates?



A collection of 650+ free Elementor templates. Keep in mind that all of them are parts of the course that allows building a website in a week. Yet, you can download them as particular products.

Elementor Template Library

Elementor Template Library

Here, you can explore 150+ beautifully-designed free and PRO Elementor templates.

TemplateMonster’s Free Themes

TemplateMonster’s Free Themes

TemplateMonster presents not only premium Elementor themes and templates but also lots of free ones.

Elementor Den

Elementor Den

Another selection of free Elementor themes to impress your audience.



Together with this collection of free Elementor WordPress themes, you can quickly realize your ideas.

Top 10 Places to Find Elementor Helpful Tools and Tutorials

We want this Elementor Review to be useful for complete novices too. For this reason, it is essential to include some Elementor helpful tools and tutorials. It does not make sense to speak about them one by one. Just keep in mind that these resources can provide you with answers to different Elementor-related questions. Moreover, novices are free to get familiar with all the essential pieces of information. By the way, you can also check five easy Elementor tips and tricks in 100 seconds.


eementor learn skills





Elementor Website Builder for WordPress

Elementor Website Builder for WordPress

Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy Korpershoek





iHeart Elementor

iHeart Elementor

Green Geeks

Green Geeks



We hope that you have managed to grab all the necessary pieces of information, thanks to this Elementor review. Now, it would be excellent if it was easier for you to understand whether it is your perfect assistant or not. Thanks for reading!

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