What’s New in Elementor: Icon Library Release

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Frankly speaking, I can’t keep the lid on this great news – Elementor team has built an impeccably functioning icon library. Now the users of Elementor under the version 2.6 and fans of WordPress web design themes will be able to take advantage of a new, intuitive and fast icon interface including SVG upload, Font Awesome 5 and a wide range of other improvements.

There are more than 4 billion global internet users who constantly interact with different types of icons on the web. These small laconic graphical representation of something play an essential role while the process of website or application building. Like other important parts – images, fonts, etc. – icons help designers to make a site interface more intuitive and understandable. Thanks to their symbolic potential, they can turn an action, thing, or person into a small visual representation without overwhelming a website with excessive info.



What’s under the Hood of New Icon Library?

Elementor icon library

This innovative way to work with icons is super fast and entirely intuitive. Icon Pack provides Elementor page builder users with a way new icon customization process. The tool comes with everything you need for adjusting an icon to your brand requirements:

  • filtering options;
  • the wide windows with clear icons;
  • inside widgets: icon list, social share buttons, etc.

Learn more about the choice of website builders

Prior to appearing this new icon tool, you could only pick up among pre-designed icons. With the introducing Icon Library, you can click on this button to choose the recommended icons. This icon collection is available for both icon widgets and other widgets such as:

  • Button
  • Accordion
  • Icon Box
  • Icon List
  • Social Icons
  • Toggle
  • Call to Action (beta)
  • Reviews (beta)
  • Flip Box (beta)
  • Form (beta)
  • Price Table (beta)
  • Post-Info (beta)
  • Sitemap (beta)

Font Awesome 5: We’ve been waiting for ages for you!

font awesome 5

Finally, Font Awesome 5 has arrived at Elementor. From now on, you have access to a way bigger font library. The versions up to 2.6 included just 675 icons while the current 2.6 one gives you access to 1,534 icons including Elementor’s logo icon. With Font Awesome 5 implementation you will have access to more possibilities than only a set of unique icons. It also provides a way faster performance, boosted page loading speed and improved user experience. With such opportunities, you will benefit your SEO and rank the top position on SERPs. Font Awesome 5 consists of 3 main filterable icon families:

  • Solid,
  • Brand,
  • Regular.

Please be aware that your old Font Awesome icons may differ from the new one since they have undergone minor changes.

SVG Upload and Nothing Extra

With the power of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files, you have a great chance to upload your custom icons. This XML-based vector format allows you to save a clear image and scale them up without losing resolution. SVG files feature lightweights. It is implemented into the page as inline code. That said, when uploading them, your web pages stay light and fast.

To avoid malicious attacks and security threats, do not upload SVG files from strange sources. Once you upload a file from a trusted source, Elementor cleans the file of possible harmful codes and provides only the skeleton of the necessary image. After uploading, it’s possible to preview the image and filter it via the WordPress media library.

Improved User Experience

Improved User Experience

One of the main tasks designers always focus on is improving the user interface. For this reason, Elementor Page Builder v 2.6 involves two innovative tools: Navigator Indicators and Help Buttons.​

  1. Navigator Indicators is Elementor’s editing tool that entirely betters your customization process. The indication for Custom Positioning will be seen in the Navigation panel every time you use the tool. The next Pro release will include two new indicators for Motion Effects and Custom CSS.
  2. Help Buttons provide with access to exact comprehensive documentation at the exact moment you may need. For this reason, Elementor developers have added a help button at the end of each editor panel. To ask for help, just click on the button and a new tab with the relevant info will appear.

help buttons

And Even More Usability…

Go the extra mile like Elementor developing team is intended. The upcoming weeks will witness the release of Icon Library Pro Version. It will have Font Awesome 5 Pro and give you access to more than 5,000 icon sets and the ability to add custom icon libraries like IcoMoon & Fontello and a range of other useful features.

Wrapping up

Every designer dreams of the ability to use custom icons. Now with innovative Icon Library, you can do it! Designers will be very thankful Elementor for prioritizing customization. Try this pack of amazing icons out and see for yourself. Your work with icons will be easier and faster, more intuitive and perspective. We are impatiently waiting for new Elementor’s releases, and you?  😉

Written by Lana Miro

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