Does your web design really impact your SEO?

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Website design is a fundamental part of SEO because it plays an integral role in the user experience. SEO is useless if your site’s overall design is poor. At this point in the digital marketing game, design matters just as much as search engine optimization. In terms of which parts of web design matter the most, the following guidelines should help clear the air.


SEO and website design go hand in hand

As you strive to get good rankings in Google, you are, at the same time, creating a business that provides customers more value! In other words, a high ranking makes your online business grow. What users do and how they do it on your site is an important part of both web design and SEO. Navigation has to be your top priority. This way, Google bots will be able to identify and rank the content on your website. But then again, if your content is not of good quality, search engines won’t even look at it. What’s even more important is to have a responsive website design, otherwise your website may get penalized.

Loading time

As far as usability is concerned, the majority of on-page optimizers forget one fundamental factor: loading speed. Believe it or not, the loading speed of your website depends on website design. If your site is packed with images, or if your CSS is not minified, the loading speed will be greatly affected.

Google emphasizes that if your website loads slowly, it won’t be able to get to the top and compete with sites that look good and are also optimized. In addition, the more time it takes for your website to load, the more chances you have for users to click and exit.


Web design with SEO in mind works better

By now, you should be convinced that SEO and design work best when blended together. If you want your site to hit top rankings, it’s very important to design a website with search engine optimization in mind from the start. Strive to offer a simple but efficient user experience. Customers should be able to find exactly what they need within a few seconds of clicking on your website.

Google wants to give you credit, and backlinks are the perfect way to show Google that you deserve a spot at the top. But the search engine no longer relies on backlinks to influence your rankings. Why? Well, because Google knows that everyone these days can buy backlinks. Over the years, the search engine has put lots of energy, time, effort, and money into finding what people actually want to find when looking for something online.

A well-designed website doesn’t rely solely on meta tags, keywords, URLs and titles anymore. Creative, fresh and informative content matters just as much. But that’s still not enough. For your website to function perfectly and improve in rankings, it has to incorporate all of the above.

Less is more

This might sound strange, but reducing your content volume can actually be good for SEO. Some think that posting less original content is the recipe for disaster. But the average individual makes 70 choices/day (on average). By writing less, you may actually help your users make a decision faster. The best SEO and web design practices steer clear of overwhelming Internet users with way too much content or decisions to make on a single page. Having too many categories on your site can create confusion, and confusion compels people to give up and hit the X button.


Website design decisions can either help or hurt SEO. Web site accessibility and the most efficient practices in web structure are fundamental when you’re trying to get to the top. Having an engaging, attractive and very easy to navigate website design benefits both your business and your users. The structure of your site has to be clearly defined so that people can look for exactly what they need (and find that something) in a split second.

If you know very little about website design, the smartest thing to do is hire a competent web design company. The best in the field can help you craft the best pages and a well-structured website, with both responsive design and SEO in mind. Please never forget that nowadays there are best digital marketing blogs which will definitely provide you with the key and trending statistics and information in order to make the process of creating website perfect.

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Christopher Austin He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business and marketing related topics.

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