Cloudways vs Kinsta: What Are These Hosting Platforms and Which One to Choose?

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The Internet offers several managed hosting platforms that deserve your attention. As an example, some people compare Cloudways vs Kinsta. These are famous providers of managed hosting. It is hard to select the best one because they have lots of similarities.

  • Both of them have a specialization in PHP applications. Yet, Kinsta works only with WordPress. Cloudways focuses on this CMS and other PHP scripts.
  • Both of them have trustworthy cloud providers. Yet, Kinsta works only on Google. Cloudways focuses not only on Google but also on DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, and Amazon.
  • Both of them offer to host locations on multiple continents.

However, these pieces of information are not enough to choose from. It is no doubt that you can face some differences. As an example, these are pricing, technology in terms of the management, and others. For this reason, we have decided to look through these hosting platforms in detail. Today, you are going to learn about their basic features, performance, security, and other elements. Let us start getting familiar with them here and now…

Cloudways vs Kinsta: What Attributes to Keep in Mind? 

Cloudways Hosting


As we have mentioned, Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform. The provider claims that your overall experience will be comfortable without any challenges. It should happen, thanks to the following attributes:

  • scalability;
  • reliable security;
  • ultimate performance;
  • and many others.

On the official website, the team mentions that it is more suitable for such purposes as:

  • digital agencies;
  • eCommerce businesses.

What to Know About Cloudways Hosting?

  • First of all, you can always get in touch with its support team. If you have some issues, it is possible to ask the skilled experts about them 24/7.
  • Getting an excellent performance is easy, thanks to the servers based on dedicated resources.
  • Another benefit that brings an advanced performance is CloudwaysCDN. If you want to integrate this function, you do not need to learn coding before doing this.
  • An auto-healing process makes sure that nothing will be wrong with your website. If it detects some problems, this feature is going to take care of them.
  • It also has protection against malicious software and hacker attacks. Thanks to the safety of the OS-level firewalls, your website should be safe too.
  • A one-click free SSL installation will be an excellent addition to the platform. If you install it, people can be sure that they can freely visit your online-project.
  • It takes nothing to protect your account using a two-factor authentication process.
  • It also offers regular security patches.
  • If you want to collaborate with others, it will not be a challenge. You can take advantage of different team management options. One team member can quickly enter various teams at once. In addition to this, you have the freedom to contribute your work to other people. It is possible to give access to the server or app.
  • Getting a backup of your website is easy. Then, it is possible to get a one-click restore effortlessly. In terms of backups, you can choose from automatic and on-demand ones.
  • Migrating your online-project to Cloudways services is not going to be hard. You can take advantage of the application migration add-on. By the way, it offers one free migration.



Now, we should speak about another managed WordPress hosting platform called Kinsta. As we have already said, it works on Google Cloud. Thanks to an isolated container for your online-project, your resources are going to be private. In other words, your data is not shared with other users. The container has all the necessary resources, including:

  • Linux,
  • PHP;
  • Nginx;
  • MySQL.

What to Know About Kinsta Hosting?


  • To start with, your website is going to get a daily backup every day. It is possible to create a manual backup point whenever you want. Furthermore, it has staging environments, free CDN, and Letsencrypt SSL.
  • If one hacks your website, the provider will fix it for free.
  • A custom dashboard makes it easy to manage your hosting. It takes nothing to work with your data and make sure you know everything about the overall performance.
  • Moreover, it allows getting familiar with the essential data analysis and performance insight. You can investigate and get access to the reports that will enable fixing your website.
  • Multi-user access is suitable for those who have an interest in working in teams. You can add multiple users and give access to the necessary websites. After this, you can make them an administrator or developer of them.
  • It is possible to take advantage of the free premium migration to Kinsta services.
  • You can select from particular backups for both live and staging environments.


  • Kinsta has 23 Google Cloud services. As you can understand, placing your server based on the geographical location will not be a challenge.
  • The provider offers to take advantage of some add-ons. You can pay your attention to such choices as Elasticsearch, Redis, Nginx reverse proxy, and others.
  • A user-friendly and powerful hosting platform is possible thanks to the support of such software and tools as WP-CLI, SSH, and Git.


  • You are free to communicate with a support team 24/7. It promises to give fast feedback and solve all the problems you might have.


Cloudways vs Kinsta: Speed and Performance


First of all, we should mention some measures taken by Cloudways to ensure the best speed and performance.

  • Dedicated cloud server resources. It allows you to forget about problems that shared hosting might have.
  • SSD-based hosting. This type of platform is super-fast and makes it possible for your pages to load in a flash.
  • CloudwaysCDN. This measure should provide you with excellent performance.


Image source:

  • Built-in advanced cash.
  • Free WordPress cache plugins.
  • Free Magento full-page cache.
  • A pre-configured PHP-FRM.


Kinsta has different technologies to give your website an impressive speed. Among them, we need to mention the following ones.

  • Nginx
  • PHP 7.4
  • LXD software containers
  • Compute-optimized VMs
  • MariaDB
  • Full resource isolation
  • Automatic scalability
  • High availability


Image source:

In addition to this, ItsyBisty.Guide used HetrixTools to test the level of their performance. They worked with their uptime and load time. Below, you can find the results they got.

Cloudways vs Kinsta: Which One Has Better Security?

Cloudways Securitycloudways-ssl


  • You can install SSL in one click.
  • The provider offers constant security patching. You can also schedule server maintenance activity at Cloudways.
  • Thanks to firewalls, all the malicious traffic gets filtered.
  • Your account is going to be secure together with two-factor authentication.
  • IP whitelisting is crucial because it allows people to collaborate with regions and networks.
  • One has access to SSH and SFTP.
  • On-demand and automated backups give a chance to restore your online-project in a jiffy.

Kinsta Security


Below, you can look through those measures that provide the desired security for every website that works on Kinsta hosting.

  • DDoS attack detection.
  • Software-based restrictions.
  • SSL support.
  • Hardware firewall.
  • Monitoring and security 24/7.
  • Uptime monitoring.

Selecting Your Hosting: Does Pricing Matter?

Without a doubt, we want to speak about the pricing of these hosting providers. 

Cloudways offers four plans. Each of them has different options in terms of RAM, processor, storage, and bandwidth. You can get familiar with the number right now.

First Plan ($10/month) Second Plan ($22/month) Third Plan ($42/month) Fourth Plan ($80/month)
RAM 1 gb 2 gb 4 gb 8 gb
Processor 1 core 1 core 2 core 4 core
Storage 25 gb 50 gb 80 gb 160 gb
Bandwidth 1 tb 2 tb 4 tb 5 tb

Cloudways plans have the following options to grab:

  • 24/7 support;
  • free SSL;
  • CDN add-on;
  • free migration;
  • limitless application installation;
  • team management options;
  • dedicated firewalls;
  • real-time monitoring;
  • automated backups;
  • staging environment;
  • advanced caches;
  • auto-healing;
  • security patching
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers;
  • SSH and SFTP access.

Kinsta has a wide range of plans. First of all, you can select from a starter and pro plan. If you need a business plan, there are four choices to look through. If you need an enterprise plan, four more options might suit your needs.

Starter ($30 per month) Pro ($60 per month)
WordPress installs 1 2
Monthly visits 20,000 40,000
SSD storage 10 gb 20 gb
Free CDN 50 gb 100 gb
Backup retention 14 days 14 days
PHP workers per site 2 2
Site cloning No Yes
Free premium migrations 1 2
23 global locations Yes Yes
Self-healing technology Yes Yes
Automatic daily backups Yes Yes
Hack and malware removal Yes Yes
Multi-user environment Yes Yes
Free SSL certificates Yes Yes
SSH access Yes Yes
Staging area Yes Yes
PHP 7.4 support Yes Yes
Automatic DB optimization Yes Yes

Now, we are not going to focus on business and enterprise plans. However, you can always visit the official page to get the details. 

Cloudways vs Kinsta: A Few Words in Conclusion

Before you choose, we should compare the main advantages and disadvantages of these hosting variants.

Pros Cons
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Perfect loading speed
  • Scalability of private resources
  • A cloud server includes a dedicated IP
  • App and server monitoring tools
  • Custom control panel
  • WordPress caching plugin
  • Different types of backups
  • A free website migration
  • Multiple add-ons for better user experience
  • Five continents locations
  • Paid or limited application-level support
  • Provider-level uptime guarantees are not available
  • Excellent 100% uptime and loading time
  • Private resources are auto-scaling
  • Custom panel
  • WordPress caching panel
  • Support is available in multiple languages
  • The team fixes all the hacks
  • A free website migration
  • DNS & CDN
  • Five continents location
  • Google Cloud firewall
  • A few WordPress caching and backup plugins are not available
  • Overages might happen in terms of CDN and monthly visits

Furthermore, the big difference between these platforms lies in the price. 

Cloudways will cost you less than Kinsta. In this case, we are not talking about getting premium add-ons. 

Yet, if you add such options as CDN or DNS, Cloudways will stay more affordable.

Do not forget about paying your attention to managed support. If you look for easy-to-use tools, Cloudways is going to be a better variant.

 If you need more WordPress support, Kinsta is what you need. Resource limits are another aspect to keep in mind. 

Do you want to control your resources and server? In this case, select Cloudways for your needs. 

Do you want to forget about resource limits and optimization? Kinsta has everything to become a trustworthy assistant. 

We hope that it will be easier to choose the most suitable option now. Thanks for reading!

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