Basic Recommendations for Social Network Buttons’ Design

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To date, it is impossible to ignore social networks as a tool to promote a website. The use of such sites makes it possible to take the most benefits from the Internet. The more reactions shared on social media, the more trust the site causes. This includes likes, reposts, retweets, sharing between users, etc. 

If you are a student who knows firsthand how fast one can get lost in social media and maybe even get behind with academic performance, you may find this article of interest. 

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Now, if you are still eager to know more about the intricacies of social networks, you’ll be surprised how seemingly insignificant detail as the design of buttons can play a huge role in any type of project. 

You may wonder, what is meant by the design of such buttons? There is definitely a clear pattern here, right?

In fact, the correct location, positioning, the smallest details of color, size, and proportions can ultimately encourage the user to share content. 

In case you study web design, take this into account, and form your own vision of the approach. In this article, we will look at each item of button design for social networks separately and find out why they are needed.

If you want your site to receive a substantive response in networks, try to follow these simple recommendations!




One of the primary tasks is to make the user recognize the networking buttons without any effort. All these stories about the relationship between subconscious reaction and marketing have been used in practice for a long time. 

A modern user is therefore regularly overloaded with various information flows so that the appearance of the buttons should be clear and not very intrusive or annoying.


If you look at the work of Aaron White, you will see that he prefers simple shapes and white colors in the buttons. You should achieve recognition of a particular social media, and simplicity, in this case, is the right solution. Today, the Internet is too “noisy” there are enough irritants in it that push away the visitor’s attention. Instead, simple pastel colors can, on the contrary, attract attention.



A good example of the use of color are those cases where the shade of the characteristic color of the media (for example, Twitter) will be the average with the overall color gamut of your page. The user must associate the colors with a particular media, but they should not conflict with your student page design.


This is the second, but no less important part of how the correct design of buttons for media should look. Here is an excellent example of a sidebar explicitly dedicated to social networking buttons. Properly chosen location does not distract the visitor from the content.


First of all, you should start with the design of your web page. Should I attach the buttons at the top or at the bottom? Will it be a fixed element, or will it move with the user? How easy is it to find this item on the page?

As a rule, when it comes to articles and similar content – the buttons are located below. This also applies to branded sites. For example, Toyota, Lexus, and Mercedes Benz place the buttons in the bottom pages, as they need 100% of the user’s attention to be paid to new products. After the visitor gets the experience, he will want to share information on social networks or go to the brand page.

If you run a news site – try using the sidebar, as it will always be visible. Users often want to share the latest news before the end of the reading. We live in the era of clickbait, after all.

Wrapping Up

Try to keep in mind at what stage of using the site, the client may react. It is also essential to know when one would want to use social networks to tell about the information provided on the website. Remember that it is essential to find a balance between the color, size, and button logo to make it look harmonious with your website.

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