The Changing Impact of Data and Analysis on Social Media Networks

10.07.2019 2 comments

As internet access is becoming more widespread and free, social media is now an integral part of the life of people. Youngsters are largely on social media for their peer communication, and even the elderly find social network a mode of maintaining their social contacts. So, we all are connected through the global platform of social media anytime, anywhere. People now largely communication over Whatsapp, check out the latest posts on Facebook from people in their circle, post updates of status on Twitter, and upload the latest picture on Instagram, and so on.

In fact, now there is so much information about anything and everything on the internet. Thousands of Wikipedia articles and YouTube videos on how to do anything makes it much easier for people to gain information and knowledge; however, the major linking point to all these remains the social media data.

Pictures, posts, status updates, and video posts by people on social media all contain information. All vital data as the demographics of the members, their internet behavior, likes, and dislikes everything are available out there on social media, and these all are critical information for businesses. On social media, all such user data and input can be accessed and analyzed, which has numerous applications in terms of business administration.

Say, for example, data from social networks can be easily accessed and analyzed to get an idea about the users who prefer a particular flavor of ice creams compared to others. So, a local ice cream parlor can easily identify what flavor of ice creams are like the most to stock it for the season to come. This is the strategy of data analytics, which is now one of the biggest business intelligence trends in 2019.

Here in this article, we are trying to explore the current trends in social network data analytics and the impact created by it. Further, we will explore how data analytics work for businesses.

Data analytics application for businesses

           1. Influencing business marketing strategies

One of the major applications for social network user data analysis is used if social media marketing. Doing a proper analysis of the user demographics and behavior on each social media platform, the analysts can identify the best platform for business marketing, the peak time for marketing initiatives, and the format of planning advertisements and campaigns.

Say, for example, let’s take a basic case of a family restaurant which may want to run a social media ad campaign. With the help of user data analytics, they can understand how many people locally are marked as married in their Facebook status and also listed children and spouse on their profile. One can also identify the patterns as to when they are most active, say for example from 10AM-11AM on weekdays and a different time on the weekends, the best time to reach to them through those social platforms could the said timings to reach to more number of customers.

This is called targeted advertising, and this is already done in your case too if you aren’t aware of it. To check this, try to search for something specific on the internet and visit various websites listing it. Then log on to your Facebook account and see what types of advertisements are getting displayed on your feeds. Those may be exactly what you had been recently searching for. This is how the targeted advertising works.

           2. For SEO marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and this marketing technique is ideal for boosting the webpage reach. On search engine results pages (SERPs), the top-displayed search results have a better chance to get more traffic and in turn, more business. Web pages on the first page of the SERPs will surely have more click-through rates. Social network data analytics can contribute largely to the SEO efforts of brands and businesses to increase the viewership of their websites.

Say, for example, if someone is searching for any online tutorial in order to install a pet door onto their wall. They might search on Google or other search engines using keywords like “how to install a pet door” and run a search. Instantly they will get articles featuring what they searched with pictures and videos too, which are tagged with the topic they searched for. This will help users to quickly find the most relevant content they are searching for and make use of it.

All businesses now use SEO marketing strategies, and the search engines also try to boost the top informative web pages on to on top of the search results. Social network data analytics, as suggested by, will help you identify the most relevant keywords which people use to search for content related what you offer. However, if your content doesn’t make any sense, you cannot get top ranking on SERPs. Actions like a keyword are overused, irrelevant stuffing of keyword, etc. too end up in misery. You need to consider the fact that you are trying to communicate your message to the public at the first point. So ensure that the content you offer them make relevant sense. Search engine crawlers too consider the quality links from authoritative sites stronger ranking signals. 

           3. Predictive analytics as a future social network data analysis application

In the future, predictive analytics may become more and more popular as it will get more streamlined. One can effectively analyze huge data from social networks using big data tools. With this, the businesses may be able to realize the real hallmarks of the prospective customers and correct the marketing efforts in tune with it.

Online marketers can also identify the exact online behaviors of the target audience between different platforms and take measures to make them power users or take them completely on board. The marketers can use the information effectively to convert social media followers to successful customers, which is called influencer marketing.

Along with the above, future applications of social network data analysis also include creating more personalized marketing communications,  sophisticated use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies, which all will make online marketing more focused and successful. In any case, we are going to witness a bit surge in terms of data analytics technologies in the coming years.


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