“ Affiliate’s Success Story ” Written By Sandro S. [Case Study3]

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Hello, everyone!

Who wants to start your own business, or join the affiliate program and take the first step and make money online today? We’re sure that there many of you who are eager to do this, but still hesitate due to the lack of experience and self-confidence! That’s why we continue publishing our case studies, and today you’ve got a great chance to learn from Sandro S.– our 2d place winner of the affiliate contest and who will gladly share his Affiliate’s Success Story with you!

My name is Sandro and I’m affiliate: TMBRASIL!I want to share my experience as the affiliate of TemplateMonster. Over these 10 years, that’s right, I was lucky to meet TemplateMonster earlier. I was looking for cool designs and, of course, I could not help but visited TemplateMonster’s web site, as those little monsters had quickly captured my attention by superb quality of design and functionality!

TenplateMonsterAffiliate Program

I kept using TemplateMonster’s themes , but at the same time I have always wished to run my own business! I thought that any company should have a professional looking website and as I was creating web sites I had a serious problem:  the lack of creative design as, the all pages of the web site were the same.

So, when  I met TemplateMonster my idea was to use the templates to make web sites for my clients, who have always wanted a beautiful and appealing web sites, but did not know exactly how they can create them. Sometimes customers who want to have a web site do not have even a logo.

Something that always caught my attention in TemplateMonster was the fact that the templates were accurately and professionally designed. When you buy a theme from TemplateMonster you get a really well-planned web design, I mean it’s a web site project for a real company.

I honestly do not know how they do it, because in addition to  incredible layout TemplateMonster suggests the number of pages as if guessing  how exactly the customer should arrange his information.

So, I usually I use not only  design, but try to follow the suggestions of internal pages for the organization and layout of the content.

When my client does not know what information to put on his site, the template navigation menu gives me the ideas for the client.

I really believe that it is fantastic, because I do not need to spend hours analyzing the appropriate design for my client or  creating design thinking how I should diagram the content! I pick the template quickly and the end in a well-designed site that attracts the customer.

But it’s not a simple copy / paste, in  fact,  all I do is saving time to create the site, my main task is a consulting, because I try to organize the client’s content, recommend what works and does not  and then I build a custom web site with the visual identity of the client, already optimized (SEO) for search engines.

I plan all the steps for my web project from the very beginning up till the end! I create the site that precisely describe the proposal, so the customer knows exactly how the site will be prepared and what stages it will pass. The steps are simple but they ensure the client that at the end of the project he will not be disappointed and will not say: “Oh! I did not ask for that! “

And here are the steps:

1. Additional Project I will ask some questions for web project planning. What is the purpose of the site? What resources would the site have? Customer colors, logo!

2. Web Site Design With good ideas and a lot of experience I will suggest template-based layouts for your choice and approval. Usually I pick 3 best layouts and present them in image format and if none of them is approved I will suggest 3 more, until we find the design that best suits your needs.

3. Content Organization All content should be delivered as site structure (menu) is to be combined firstly. With all delivered and revised content, I will organize and develop visually appealing pages that are easily navigated.

4. Site Delivery and Review After Finishing the site I present the ready site in web format for review and final adjustments of text if it is required.  If necessary we will need to review costs and run the site.

5. Website Publishing I will publish the site and leave everything in order for a good optimization for search engines.

Note: It is important to proceed to the next step after the client’s approval, in order to match all needs!

Well, I can say that over the years, with the partnership of TemplateMonster, I created the sites of all types and kinds from small businesses to large projects, and the results have always been impressive!

Thanks to TemplateMonster!

Written by:

Sandro S. – tecnologist web, TemplateMonster fan, specializing in developing template-based websites for over 10 years. Loves running in his free time! Ready to work all over the world! Follow him on or visit his websitePype.com.br!


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