“ Affiliate’s Success Story ” Written By Iztok B.[Case Study2]

03.23.2016 2 comments

Hello, dear friends! We are sure that you were looking forward for another Affiliate’s Success Story to be published. And we did not intend to keep you waiting for too long as well! The author of today’s article has been a top TemplateMonster partner for along time and came out as the 2d place winner of our contest   Iztok B.  

This is my story:

You can agree with me that everyone has his secret wish to have the job that he has always dreamed about. I’ve always been a computer enthusiast, but at some point I wanted something more than just playing games. Very soon I found out that exploring the Web is what I’ve been looking for. Therefore, I’ve spent every second of my free time on computer and learning how to become excellent on the Web. I can define myself as a self-thought web enthusiast. I’ve found myself very excited about this new world, world of computers, so I wanted to expand my knowledge. I enrolled in information management school and graduated in 2008. One of my school mates introduced me into a web sites building process. That’s how I discovered a new filed of interest.

TenplateMonsterAffiliate Program

My case.

I was really proud of myself when I created my own web site for the first time. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. I spent most of the time developing and improving templates for websites. And then by a happy chance….I was reading one of the online articles and found out there were ready-made templates available for purchase on the net. I started to search for them and amongst several providers I found TemplateMonster. At the first sight I liked it very much. Before I made a next step I wanted to be sure my customers would like it, too. So I made and distributed a short questionnaire to my affiliates asking them about their preferred templates. I offered them several templates, amongst which there was a TemplateMonster theme as well. When I compared the results from a questionnaire I was pleased to find out that the majority of my affiliates liked TemplateMonster templates the most. So, my first impression about the attractiveness and quality of TemplateMonster template was confirmed by my customers. I was ready to make the next step.  I became a TemplateMonster regular user. I started to use TemplateMonster templates as the basis for providing websites to my clients. As soon as I started  using TemplateMonster themes my business started to grow, and has expanded by 60% so far.

Based on the recent feedbacks that I’ve received from my clients one of the main reasons for them to choose me as their provider has been a very attractive template design that I use. And ,of course it is TemplateMonster’s design! Afterwards, I decided to work with TemplateMonster on special terms and became their affiliate. I opened my own online store where I’ve been offering TemplateMonster templates. And I can assure you…the business has been improving really  very well.

The last but not the least…anyone who has ever experienced how it is to be involved in making websites as a second job knows how much time it takes. It requires working pretty much all day long, and there is little time to spend with your family. And thanks to TemplateMonster and their themes I was able to dedicate much more time to my 3 kids and a wife. This was a win-win solution for all parties: TemplateMonster got a new affiliate, I increased my sales, and had enough time for my family.

Thanks again to TemplateMonster who has been doing this terrific job in providing us with incredible templates. And thanks to all my customers for recognizing my work and choosing my company for providing websites.

Written by:

Iztok B. – a web page development specialist. He runs a company that focuses on expansion of the international market. Hopefully with a help from Templatemonster our goals will be accomplished.

Don’t hesitate, visit his – www.startup-web.net!


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