9 Ways To Know If You Hired a Brilliant Designer

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Let’s talk about hiring designers. If you’re launching a business or a blog, you’ll soon need the help of a professional designer to make your site presentable.

And let’s face it. Finding a designer that’s worth your time and money can be hard especially if you’re doing it the first time. With a lot of competition in the creative field, it can be overwhelming to scour the web for a great designer that will be a right fit for your business needs.

Plus, if you’re not an experienced designer yourself, you don’t know how to actually evaluate and hire one. And once you’ve hired someone, how do you know if he’s competent? How do you know if you picked the right man for the job?

The following are tips for hiring designers. You know you’ve hired the best when your designer:

1.Has a Truly Creative Portfolio


Can your designer create unique user interfaces? Is his portfolio varied or are just clones of each other published in different colors? You know you’ve hired someone creative when he can do the work you need and much more.

Before hiring a designer, check out his design portfolio and see if his style matches your taste. There are designers who focus more on visual and trendy designs and there are also those who like to work more on traditional and conventional designs.


2.Honest about Quality and Delivery


We’ve come across designers who would say they’d complete a project on a certain date only to end up delivering the project way later than promised and completely different from what is requested.

You know you’ve hired the best one when he is honest about the time he’ll take to complete the work. Don’t choose designers who’ll say they can get your site built in a day or less. Pick someone who understands that design takes time.


3.Knows How To Price His Work


No matter how much designers think their time is worth, there are other designers out there willing to produce the same quality for half of the cost. Yes, it may not be fair, but that’s how the free market works. This is how outsourcing makes the competition even more fierce.

Despite this, that doesn’t mean designers have to lower their rates. Brilliant designers know how to price their work in a way that is fair to them and their clients. When choosing a designer, go for someone who has an hourly/project rate that’s commensurate with his skill and experience.


4.Uses the Best Design Tools

design tools

You know you’ve hired smart when your designer is using tools that will make your life as a website owner easier. Great designers use combinations of tools and resources that enable them to show mockups and creations to their client with no problem.

A great example of this is Atomic. Atomic is a web design tool where you can start a design from a blank canvas or pull in from Photoshop. Before sharing the work with your client, you can also add interactive elements that make the project more organized.


5.Solves Your Problems


You can build your e-commerce site on DIY platforms like Weebly if you want, and it can look as glamorous as one designed by a professional but when you encounter problems or need something specific done – to whom do you turn for help?

A great web designer can solve problems in your design and tell you what’s wrong with your site with one look. They can see why your logo looks terrible, or why your theme doesn’t go well with your content. These little things are important, especially in e-commerce websites, which depend on successful online sales to earn money.


6. Communicates Well


Good communication is important between you and your designer, especially if you’re working with a remote worker. A professional designer will not wait a day to respond to questions. When you’re asking about progress updates, your designer should be able to provide information in a timely manner.

Also, a tip for the client side. Communication isn’t enough, it’s important to form relationships with your designers. Take time to build a relationship with the brilliant designers you come across. When they’re not available for work, they’re the ones who can give you the best referrals.


7.Knows The Proper Color Scheme for Your Design

color scheme

Brilliant designers have mastered the color theory. They know how to use the color wheel, how to combine colors to elicit different emotions, how to use colors that can increase reader engagement. In fact, before a designer starts with a project, he first spends a lot of time thinking about the color palette.

For some designers, it’s even a process. Like how writers tend to find inspiration before writing, designers love to browse for inspiration before deciding on colors.

Color can transform design. It can make things fun and laid back or formal and smart. You know you’ve hired a good designer when he uses a color scheme that resonates with the goal of your site.


8.Uses The Right Fonts


Fonts can make a huge difference. They are one of the essential visual components that form the personality of your brand.

Great designers have a good eye for choosing the best fonts for a project. They know what fonts look contemporary and cool, what fonts complement a classy design, and what fonts should be used to create a typographic harmony.

When using font combinations, designers know how to use fonts that create impact, have contrasting visual qualities, and most importantly, are easy for audiences to read.


9. Sees The Bigger Picture


You can hire a designer who looks “experienced” but if he can’t understand you, can’t care how the design will fit in your business goals, then you’re certainly not hiring the best one.

Hire designers who look beyond your project goals, who gives you advice on how design can be used to your advantage, someone who genuinely cares about the effect of design on your company or business. These designers work by heart, they embrace originality and their craft, and won’t submit anything that will make you feel unsatisfied.



Hiring a web designer or a web design company can be an intimidating process. If you’re short on time, you risk hiring someone that isn’t a good fit. When choosing a designer, the most important thing is to look for someone who really syncs with you and your company’s goal. It can take a while to find someone who fits with all the categories but it will be worth it when you know you made the right choice.

Written by:

Armela Escalona is a freelance tech and lifestyle writer with experience in marketing for small business. Her works have been published in various blogs, magazines, and news sites around the web. Follow her on Twitter @ArmelaE or visit her portfolio to read her latest articles.

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