8 Effective Ways to Build High-Quality Backlinks in 2019

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Backlinks play a significant role in improving your website’s SEO ranking. These links are like votes coming from other sites which tell Google how valuable, useful, and credible your contents are.

When your website has good quality backlinks, Google considers it as a sign of your site’s reputation and credibility. Therefore, the more backlinks you earn, the higher you’ll rank in search engines.

However, establishing a significant number of quality backlinks is a bit challenging. Fortunately, there are numerous ways available to help you build high-quality backlinks to your SEO in 2019. Take your cue from these eight ways below.

Create Relevant and  Useful Contents

The key to getting high-quality backlinks is creating amazing contents. These contents are like reflections of your brand that will help other sites decide whether they want to link to you or not. If your website comprises of relevant and useful contents, your audiences even other sites will look at your brand as reputable and trustworthy.

With that, you must start your backlinking tactics by writing an effective blog post and creating relevant and useful content. You need to outperform the contents of your competitors.

To do that, you need to analyze the competition. You can start by typing your targeted keyword on Google. You should ignore the paid results and go for the organic results. Then, read each article and look for these factors:

         • Number of images

         • Word count

         • Title

         • Featured image

         • Title tag and meta description

After that, create your own article with:

         • More images on your content

         • Higher word count

         • More compelling title

         • More interesting featured image

         • More focused title tag and meta description

Analyzing the competition and knowing all the factors mentioned above will give you a chance to write better content compared to your competitors. And since you’ve built the best resource for your topic, there’s a higher probability that other sites will link to your content.

Leverage Public Relations

One of the effective ways to build backlinks is by building relationships. In fact,  it can help you get quality backlinks to your website. However, these relationships will not boost your rankings immediately, but it’ll help you get ready for future success. So, leveraging public relations is perhaps the most essential step in your backlinking adventure.

In connection with that, being active on social media is a good way to start building relationships with your target audience and establishing yourself as an expert in your niche.

All you have to do is to keep your personality intact and avoid posting stuff that feels so bland and boring. Being transparent and true to yourself is also a  great way to get people to connect with you. Your audiences will appreciate you more if you’ll be honest to them.

By staying active on social media, you’ll start dealing with different kinds of people. You’ll also have a greater opportunity to meet famous individuals in your industry. Perhaps, you can even guest posts on their blogs. If that happens, don’t miss it out because guest posting can turn into backlinks quickly.

Additionally, social media is also a great way to create a bigger email list. With that, you can build more relationships and get more people to interact with you. You need to keep in mind that the fastest way to build backlinks is by establishing relationships. So the more connections you created, there are also more opportunities to earn high-quality backlinks.

Create a Library of Evergreen Contents

Evergreen contents are those posts with timeless and relevant information. Other websites often linked to these contents because they provide long-term value and are less likely to become irrelevant. So if you want to build high-quality backlinks, you need to create amazing and useful contents with evergreen topics that will get people to link to you.

You’ll know if your articles belong to evergreen content if you can answer the following questions with a big “YES.”

         • Is your content visually driven than your competitors?

         • Is your content more accurate and timely?

         • Is your content readable?

         • Does your content has useful tips?

         • Does your content satisfy user intent?

         • Is your content unique and better?

         • If you’re positive that your contents are way better than your competitors, publish it on your blog. Then, find the right way to promote it to a larger scale of audiences to get more readers and earn high-quality backlinks.

Use Content Formats That Can Attract More Backlinks

According to a study conducted by Buzzsumo, 75% of all online contents are entirely ignored and get zero links. But certain types did great and acquired a lot of backlinks.  These include:

         • Quizzes

         • The “How to” posts

         • Videos

         • Infographics

         • “Why” posts

         • The Lists Posts

With this information, you can skip guessing on what type of content to write. You can now focus on particular formats that are proven to generate links and social shares. Thus, the content types above will give you a good starting point to write amazing content that actually works and will contribute to your link building.

Write Testimonials for Other Sites

Writing testimonials for other websites might sound unreasonable and counterintuitive. But, doing so might actually be an excellent idea for your backlinking strategy and SEO. When you’re giving reviews for other services or products, their website will often save a spot for backlinks.

You might be helping other businesses to generate leads, but you’re also helping your website to rank on Google. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Post “Ultimate Guides” on Your Site

Posting “Ultimate Guides” on your site is one of the most effective ways to get other websites to link back to you. These contents contain useful guides and a significant number of words which tends to rank more in Google and can continue to generate backlinks even though they were written years ago.

If you want to get more high-quality links, you should follow the steps below on how to create “Ultimate Guide” contents.

         • Find a unique topic for your guide.

         • Then, create an outline and list out subtopics that make up your bigger topic.

         • Lastly, write your ultimate guide and cover every single detail there is to know about your topic.

Create an Infographic

Creating infographics for your site is also one of the proven ways to build high-quality backlinks. Infographics are visual images such as diagrams or charts used to represent data or information. Since they’re visuals and easy to scan,  people love to read them.

As such, creating and publishing an article with pertinent infographics can attract other sites to share and repost your content on their blog. If that happens, they have to link on your website. You can also reach out to other blog owners and ask them to share your content if it’s relevant to their sites.

Filter the Authoritative Websites

One of the essential aspects that every website owners need to understand is the difference between having backlinks and having high-quality backlinks. They need to know that not all backlinks are good and not all sites could bring a positive impact on their brand.

Hence, you need to determine the worth of the website before you start connecting with them through backlinks. You should keep in mind that it’s always a good thing to link with other sites only if they have a strong online reputation and credibility.


Backlinks are an essential ranking factor for Google and most search engines. As such, you need to earn high-quality links to improve your rankings and make your site credible and trustworthy.

However, earning quality backlinks is a bit challenging and takes time to achieve. Luckily, there are some techniques available to help you build high-quality backlinks such as the ways mentioned in this article.


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